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Brass plaque from 1987 Pikes Peak Ascent award

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Book: America's Ultimate Challenge - The Pikes Peak Marathon
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Note: On 4/5/2015 the results archive, stats and searchable database were moved to PikesPeakMarathon.org.

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Non Skyrunner links:
Incline Club The club that took home 5 top 10s in the 1997 and 1998 Pikes Peak races, 7 in 1999, 10 in 2000 and 2001, 7 in 2002, 6 in 2003, 7 in 2004, 5 in 2005 and 10 in 2006! Thats 72 total!!! They train like they are crazy because they are!

Pikes Peak Road Runners One of the largest and oldest running clubs in America right here at the foot of Pikes Peak.

Triple Crown of Running The “official site of the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon.”

Race Videos
Watching past races is a great way to learn about the course:
1987 Ascent and Marathon
1988 Ascent and Marathon
1989 Marathon
1990 Ascent with 89 Asc/Mar recaps
1992 Ascent and Marathon - Asc/Mar course records broken
1993 Ascent and Marathon - Asc/Mar course records broken again!
1994 Ascent and Marathon
2001 Ascent and Marathon

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Pikes Peak Cams
City of Colorado Springs 9 Summit Cams
COG Railway Yard/Incline Cam Live shot Cog Railway Depot / Manitou Incline

Webcam photo from the top of Pikes Peak
Looks like some Ascenters knew where to stand
to get on the Pikes Peak Summit Cam.

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2005 Pikes Peak Ascent snow

Side Trips
Oil Creek Tunnel
Pikes Peak book collection
Pikes Peak medal collection
The story of Inestine B. Roberts
The truck in the Bottomless Pit
Pikes Peak Barr Trail snow melt dates

FYI: How high is Pikes Peak and what is its name?

Trail Work Ever wonder how the Barr Trail gets maintained?
No Name Creek drainage improvements
Pikes Peak Barr Trail Trail Dogs
Incline Club builds new trail section off of Pikes Peak
Incline Club works from Barr Camp to Bottomless Pit

Non Skyrunner links
Barr Camp’s website
Chuck Wilt’s Barr Camp Tour
Chuck Wilt’s Tunnel Tour
COG Railway
El Paso County Search and Rescue Check out the August rescues!
Pikes Peak Highway
Friends of the Peak
Trails & Open Space Coalition

Ascent and Marathon Stories

347 PPA/M things done right, things done wrong stories

First person race accounts

Learn before you burn!

Mike Anderson’s
2001 Ascent
It was agonizing. I was delirious from oxygen deprivation.
Brian Berliner’s
1999 Ascent
Zombies are the ones that went out too fast and aren't enjoying the race.
Gary Cehelsky’s
2001 Marathon
It inspires me and gives me courage. It must be that darn mountain.
Christoph Eick’s
1998 Ascent
It makes your brain dizzy and even the simplest things seem to take for ever.
Jill Gainer’s
2000 Marathon
There was no stopping Sunday from coming.
Jill Gainer’s
2001 Ascent
I guess altitude and I are never going to be friends.
Patrick Hollenbeck’s
2000 Ascent
My heart rate alarm was really starting to bug me.
Bob Huerter’s
1981 Ascent
I thought I was getting the hang of it, and then they cut the oxygen off.
Paul Kirsch’s
2001 Ascent
At mile 4, I started to get a burning feeling in my lungs...
Billy D Lese’s
2003 Marathon
I passed ten miles and the tree line, I was more dizzy/dazed and confused.
Fred Maas’s
2005 Ascent
I said, "no worries. That lightning was below us!" (Run, you fool).
Mike Perry’s
2001 Marathon
She removed a 3"x4" blister from my heel and congratulated me on having “the blister of the day.”
Cate Terwilliger’s
1999 Ascent
Inevitably, some runners get into trouble.
Bill Wright’s
2000 Marathon
“Cut me, Mick” said Rocky to his trainer.
Bill Wright’s
2001 Marathon
I think I'll go back to sport climbing. I suck at that also, but it doesn’t hurt so much...
Bill Wright’s
2002 Marathon
I can’t believe it worked out this perfectly, but it didn’t come easy.
Bill Wright’s
2003 Double
What the heck was I thinking? This is a stupid idea!
Paula Vaughan’s
1997 Ascent
Dizzy. Depleted. Deadass tired. I will NEVER do this again.
Jonathan Vigh’s
2003 Marathon
Although it looks like I'm in agony, I was just hamming it up for the camera.

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