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2009 race coverage

Blogs, photos and videos can be found on the race website.

Pre events:
Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon sign-up announced
Registration for Pikes Peak races goes smoothly
Plenty of spots left for races on Pikes Peak
Matt Carpenter’s practice ascent
Weekend pushes definition of Fun Run
Carpenter to face challenger

50 Years of Women Marathoners:
54th Running of the Pikes Peak Marathon and Pikes Peak Ascent
For women, Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon all uphill
Ascent/Marathon: The women of the mountain
1st Women Marathoner Found
Valley woman made history
Pieper carved out tracks for women

Fast times contagious in Pikes Peak Ascent
Women's Ascent winner gets second wind at right time
Springs resident sets age-group record in Ascent

Carpenter goes unrivaled
Ortiz proud to be top women's finisher at Pikes Peak Marathon on 50-year anniversary
Falls fail to deter Ortiz, 45, in Pikes Peak Marathon
Pikes Peak Marathon; New record

Both Races:
Streaks continue at Pikes Peak marathon

2008 race coverage

Blogs, photos and videos can be found on the race website.

Pre events:
Ascent changes
Not many couch potatoes here: City is No. 1 in fitness
Not too late to qualify for Ascent
Organizers expect smooth Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon sign-up
Marathon full, but spots still open for Ascent registration
After snafu last year, organizers relieved as sign-ups for Marathon, Ascent go smoothly
Want to run Pikes Peak? Experts offer training tips
Experience gives runners edge in Pikes Peak Ascent, Marathon
Sky marathon runner Carpenter is Springs' 17th most influential
A long run in the Rockies (with photo)
Ascent/Marathon will go on despite daunting weather

Gutierrez, Erholtz win Pikes Peak Ascent titles
Peak plays defense (with photo of female winner)
Far from Peak conditions (with photo of male winner and 3 other photos)
Storm pushes many down mountain (with 2 photos)
Mother Nature fools some and 2 other stories
Pikes Peak or bust (with 2 photos)

Carpenter still the king (with photo of male winner and 2 other photos)
Run-down Nelson still puts up pesonal best (with photo of female winner)
2007 Marathon champ lends hand and 3 other stories (with photo)
Marathon no match for Carpenter (with 2 photos)
Aftermath of Marathon a headache for some (with photo)
He reaches summit, makes it down too

Both Races:
Wintry conditions bode well for local runners
Impact runners accept Pikes Peak challenge (with photo)
Runner determined to make it to the top

City a natural fit for athletic games Climate, venues beckon nation's best
Letter to the editor - Barr Trail runners should learn to respect rights of hikers
Letter to the editor - Ascent volunteers real winners for their work aiding runners

2007 race coverage

Pre events:
Pikes Peak races offer big bucks to winners
Online glitch stops Pikes Peak runners
Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent registration resumes March 13
Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon registration next week
Marathon, Ascent spots fill quickly
State of the sports
This week's top 10
Brothers hooked by Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon
No ‘turkeys’ allowed
Wristbands help keep unauthorized runners out of Pikes Peak Ascent, Marathon same as above - dif title
This year, she’s starting the race, but not finishing
The cost to climb
Hotter weather, thunderstorms expected through mid-week

Typical tale on mountain - Carpenter adds to stunning resume
Carpenter, Portilla win Pikes Peak Ascent - same as above but with different photo
Peru native loves challenge of climbing mountains
Quick footsteps dash Utahan's victory hopes at Ascent
Former UCCS star takes third at Pikes Peak Ascent

Blood, guts and GLORY
Heat at Pikes Peak Marathon makes officials sweat
Man runs from Texas to the Springs to do the Pikes Peak Marathon
Marathons help runner deal with self-diagnosed midlife crisis
Manitou’s Carpenter repeats amazing record performance (with photo)

Letter to the editor - Prize money shouldn’t go to marathon officials
Letter to the editor - Paying prize money attracts elite athletes

2006 race coverage

Pre events:
Ascent fills up in record time
Officials ponder registration change
From start to finish, adept athlete gave his all
Bicycle Ride Marks Zebulon Pike Bicentennial
With Pikes Peak races, it’s a sprint to the starting line
WMRA 3rd Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge - Preview
Wanna run? Take a hike
It takes all kinds
Trail and Tribulation
Pikes Peak Marathon vs. The Toughest Marathons in the World
Like father, like son
Defending Ascent champion is laidback, but confident
King of the mountain returns to Marathon
Many expect Carpenter to challenge course record

High Drama
Gutierrez wins Pikes Peak
Goldsmith holds off competition, defends crown
Pikes Peak Ascent - 5 short stories

Carpenter a rock star
Neither age nor injury slows champ
Carpenter, Murray Victorious at WMRA Challenge at Pikes Peak
Carpenter remains king of mountain
Carpenter returns to Marathon a winner
Family’s journey is for good cause
Manitou gives runners mountain of support
Locals not so high and mighty
Pikes Peak Marathon - 7 short stories

Austin group scales Pikes Peak
Letters to the Editor

2005 race coverage

The Gazette’s excellent PPA/M 50th section

Pre events:
50th Anniversary Special
Then and now: How the race got started
Lots more involved in holding race today
Sound decisions
Manitou Springs thrives with influx of visitors, business
Trendsetter: Steve Gachupin
Out of nowhere: Erica Larson
A man and his mountain: Matt Carpenter
Trailmaster: Fred Barr

Ascent fills at record pace; marathon close behind
Runners set record time for registration
Five-time champ Larson won’t run
Adventure runner joins Marathon field
Better be wearing the right bib, bub
Another year, another run up Pikes Peak
Right song part of mental training for Peak Ascent
Some participants want nothing but to finish Ascent
Race officials, competitors keeping an eye on the sky
Assortment of injuries troubling top runners
Step into Ascent and Marathon runners’ shoes
Larson changes mind, will run in Pikes Peak marathon
Jackets extra incentive for runners
Peak racers revved up

An adventure for all ages
19-year-old sets record for age group as he wins overall title
Friends push each other to finish line
Ortiz knows pain potential of Pikes
Running is therapy after trio of deaths in womans family
Rain hammers Springs; snow strands runners
Bad weather closes road for trip down and 3 other short stories

World runners rule mountain
Runner dies during 1st half of mountain run
Running secondary to helping out
Barr Trail ‘simpler’ than tracks in Europe and 4 other short stories

Carpenter sets mark in Leadville ultramarathon

2004 race coverage

Pre events:
Champion Ortiz has sights set on fourth win in row

Elliott in tip-top shape, wins for the eighth time
Tackling the Ascent quite a (pair of) feet
Weather on summit is snow problem and 3 other short stories

Roc crosses line first, but Burrell wins race
Marathon goes international and 3 short stories

2003 race coverage

Pre events:
Let the competition begin!
Volunteers climb Pikes Peak to get race course ready
Manitou works out kinks of races

Gutierrez breezes to top
Volunteers add air of relief and 3 other short stories
First king of mountain still knows ups, downs
Carpenter has more motivation for marathon

Downhill isn’t cruise to finish at marathon
Race gets ugly after women reach summit
Finishing first isn’t as easy as it once was for Carpenter
Colorado man takes third in ‘the double’
Heart condition throws one of women’s favorites for a loop and 3 short stories

2002 race coverage

Pre events:
Marathoners improvise after closure of Pike trails
Carpenter is no longer sky-high for Ascent
One wrong makes a right

Winner believes Ascent on decline
Teen falls short of record but garners big praise
Forest closure hurts training for area runners
9 short stories from the Ascent

Four score on Pikes Peak for women's champion
Masochistic few enjoy doubling their, uh, pleasure
7 short stories from the Marathon

Race draws criticism for not paying winners
Letters - 9 of them no less - oh what fun;-)
The challenge of Pikes Peak: to be competitive again

2001 race coverage
Pre events:
Elliott reaching 'peak' for another Pikes title
Race officials hear the running of the bull
One very fast man and his mountain
Peak tops the mountain
Octogenarian has no plans of slowing down

Back on top
Runners go to Barr looking for an edge
Reaching their maximum peak
Gluttons for punishment enter Marathon, too
Women's champ says being mom is good training
'I thought it'd be harder'
It's all uphill: 10 short stories and facts

Carpenter nails both peak races
Double ugly
Delirious—Hard-core runners get high off the Peak
Two times the pain
Descent's a real downer
Three-peat with a downhill feat
6 short stories from the Marathon
Ups and downs: 9 short stories and facts

Organizers should do more to attract competition

2000 race coverage
Pre events:
Racer's motto: Walk, don't run
Entrants in Ascent are a worldly bunch
Big races' winner is Manitou Springs

Current and former champions ascend
A natural obstacle course
No weather worries expected for Marathon
Masters runner eyes 2001

Marathon finishes with repeat performances
Runner with a cause
Finishing last has its own rewards
Race notes

Are we supporting our best?

1999 race coverage
Pre events:
Lessons in Thin Air
Peak now a friend, not foe
Teen’s aim: to turn mountain into Pyke’s peak
The Battle of Pikes Peak
Performance at Pikes has peaked

Ascent winners a Peak repeat
Peak endures Arkansas invasion
Second that notion
4 misc stories from the race

Runner alone on the peak
Runner discovers renewed vigor
Marathon Crowd enjoys thrill of the race
5 misc stories from the race
Battling over the mountain

Carl McDaniel:
The long run
Cancer claims life of avid runner
Picture of Carl (put up by request)

Interviews with the winners
Battling over the mountain - 6 letters

1998 race coverage
Pre events:
What a place for a race
Gluttons for punishment to meet on Pikes Peak
Carpenter climbing back into Marathon
Challenge of race has peaked for title-holder
Runner tries to make up for late start competing

Manitou woman tops competition
O’Neill calms down, avoids history of fading – and other Ascent stories

Carpenter ‘can’t complain’ on 10th anniversary
O’Neill finds coming down is the hard part – and other Marathon stories

1997 race coverage
Ascent record stands
Ascent turns into two-man race

In peak condition, Mejia ready to run
Ballengee, Mejia repeat Peak titles
Vega doesn’t break on Peak

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