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By Matt Carpenter

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What follows are descent and marathon
predictions based on 10 years of results.
These are NOT splits!

Average descent time for this Ascent
Faster Slower
76.4% of people run in this range
95.9% of people run in this range
Average marathon time for this Ascent
Faster Slower
76.4% range
95.9% range


Splits assume altitude training. Without training in high altitude you can expect to lose time after Barr Camp! Without training in very high altitude you can expect to lose serious time after the A-frame. Consider yourself warned:-)
Altitude training = 6,000 - 10,000'
High altitude training = 10,000 - 12,000'
Very High altitude training = 12,000 - 14,000'

Goal times slower than 5:54:20 will produce splits slower than needed to make the 3:00:00 Barr Camp cut-off! You should use the splits for a 5:54:20 or a little faster for some cushion. While I don’t recommend going out faster than your final goal pace this is what must be done to make the Barr Camp and A-Frame cut-offs.


The slower you are the more useless the Ruxton split becomes. It will read too slow because almost everyone runs to Ruxton while the slower you are the more you will be walking the rest of the course. Indeed, some start walking on Ruxton!

No Name Creek split 2 and Barr
Camp split 3 are from Hydro Street and not the start because many people start here on training runs.

Those that are not strong hill runners
will probably run slightly ahead of the calculator split times from No Name to Barr Camp because this section is not as steep as the norm and even has four small downhill sections.

Pikes Peak Pacing Chart

By Matt Carpenter

Hydro street7:349:2711:2013:1415:0717:0118:5420:4722:4124:34
Top of W’s24:0730:0936:1142:1348:1454:161:00:181:06:201:12:221:18:23
No Name Creek35:1043:5752:441:01:321:10:191:19:071:27:541:36:411:45:291:54:16
7.5 Summit47:3859:331:11:281:23:221:35:171:47:111:59:062:11:012:22:552:34:50
Barr Camp1:00:581:16:121:31:261:46:412:01:552:17:102:32:242:47:38#3:02:53#3:18:07
Bottomless Pit1:09:501:27:181:44:462:02:132:19:412:37:082:54:363:12:043:29:313:46:59
2 to go1:37:262:01:482:26:102:50:313:14:533:39:144:03:364:27:584:52:195:16:41
1 to go1:47:382:14:332:41:283:08:223:35:174:02:114:29:064:56:015:22:555:49:50
* As of 1993 the cut-off time for the Ascent or Ascent portion of the Marathon is 6:30.
# The cut-offs of 3:00 for Barr Camp and 4:15 for the A-Frame are faster than the goal pace for a ~6:00+ Ascent.

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