Pikes Peak Race Stories

One of the best ways to learn about racing on Pikes Peak is to learn from others. This holds true no matter your level or experience. Unlike the “first person race accounts” the format for these stories is structured around a few questions that get to the heart of what worked and didn’t work during each runner’s race. Most of these stories came from members of the Incline Club soon after their race so that it was still fresh in their minds. Here is the story format used:

General Summary:
Things Done Right:
Things Done Wrong:
Comments on Calculator if Used: (forgot this in 2003)
Any Other Stuff:

347 Stories total
78 stories from the 2005 Pikes Peak races
39 stories from the 2004 Pikes Peak races
53 stories from the 2003 Pikes Peak races
51 stories from the 2002 Pikes Peak races
55 stories from the 2001 Pikes Peak races
35 stories from the 2000 Pikes Peak races
36 stories from the 1999 Pikes Peak races

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