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Current trail conditions (during the running season) can be found in the news section of the Incline Club page.

9/12/2004 The following stats were updated today;
Single Year Age Records - 17 set in 2004
State Records - 13 set in 2004
Pikes Peak Doublers - 78 in 2004 = 10% of marathoners Doubled!
Pikes Peak Streakers - 36 is the record as of 2004
[PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]

It is just unbelievable to me that 1 out of 10 people who finish the marathon ran the Ascent the day before!

9/11/2004 The following stats were updated today;
Race Winners 1936 - 2004
Age-Group and Course Records - 7 set in 2004
Age-Group and Course Record Progressions - 7 in 2004
[PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]

I changed the format of the records page to display Pos and Div info for the runners. Now you can quickly see where runners placed overall and how many were in their division when they set the record. The names are also hyperlinked so you can quickly see their hometown and their other races. From the record progressions page you will see that Sharon K Kuhn's record in the 45-49 age-group took out a record from 1976 which is the oldest a record can be since that is the year of the last course change. Now there is only one 1976 record remaining. A 1988 and two 1990 records also fell!

9/10/2004 The 2004 results were added to the archives today. [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015] The delay was due to the fact that a few foreign athletes cut the course and the appeals took some time. I will be working on the stats in the coming days. Sorry for any inconvenience but there was just no way I was going to do all the stats when there was the potential for the results to change. For example, to make the hyperlinks work for the 2004 results they needed to be cross checked with past years. This resulted in 485 changes with about 90% of them involving adding middle initials for the sake of consistency. Most of the others changes involved minor name changes - Jim to James for example. So if you are reading this PLEASE consider using the same name every time you register!

8/6/2004 An auction for a spot in the Pikes Peak Marathon is taking place! This is a legitimate offer for a spot in the Marathon (not the Ascent) and is authorized by the Triple Crown of Running! This is NOT a transfer of a number but a valid entry that was set aside for auction!

6/28/04 Effective today Barr Camp has been ordered to stop serving water to the public by the Forest Service. There is no telling how long this situation will drag out. Therefore, be sure and bring plenty of fluids or $2 to buy some Gatorade. More information.

6/14/04 A new Pikes Peak training guide is available! 84 pages of nothing but running Pikes Peak! Learn it all from training to tapering. Complete with race day tips and a chapter
on the Double. Order yours today!

6/10/04 Got the following e-mail from an El Paso County Search and Rescue member. It is true and the water ban goes in effect on the 16th!

Just as a heads up to our members, the USFS and Barr Camp have been dealing with the question of whether BC may provide water to hikers, etc. At this point, it looks like BC will be prohibited from serving water. Essentially, USFS’s Denver office is placing new demands on various organizations, raised Barr Camp’s permit fee by several thousand dollars/year (and going up), and are trying to enforce certain water health standards.

Notwithstanding the fact that BC’s water tests out nearly perfect, USFS is requiring certain state health regulations be followed. Since some of these regulations are unclear as to application, BC is in a catch 22 situation. This problem has been going on for several years, but it looks like the ban will be imminent.

So, if you are hiking Barr Trail, bring purification tablets or a filter.

Feel free to write your congressperson.

5/16/04 Registration for the 5th annual Barr Trail Mountain Race began yesterday. The race will be run on July 18th making it the perfect tune-up run for the Ascent and Marathon to be run 5 weeks later.

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