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12/27/99 After about a week of selling them to Incline Club members, Pikes Peak Training and Racing Books are now available to anyone who wants them.

12/24/99 Got a return call this week from the TCR board member. They did not know there was a refund policy and will look into the points brought up below.

12/14/99 Someone actually read the fine print in the TCR’s new refund policy (see 11/30/99) and commented: “Matt, you give credit too easy! This may delay the closing date by a week or two but did you read the part about how they are keeping $25 of the returned entry fee? That is outrageous and sounds like just another way to get our money!!!” I left a message with a TCR board member. I want to find out the logic of accepting the first 65 only. I don’t see why it could not be an open ended “round table” policy with a set date in August that as long as people are returning entries they would accept more on the waiting list. Last year there were around 600 no shows for the races based on the information I got so this policy does not seem to address the issue very well. But then again perhaps 600 people are registering just to get a shirt. I will reserve comment on the refund amount until I talk to the board member.

12/13/99 The Pikes Peak page got a much needed face lift. What had started in June of 1997 as an on-line training diary for the Incline Club grew to the point that the Incline Club got its own corner of Skyrunner.com and the Peak page just got BIG! Hopefully stuff is a little easier to find now. Also you will see a few new pages that should make your next race a better race — OK perhaps the game will not help but the “DOs and DON’Ts from others should;-)

12/11/99 Past race winners were added to the results archive. [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]

11/30/99 I am happy to report that the TCR has updated their “official” record book with the course records provided to them [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]. In other news, the TCR has implemented a refund policy and a waiting list and you can now see if you are registered on-line at their site. Very positive changes indeed — credit where credit is due!

11/7/99 Tim Hicks input the 1977 race and sent it to me. The results archive now has 22 years worth of race results!!! [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015] Tim is also working on the 1979 results. He ran in both of these races and called the inputting “a trip down memory lane.”

10/12/99 Contact information for Barr Camp was updated.

10/4/99 Brian Berliner’s 1999 ascent story was added to the first person accounts section.

9/30/99 Thanks to almost 3 hours of hard work by our mediator the legal threat to skyrunner.com has been resolved:-) I received an apology for the way this issue was handled and Pikes Peak Marathon Inc. insured that their trademarks and service marks remain protected. Further, as a bonus I learned a little bit about liability issues and put up some protection for myself while at the same time the TCR now has it very prominent that my site is not the official race site. In other news, while at the TCR office I provided information to get 5 course records updated. The TCR had my updates [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015] in the 1998 confirmation booklet but somehow the 1999 booklet had the wrong information!?

9/21/99 Year 2000 entries are now available.

9/16/99 I got a legal threat from Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc. claiming that by putting the words that appear on my medal at the top of the page I am engaged in trademark infringement.

9/15/99 The 1960 and 1961 races were added to the results archive. [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015] Also because several people can not seem to get enough, I added more information to some of the other pre-1960 races. I have tried to come up with new information from old newspapers at the library as well as combining the information from the books on the race.

9/12/99 I have added adjustment times to the early races in the results archive [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015] to make up for the fact that they used to start and finish at the COG station. With these adjustment times the old course times can be better compared to the new course times.

9/9/99 The first races through 1959 (including the little known about 1936 Pikes Peak Footrace) were added to the results archive. [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]

1999 race coverage
Pre event:
Lessons in Thin Air
Peak now a friend, not foe
Teen’s aim: to turn mountain into Pyke’s peak

Ascent winners a Peak repeat
Peak endures Arkansas invasion
Second that notion
4 misc stories from the race

Runner alone on the peak
Runner discovers renewed vigor
Marathon Crowd enjoys thrill of the race
5 misc stories from the race
Battling over the mountain

Carl McDaniel:
The long run
Cancer claims life of avid runner
Picture of Carl (put up by request)

Battling over the mountain - letters

Interviews with the winners
One new age-group record was set! [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]
Official results [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]

8/20/1999 Things are just about set. Race volunteers and officials were out in force on the mountain today. Looks like a little mud bath at No Name but otherwise the course in excellent shape:-) While biking down the Barr Trail we caught up with the Fitness Systems crew putting out the mile markers. The Incline Club left a little present on the trail too — we hope it helps your race! Weather forecasts provided by Incline Club member Tony Eckel 1999 Pikes Peak Ascent Weather Forecast Mostly sunny with scattered high clouds (base around 15,000ft) at race start time. Clouds will be slowly thickening and lowering throughout the morning with cloud base moving down to around 12,000 ft by mid day. Expect the top 1-2000 ft of the Peak to be in and out of the clouds from 11:00AM on, with visibility dropping down to 1/4 mile at times. Light rain (mixed with snow above 13,500) is likely around the Peak starting early afternoon. Expect thunderstorms by mid afternoon. Winds on top will be picking up from 10mph in the morning to 20mph by mid afternoon.

Location                         Time
               7:00  8:00  9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00  1:00 2:00
Manitou         65
Barr Camp             52    53    53    53
Peak (tmp/wnd chill)      39/34 37/32 35/30 33/28 33/25 33/20
1999 Pikes Peak Marathon Weather Forecast Mostly sunny skies at start time but clouds building up again starting after 9:00AM. Clouds bases will be as low as 10,500ft with tops only slightly higher than the Peak. Top 3000ft of the Peak will be in and out of the clouds from 10:00AM on, with visibility dropping down to 1/4 mile or less. Intermitten light rain showers are possible for the mid-lower sections of the course starting late morning. Winds 15-25mph on the Peak, shifting from westerly in the morning to north westerly by mid day.
Location                                     Time
          7:00  8:00  9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00  1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Manitou    61               74    75    76    76    75   75   72   71
Barr Camp        50   52    55    57    56    55    55   52
Peak (tmp/wnd chill) 35/17 39/20 38/20 35/12 35/11 36/12

7/27/1999 I added another book to my Pikes Peak running library! After about a half year of looking I tracked down a copy of The Running Saga of Walter Stack.

7/18/1999 One small patch of snow (about 6 steps) is all that remains. After our run a group of Incline Club members worked our way down the trail to help the Friends of the Peak, the Forest Department and the PPM committee clear rocks off of the trail. The organized trail groups did the big stuff and worked the longest, we just cleared the little rocks. The first couple of switch-backs after the 16 Golden Stairs sign are in the best shape I have ever seen them and I would not be totally honest if I din’t say I am going to miss the challenge that they used to present when they were a lot rougher. However I can’t wait to fly through that section now — from the sign to the summit now looks like a carpet:-)

7/1/99 After a well thought out and intelligent opinion by Jeff Klein I reprogrammed my Pikes Peak Pace Calculator so that it should work with any JavaScript capable browser — compute on!

6/25/99 Here is a collection of books about running on Pikes Peak.

6/24/99 The Incline Club (they train mostly on Pikes Peak) was on the front page of the Out There section of the Gazette today. Check it out!

6/22/99 See the 6/22/99 post on the Incline Club page for the snow conditions encountered during my first run to the top for the year.

6/16/99 Peter Pauly sent me the URL to the very cool Pikes Peak Marathon map he created while working at the Gazette.

6/15/99 Tim Roden’s 1988 & ’89 Ascent stories were added to the list above.

5/17/99 The Marathon is full!!!

5/11/99 The Ascent is full!!! If you got your entry postmarked yesterday (5/10/99) you made it. The Marathon has only 92 spots left and they should go by the weekend.

4/23/99 The Ascent is 76% full and the Marathon is 75% full. In other words look for the races to fill in the first half of May!!!

4/16/99 Both races are 68% full.

4/12/99 Rick Rastall input ALL 1,644 finishers of the 1985 races and e-mailed them to me!!! This means the results archive now has 13 years of results:-) [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015] As always, I am looking for people that have results from other years that would like to help expand the archive. If you can do anything to help — from just sending me copies of past results (I need all the results from 1968 - 1973), to helping with data input for any year not posted in the archive — let me know. With the help of the archive I have found 7 incorrect records and 1 incorrect date that prompted the TCR to update their record book. Further I have since found another incorrect date and a misspelling of a name. There is the possibility of an 8th incorrect record, and 2 records that the TCR and I still disagree on! That alone makes the madness of getting past results worth it:-)

3/29/99 The 1999 Pikes Peak Ascent is 60% full and the Marathon is 63% full. Both are still a half month ahead of last year when the races filled on 5/18 and 5/25.

3/26/99 A link to the Pikes Peak Multi-Use Plan was added above.

3/23/99 Skyrunner.com has volunteered to be the host site for the Friends of the Peak www site. These are the people who help take care of the Barr Trail. By becoming member of FOTP you can insure that they have the funds to do their job. This in turn will help you get up the mountain faster so why not head on over and sign up for your PR?

3/17/99 The 1999 Pikes Peak Ascent is 51% full and the Marathon is 53% full. This is still a half month ahead of last year when the races filled on 5/18 and 5/25.

2/23/99 The 1999 Pikes Peak Ascent is 35% full and the Marathon is 42% full. This is a half month ahead of last year when the races filled on 5/18 and 5/25.

1/28/99 The 1989 men’s marathon was added to the results archive thus completing 12 years of archives. [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]

1/24/99 The Triple Crown of Running reports that the 1999 Pikes Peak Ascent is 21% full and the Marathon is 28% full. Watch this section for further updates. The TCR has also put up a www site. One of the questions in their FAQ is “why no money?” with the answer being in part that the races are “organized by a not-for-profit organization to foster amateur athletic competition.” First the not-for-profit has nothing to do with this! The same money that is spent on awards could be used as prize money and many races do just that. Second, the other TCR races have in fact had money and also had all-star fields. When the money left, so too did the top runners. Third, both the Ascent and Marathon have in the past offered money for course records. So basically this decision is arbitrary. An arbitrary decision that is hurting the race. “Amateur athletic competition” was a neat thing before being the best meant making it a full-time job. Many of the best mountain runners no longer run Pikes Peak. Last year alone Ricardo Mejia, Martin Rodriguez, Danelle Ballengee and Kari Distefano all skipped Pikes do to the lack of money. The race quality over the last several years has suffered dramatically due to the lack of competition. Offering prize money will not harm this race but in fact will help it. I must not be the only one questioning their logic if they get asked enough to add the question to their new www site.

1/2/99 With the help of Paul and Judy DeWitt the 1989 men’s and woman’s Ascent and woman’s marathon were added to the results archive. [PPA/M results moved to pikespeakmarathon.org in 2015]

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