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On occasion I like to write something down. Here are just some of my ramblings


Cut six letters One of the best ways to learn html is to use it to write some games.

Yvonne’s and my running wedding

Yvonne and Matt Carpenter getting married Yvonne and I met at an Incline Club workout so it was only logical (to us anyway:-) that we get married at an Incline Club workout. So during an otherwise normal Sunday long run we, along with 96 others, took a break at the first scenic overlook in Waldo Canyon. To read about the race for the Best Man and Bridesmaid, the 76 piece kazoo band and the great snowball conspiracy just go here.

My Trek Y5

This is my Trek Y5 mountain bike

When I first got my Y5 I thought about just hanging it on the wall and calling it art! Basically, I did not want to take it out and get it dirty.

Goathead deathLooks like dirt was the least of my worries because I picked these up on my first off-road ride. I got 6 in the front tire and 5 made holes! The good folks at the bike shop tell me that the RR department plants these evil thorn bushes on purpose and they told me that before I told them that I was, in fact, riding on a trail next to RR tracks by Sinton pond. They are called Goatheads — look at the one on the lower right to see why — and they are prominent in the late fall/early winter.

One fast Training Partner

My Tredmill One of the fastest ways to improve is to train with someone better than you. My Quinton Q65 Treadmill with a 645 programmable controller can easily hum along at a 3m20s per mile pace and can even do so at a 25% grade so needless to say I won’t be out running it anytime soon. It does not care what the weather is like, what time of day it is or even how I feel. Without exception my best seasons come after I spend the winter running with ‘Q’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can’t stand to run on a treadmill for my easy stuff but for the hard stuff nothing can beat it. Besides, it is hard to be bored when you are hurting! To date, I have only “beat” it one time. The victory was short lived however when I found out I “won” due to user error — after cleaning it I forgot to attach the controller cable lock and during the workout it worked its way loose. I am often asked why I got a treadmill that goes so insanely fast. The answer is the same reason you would not buy a car that only does the speed limit — you would max it out all the time and it would not last very long. I have tripped circuit breakers on health club treadmills because I ran at their max speed (often only 6 min pace) for too long. However, even when I am running at my max ‘Q’ is solid as a rock!

My Kickbike

My Kickbike A cross between a skateboard and a bike — a Kickbike. A great way to tool around town or get in an extra workout. The neat thing is that the movement simulates running better than a bike but like a bike there is no impact stress. However, unlike a skateboard it is very easy to ride — I even road mine down Independence Pass! It is fast, quiet and there is no chain or grease to deal with. Here is a story that the Colorado Springs Gazette ran on my Kickbike.

Some of the things I like to collect (besides wins and records)

Zebulon Montgomery Pike Anything related to Pikes Peak is fair game. However medals, books, postcards (steam era COG or Incline related) and brochures (again steam era COG or Incline related) make up the bulk of my collections. My Pikes Peak book collection and my Pikes Peak medal collection are both online. Believe it or not the medal collection is for the most part non running related.

Goldberg Electra Glider in Skeleton Mode

Another hobby of mine

I am really getting into R/C airplanes! Here are some of the modifications I have made to my RTF (Ready to Fly) planes in preparation for finishing off my kit built glider. As you can see it is in “skeleton mode” now.

Running the town

I once ran for (literally ran to 863 doors in 33 hours spread over 11 days) and won a 4-year term on the Manitou Springs City Council. Check-out the “minority report” of all the times I voted in the minority which reveals a pattern.

Just a baby, a tot, a kid growing up

The ladder of life I started out in an incubator because I was born breach — feet first would figure — and had some problems. The doctor said I fought very hard to survive. The paint is peeling off the walls of the incubator but I guess it worked. Not afraid of cats at age one and a four-year-old Matt working on his baby fat round out the top row. Sorry, I can not remember what I was eating but I see some lettuce — a well balanced diet is important for a runner! When I was nine I had a cool mini-bike — I rigged the governor so that it would go faster than normal. I broke a couple of bones during these years falling off of a bike, a skateboard and a fall out of tree that bent my arm backwards at the elbow:-( That works out to two broken wrists and an elbow that was bad enough that it had to get a couple of pins put in after a piece of bone was taken out. I caught this snake when I was about 11. Now are those pants cool or what? OK, my high-school picture is not that great but whose is? Fresh out of college and already climbing the ladder of success! If you can stand it here is a larger version.

Gotta have a cause

WRONG BILL! Nothing pushed my buttons like the DOJ case against Microsoft. I spend quite a bit of time writing letters to people that probably don’t read them. Senator Hatch’s office even sent me a generic form letter admitting he would not read my letter because I was not from his home state! However, this one got published in the Colorado Springs Gazette. To relieve a little stress one day, I created the “Janet ‘kiss kiss’ Reno” page. Bottom line, this whole nonsense is not about browsers, but about a bunch of jealous people who want to whine their way to the top. However, just in case you are wondering, here are some of the reasons I prefer Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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