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Once and a while it’s good to state your opinion. Most of these stories have a form at the end so you can give me yours.

  • A one on one debate with USATF president Bill Roe
    This debate, published in Running Times, came about because of a post-race SNAFU. Although I won the 2006 US 10K trail championships, the USATF said I was ineligible for prize money because I was not a USATF member. However, the pre-race press release cleary said that the top USATF runners only got an additional $100.

  • Being fair does not mean give it away
    A letter about prize money distribution. I love to debate about this.

  • City Council Life
    I served a 4-year term on the Manitou Springs City Council from 2010-2013. While I didn’t write a whole lot, I did get to voice my 2 cents rather often. Check-out the “minority report” of all the times I voted in the minority which reveals a pattern.

  • Is that a threat?
    After having a scan of my medal from the Pikes Peak Marathon on my website for over a year I got a threat from the law firm of Hanes and Schutz, P.C., the “Intellectual property counsel to Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc.”

  • Keep us together and no skimming
    A letter in response to the claim that all the same runners keep winning.

  • Life on the Incline
    This is a three-part story I wrote in the fall of 2000 for the Fiends of the Peak Newsletter. It covers the history, controversy, and potential options for the Incline. Frankly, my options section aged very well!

  • Peaktus Interruptus
    A truthful look into my head after running “just” the Pikes Peak Ascent in 1994 and a collection of responses that this article generated on the subject. I debated whether to reopen this wound, but this could make for a good late night reading frenzy.

  • Should we enforce cut-offs?
    A survey I ran after someone got mad at me for editing the results of the Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon to not list times that did not make the published cut-offs at the top and bottom. If you want to take the survey before you read the results you can here, although I am no longer updating the results I do read your comments.

  • TCR: Triple Crown of Registration: Part I
    Are we supporting our best? There is an alarming trend with “races” that now fill (La Luz, IPR, PPA/M) to forget one of the aspects of putting on a race that helped make them successful enough that they should fill in the first place — putting on a competitive race! In 2000, the Triple Crown of Running took things so far as to hold a board vote to keep a potential winner of their series (he was winning after the first two events) from even getting to the starting line of the final event.

  • TCR: Triple Crown of Registration: Part II
    The challenge of Pikes Peak: to be competitive again. Two years later and the races are still turning away top runners. As a result, I got a hollow victory in the 2002 Pikes Peak Ascent since some of the runners who got turned away most likely would have kicked my butt! However, this one has a happy ending!

  • TCR: Triple Crown of Registration: Part III
    Let the competition begin! Touched on in part II’s addendum I wrote this story after the TCR made it public that they were going to hold 40 spots for top runners in the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon. This was great news for sure!

  • To IPR or not to IPR?
    I used to post a course description for the Imogene Pass Run. However, I removed it (or did I;-) due to its lack of support of top athletes.

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