If you have a fragile running ego I suggest you do not read Peaktus Interruptus. Peaktus Interruptus was about MY race and MY feelings — not YOU or YOUR race. This is why the words “me,” “my” and “I” appeared 39 times in the first four paragraphs alone! When I talk about what Ascent runners do and do not encounter I was talking from my perspective as an Ascent runner verses when I did the marathon. Complicating matters is the fact that the story was heavily edited by Rocky Mountain Sports before it was printed. I truly feel that this left out a lot of the context from which I was drawing my conclusions. You will find both the edited and unedited versions below.

At any rate, I stand by my feelings. This does not mean the Ascent is not a great race — it is! It just means that for me, in 1994, I did not live up to my expectations. Peaktus Interruptus II can further explain what was going on in my head when I wrote the original Peaktus Interruptus.

The Peaktus Interruptus Chronicles

After a series of articles on trail running and avoiding burnout I decided to stray from the “feel good” genre and look into my feelings after running “just” the Pikes Peak Ascent. I had no ideal that one article could generate so much controversy! After my story was printed in Rocky Mountain Sports magazine, letters to the editor continued to appear for the next seven (7) months!!! During this time the controversy was transferred to the local running club newsletter where I lived.

These are listed in chronological order in two threads from the two publications. Stories I wrote are marked with a “*”.

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