Matt Carpenter
Manitou Springs Mayor Pro Tem
City Council - Ward 3
November 12, 2009 - January 2, 2014

Manitou Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak

Manitou Springs Ward Map
Ward/Precint Map

2012 Manitou Springs Tax and General Fund Overview
2012 Tax/Budget Overview

Manitou Springs Sales Tax and Taxable Sales
Manitou Springs Sales Tax and Taxable Sales for 2005-2012
January 2005 - July 2013

January 2005 - December 2012
January 2005 - December 2011
January 2005 - December 2010

Minority Report
Council votes where I voted in the minority
11/19/13: Conditional use for Medical Marijuana Facility: 5-2******
08/20/13: Resolution submitting a ballot question to the voters regarding MJ retail sales: 2-4
03/05/13: IGA for Manitou Shuttle Service costing $1,681 a day: 6-1
02/19/13: $1,500 funding request from Manitou Springs Collaborative: 5-1
01/15/13: Vacation pay for employee who was FT only 5.5 months of the required 12: 4-2
12/04/12: Additional $8,152.30 budget request from iManitou: 4-3
09/01/12: Special ordinance for City inclusion into the Pikes Peak Library District: 6-1*****
08/21/12: Special ordinance for City inclusion into the Pikes Peak Library District: 6-1*****
02/03/12: Use of Barr Trail Lot money for City Wide Residential Parking Program: 3-3 tie then 5-1
04/29/11: Conditional use for Manitou Incline: 4-1
11/16/10: $400 fee waiver for two Salvation Army dinners: 6-1****
10/19/10: Appeal of HPC denial to use vinyl siding in Historic District (Order): 4-2***
10/05/10: Appeal of HPC denial to use vinyl siding in Historic District (Appeal): 4-2***
08/17/10: $100 fee wavier for Manitou yoga: 5-1*
08/17/10: $1,050 fee wavier for Holiday Parade: 5-1*
08/17/10: $750 fee wavier for Emma Crawford Coffin Race: 5-1*
08/17/10: $740 fee wavier for Ugly Sweater Christmas run: 5-1* (Run cancelled in November)
06/22/10: Conditional use for hooka lounge: 5-1 (They stopped offering hooka in September)**
06/01/10: $650 fee waiver for Tai Chi classes (26 X $25): 6-1*
05/04/10: $1,000 fee waiver for yoga classes (40 X $25): 6-1*
02/02/10: Appointment for vacant Council seat: 3-3 tie then 4-2
02/02/10: $400 fee waiver for Cub Scout Pinewood Derby: 5-1*
01/19/10: $100 fee waiver for Clayfest: 5-1*
01/05/10: $2,740 fee waiver for Carnival: 4-1*
01/05/10: Postponement of facility rental fee increase: 4-1

* There is an important distinction between voting against an event and voting against a fee waiver. I was not, and am not, voting against these events. They are all great events! However, given our budget I believe the city can’t afford to be waiving fees. Bottom line, at the end of 2009 we had our finger on the trigger of cutting employee benefits and yet we waived ~$18,000 in fees. I have a hard time with that. Especially when many of the events asking for waivers are doing little in the way of seeking sponsorships beyond asking the city to waive their fees. This was touched on a little in this PPB story.

**The Nile Cafe had been in business for a year and had not complied with the Colorado Clean Indoor Act. That is a serious violation to me. More here. (See 2nd item under "Conditional use issues.")

*** The majority voted to overturn the Historic Preservation Commission and allow the use of vinyl siding in the Historic District.

**** I felt these two community dinners were so important I actually raised the $400 to pay for the fees. However, Council waived the $400 anyway and then we spent the rest of the meeting talking about how we do not have the money to hire more police, raise salaries, improve benefits, fix streets etc. Meanwhile, Council has waived another ~$10,000 worth of fees this year to add to last year's ~$18,000. Frankly, the Salvation Army budget is far larger than the city's as they get billions in donations from people who want to help. But more importantly their donations come from people who CAN help. On the other hand, when Council waives fees we are basically imposing a tax on every citizen in Manitou including, ironically enough in this case, those who are having a hard time making ends meet. Heck there are currently more than 250 Manitou Springs citizens delinquent on their city water bill! As such, I feel Council should not be in the donation business with tax dollars. $400 could fill in a couple of pot holes of which we have plenty. Again, as stated above, these are all great events and causes but I think they should be supported by individuals and organizations based on personal choice. You like XYZ, then sponsor XYZ. You don't, don't. Of course that would mean these events and groups would have to do some work on their own. For example, I had to knock on 8 doors and make 2 calls to raise the $400. True, I got 2 "no's" but that is part of it. Unless of course you know you can just take 5 minutes and come ask Council to waive your fees. I honestly can't think of a time when the majority said no to anyone! At the same time, I don't have enough body parts to count the number of times the majority has said, "but not next year." Of course the problem is they have been saying it to the same folks, including many on the list above, for years and years.

*****I am 100% behind this issue going to a vote of the people. However, I do not feel the Council should be taking a position on this issue. In my mind that is the purpose of letting the residents vote. As such I took issue with the first part of the ordinance which read, "WHEREAS, the residents of the City of Manitou Springs believe that they are best served by having the City be included in the Pikes Peak Library District;"

******The applicant stated their goal was to become a Retail Marijuana Establishment. Therefore I felt the application should not be looked at until our RME rules have been written since what is allowed as far as time/place/manor for Medical may be different than what is allowed for Retail.

In the news/Items of interest:
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MS Municipal Code
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MS School District 14

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PP Summit | COG Railway

12/22/11: PPB: Council approves modified use permit for wood carver / Other
12/15/11: PPB: Council hears update on single hauler trash program
12/08/11: PPB: Presentation emphasizes need for utility rate hikes / Other
12/01/11: PPB: Council approves cost of living adjustment for employees
11/17/11: PPB: Council approves permit for vacation rental / Iron Mtn / Other
11/10/11: PPB: Clock ticking as Council fine-tunes 2012 budget
11/03/11: PPB: Council approves another wood carver with conditions / Chair Project
11/03/11: PPB: Council hopes ordinances help discourage youth tobacco use
10/27/11: PPB: Council Briefly discusses City's lagging salary rates
10/20/11: PPB: City looks to use more technology, less print / Cliff House / Other
10/06/11: PPB: Council approves using website to post ordinances / Other
09/22/11: PPB: Policy prevents Council from sponsoring Chamber event / Other
09/08/11: PPB: Manitou pool parking sparks discussion at Council / Other
08/25/11: PPB: Still king of the hill
08/18/11: PPB: Pool again hot topic of discussion at Council / Other
08/11/11: PPB: Financial checkup reveals positive trends, need for caution
08/04/11: PPB: Council disagrees on money for new pool weight room / Other
08/04/11: PPB: Police chief, residents weigh in on Soda Springs Park activities
07/28/11: PPB: MSForward pool addition discussed at budget work session
07/21/11: PPB: Concerned musicians address Council / Other
07/14/11: PPB: Paid on-street parking discussed at work session
07/07/11: PPB: Council discusses modifying water restrictions / Other
06/30/11: PPB: Mineral springs hot topic of discussion at work session
06/23/11: PPB: Water restrictions / Artists' market / New Council member / Other
06/16/11: PPB: Permits, shuttle service among popular ideas at workshop
06/09/11: PPB: Cyclist signage draws mixed feelings / Other
06/02/11: PPB: Citizenís envision parking for all - or maybe no parking downtown
05/26/11: PPB: City will be eligible for block grant funds / funds / funds
05/19/11: PPB: Council OKs zip line course
05/12/11: PPB: Drought might hit Manitouans in wallets
05/05/11: PPB: Council sets parking fee for Barr Trail lot / Other
04/28/11: PPB: Council reviews historic preservation rules
04/28/11: PPB: MSF proposes management district
04/21/11: PPB: Letter from the new City Administrator
04/21/11: PPB: Drought means water restrictions may be on tap for summer
04/21/11: PPB: Amphitheater proposed for west end / Other
04/14/11: PPB: City Clerk loves greeting locals, running busy office
04/07/11: PPB: New trees will sprout in Memorial Park / Other
03/31/11: PPB: Council OKs Incline plan - with reservations
03/31/11: PPB: Council hires Benson as city administrator / Ennovate contract dead
03/29/11: Gazette: Manitou Incline one step closer to being legal hiking spot
03/24/11: PPB: Traffic study planned for Cliff House expansion
03/17/11: PPB: Pool closes after boiler breaks down / Rainbow Falls / Other
03/17/11: PPB: City negotiating with administrator finalist
03/10/11: PPB: Council rejects loan deal for energy-saving projects
03/03/11: PPB: City unveils new, user-friendly website
03/03/11: PPB: Council OKs ordinance for liquor-licensed establishments / Other
02/24/11: PPB: City announces vacant city administrator finalists
02/03/11: PPB: City looks at purchase of Tajini Alami / Other
01/27/11: PPB: Incline plan climbs toward review, approval
01/27/11: PPB: Regional transit study under way, looks at insufficient service
01/27/11: Gazette: OUR VIEW: Leave the chain saw artist alone (vote)
01/26/11: Gazette: SIDE STREETS: Neighbors to chain saw artist: Buzz off!
01/20/11: PPB: Council OKs Cliff House design changes / Ordinances / Other
01/13/11: PPB: Council hears presentations on tobacco products, meeting webcasts
01/06/11: PPB: 'Found' money will speed up downtown project
01/06/11: PPB: New parking fines approved, some will drop / Other
Manitou Springs
2010 Police Stats

1,706 Citations
1,511 Parking Tickets
1,304 Incident Reports
771 Arrests
172 Warrant Arrests
124 Traffic Crashes
95 DUI arrests
12/23/10: PPB: Council OKs purchase agreement for Iron Mountain
12/16/10: PPB: Council allows bear carving to continue / Other
12/09/10: PPB: Cliff House West project revived
12/09/10: PPB: Parking permit plan for 2011 approved / Permits / Donation
11/18/10: PPB: EDC no more / Fees waived for dinners / Other
10/28/10: PPB: Incline plan could affect Manitou parking, traffic
10/28/10: PPB: Council OKs contract for energy-saving projects / Other
10/21/10: PPB: Mayor's Report
10/21/10: PPB: Council OKs 2nd medical pot center / Council stands by vinyl decision
10/14/10: PPB: Library supporters outline expansion plan / Energy plan considered
10/07/10: PPB: Council disagrees with HPC decision / Other
09/23/10: PPB: Fire ban goes into effect / No new dispensaries yet / Other
09/16/10: PPB: Chamber EDC merger plan / Pool / Iron Mountain
09/09/10: PPB: Suspicious packages lead to downtown evacuation
09/09/10: PPB: Council approves first medical pot center / Energy / Water Bill
08/26/10: PPB: Manitou Marathon Men
08/19/10: PPB: Sales Tax Up / Enforcement too strong some say / Other
08/12/10: PPB: Council gets first look at capital budget / Ballot / Traffic / Fees
08/05/10: PPB: City will apply for $10.7 million grant / Other
08/05/10: PPB: Blasting planned for water line project / Traffic / Projects
07/22/10: PPB: Intemann Trail gap could soon be closed
07/22/10: PPB: Council OKs funds for Rainbow Falls / Energy savings / Other
07/15/10: PPB: City Council Report
07/15/10: PPB: City will buy McGee's Iron Mountain land
07/08/10: PPB: Council updates litter and weed control ordinance / MMCs / Other
07/08/10: PPB: Meetings on future of Incline continue next week
07/01/10: PPB: Inclined to hike - Fitness buffs talk about their favorite trail
06/24/10: PPB: Council passes medical pot rules / Conditional use issues
06/18/10: Fresh Ink: Cog Railway offering a free downtown employee shuttle
Manitou Springs
Medical Marijuana
Center Applications

+ 7 Applications received
- 1 Application rejected
- 2 Withdrawn by Applicant
- 2 Denied by City Council
= 2 Approved by Council

Map of 7 MMC Applications
Requires Google Earth
06/17/10: PPB: Action postponed on medical pot rules / Sales Taxes up / Other
06/17/10: PPB: Share your ideas for the future of the Manitou Incline at workshop
06/10/10: PPB: Council OKs new parking permit plan
06/10/10: PPB: Council passes rules for medical pot shops / Other
06/09/10: Fresh Ink: Dispensaries will have 8-day window to open in Manitou
06/03/10: PPB: Council extends medical pot ban but will review rules soon / Other
06/03/10: PPB: Meeting on Incline scheduled
06/03/10: PPB: Council ponders changes in permit parking / Other parking
05/27/10: PPB: High winds spark blazes near Barr Trail, Incline
05/20/10: PPB: Council OKs house demo, postpones medical pot measure
05/20/10: PPB: Council adopts new fee schedule
05/13/10: PPB: Community garden gets OK for watering from hydrant / Other
05/13/10: PPB: Audit shows Manitou could save big on energy bills
05/06/10: PPB: Council passes panhandling ordinance / Other
05/06/10: Manitou Springs Single Hauler Waste and Recyclables Program timeline
05/06/10: PPB: Council decides single-hauler trash service 'Bestway' to go
05/06/10: PPB: Two more trash letters
05/05/10: Gazette: Manitou trash hauler measure narrowly passes
04/29/10: PPB: EDC hires parking management consultant
04/29/10: PPB: Council ponders changes in proposed trash contract / Fee waivers
04/29/10: PPB: Another two trash letters
04/22/10: PPB: Council demands that Red Crags owner complete paving / other
04/22/10: PPB: Council postpones vote on trash proposal / Mayor responds
04/20/10: Gazette: Manitou City Council debates trash-hauler system
04/16/10: Gazette: Some Manitou residents talk trash about single hauler system
04/15/10: PPB: Council takes up panhandling law, medical pot rules
04/15/10: PPB: Two more trash letters
04/08/10: PPB: Council OKs residence on land where Shady Dell stood
04/08/10: PPB: Residents weigh in on trash hauling plan
04/08/10: PPB: Letter to the Editor: No to Single Hauler Trash program
04/03/10: A look back at MS trash articles from 2008 & early 2009
04/01/10: PPB: Mayor responds on trash collection issues / 2 other trash letters
04/01/10: PPB: Consultants suggest ways to combine economic groups
MS Employees

    Home Town - Active
Colorado Springs     43
Manitou Spring       24
Fountain              3
Woodland Park         2
Boulder               1
Buena Vista           1
Divide                1
Elbert                1
Green Mtn Falls       1
Highlands Ranch       1
Widefield             1
Total                79

  Years with City - All
             F/T    P/T
< 1 year      13     13
1-5           19     45
5-10          11      3
10-20          6      1
20-30          5      0
30-40          0      0
> 40           1      0
Total         55     62
Part Time includes many seasonal employees like lifeguards
03/25/10: PPB: Manitou receives federal Safe Routes to School funding
03/25/10: PPB: Trash collection service will start May 1 / Sewer rates
03/18/10: PPB: Council gets tough with innkeepers / Garden snag / Website / Other
03/18/10: PPB: City sees increase in sales tax revenue
03/16/10: Final homeless camp update - Camp 34
03/11/10: CS Independent: City haul - MS wants fewer trash trucks, more recycling
03/11/10: PPB: Council extends ban on medical pot shops / Fee waivers / Other
03/11/10: PPB: Council hires new city clerk
03/08/10: Homeless camp update - Camp 34
03/04/10: PPB: Parking fines / Camping law / Other
02/24/10: A Gazette story sent me on a follow-up visit to Camp 34
02/18/10: PPB: December sales sparkle / Special election / Other
02/18/10: PPB: Letter to the Editor: Yes to Single Hauler Trash program
02/11/10: PPB: Council ponders new waiver policy for special event fees
02/05/10: This letter prompted me to take a tour of a homeless camp
02/04/10: PPB: Council appoints Barry / Parking lot / Other
02/18/10: PPB: Letter to the Editor: No to Single Hauler Trash program
01/28/10: PPB: Council mulls medical pot shops, panhandling
01/28/10: PPB: Letter to the Editor: No to Single Hauler Trash program
01/21/10: PPB: Community Garden / HPC appeal denied / Other
01/21/10: PPB: Message from the Mayor
01/14/10: PPB: Council readies bid documents for citywide trash collection
01/07/10: PPB: Park use fee increases postponed
01/07/10: PPB: New Mayor, Council seated
01/07/10: CS Independent: Pete Lee gets a challenger (Karen Cullen)
12/17/09: PPB: Council mulls raising use fees for parks
12/17/09: PPB: Shady Dell house / Red Crags / Other
12/17/09: PPB: City to residents: If it barks or meows, tag it
12/10/09: PPB: Council passes budget in split vote / Medical marijuana
12/09/09: CSBJ: Clemens stepping down from Manitou eco devo position
12/09/09: Gazette: Opening the Manitou Incline takes a $95,500 step forward
12/03/09: PPB: Medical marijuana / Pool plan / Other
12/03/09: PPB: Land purchase deal entices Council, offends others
12/03/09: Fresh Ink: Manitou Chamber considering its options
12/01/09: The Incline GOCO grant was awarded (see 8/21/09 below)
11/19/09: PPB: 2010 budget axe falls on Chamber, EDC / Tattoo shop / Other
11/19/09: PPB: Council gets tough with Shady Dell owners / Barr Trail lot
11/19/09: Fresh Ink: Manitou Springs City Council Overview
11/18/09: During the campaign I called for Council minutes to be online. This has now been done!
11/12/09: Fresh Ink: Manitou Springs City council struggles with budget
11/12/09: PPB: Council struggles to balance 2009 budget
11/12/09: PPB: Carpenter takes seat, retiring city clerk honored
11/10/09: Sworn in as City Council member
11/05/09: PPB: Snyder, Carpenter election winners
11/05/09: Fresh Ink: Snyder is elected mayor by 65 votes
11/03/09: Gazette: Snyder, Carpenter pledge to end rift in Manitou
11/03/09: Fresh Ink: Carpenter cruises, mayor race too close to call
11/03/09: Election (See election results and disclosure statements below)
10/15/09: PPB: Candidates tackle issues at town forum
10/15/09: Fresh Ink: Manitou Springs candidate forum recap
10/13/09: Gazette: Manitou’s most definitely not Colorado Springs
10/13/09: Gazette: Candidates aim to restore the peace in Manitou
10/08/09: CS Independent: Recommendations and endorsements
10/08/09: PPB: Meet the Candidates (Reprinted below)
10/07/09: Fresh Ink: Q&A with candidates Matt Carpenter and Karen Cullen
08/24/09: Entered race for vacant Council seat via election
08/21/09: Letter of support for a management study GOCO grant for the Incline
08/20/09: PPB: Residents get feisty over vacant Council seat / Other
08/05/09: Gazette: Manitou seat stays open; mayor won’t run
07/30/09: CS Independent: Is Clemens bringing prosperity or dissension to Manitou?
07/24/09: Applied for vacant Council seat via appointment
07/23/09: CS Independent: Dispute with mayor leads to resignation (3rd story)

2009 Manitou Springs Election Results
Overall: Matt Carpenter - 335/70%, Karen Cullen - 146/30%
Precinct 149: Carpenter 109/80%, Cullen 27/20% - Precinct 106: Carpenter 226/66%, Cullen 119/34%

Campaign Contributions/Returns/Expenditures
Matt Carpenter $0/$0/$14.50 - $0.04 per vote (3 of 3 reports in)
Karen Cullen, $2,925.00/$279.98/$2,645.02 - $18.12 per vote (3 of 3 reports in)

The following is from the 10/8/09 Pikes Peak Bulletin meet the candidates story

Matt Carpenter - Manitou Springs City Council This election is about two very important words to me — Community Involvement! Since graduating college with a computer science degree in 1987 I have been heavily involved with the communities where I have lived. At the relatively young age of 25 I co-chaired the Alternative Choices Team (ACT) which was started to give kids worthwhile things to do so they stay out of trouble. We put on dances, volleyball tournaments and hikes up 14,000 foot mountains.

Seeing the positive results of this program touched off my lifelong commitment to giving back. Be it volunteering with organizations like the Pikes Peak Road Runners or working on trails and access issues as a board member of Friends of the Peak or organizing events that bring 1,000s of visitors to Manitou I have been involved. My involvement in Manitou has grown as my love for Manitou has grown.

I first visited Manitou in 1987 and with each visit it grew on me a little more. In fact, it is because I have been so fortunate to be able to run in places all over the world that I truly began to appreciate what a wonderful place Manitou is. This resulted in my moving here in 1998. My wife, Yvonne, and I brought Kyla into our lives in 2002. This became the catalyst to co-chair our school district’s successful 2006 mill levy override. While knocking on doors for the initiative I got to meet many Manitou residents and gained a much greater sense and appreciation of our community.

In our community there are a lot of issues that we need to address. And while it is easy to list them; budget, staffing, parking, substandard housing, the “no man’s land” on both ends of our town and on and on, coming up with workable solutions is the hard part. Having a great idea that others don’t agree with is no good. Likewise, neither is being the lone voice or vote on council. It is only by working with others that things can be accomplished! I have worked with individuals, groups, organizations and City Council for a very long time. Over 10 years in Manitou alone. And while we have great staff, a parking authority board and an Economic Development Council, ultimately the buck stops with City Council. If elected to Council it is my goal to bring the residents of Manitou more into the process. We have got to have better communication.

In closing, I am running for council so that I can work with those in Ward 3 to make sure their voices are heard. To that I hope you come to the Candidates Forum and not only be heard but hear my ideas to address the issues. If you can’t make the forum call me at 685-5654 with what concerns you. Then vote for what you feel is best for your community, your neighborhood and you and your family!

Thank you,

Matt Carpenter

If you live in Ward 3 you should have gotten the following from me when I visited your home

Matt Carpenter - 2005 Leadville Trail 100 Mile Dear Manitou Neighbor,

My name is Matt Carpenter. Many of you probably know of me as “the runner.” Indeed, I have been fortunate to pursue my passion for running all over the world. But no matter where I have raced I have always looked forward to coming home to Manitou. I truly believe that our little town at the foot of Pikes Peak is one of the best places to live and raise a family. We have an awesome community, unique events, great parks, and a top notch school system all tucked away in a historic and beautiful gem of a town.

I want to help keep it that way! Therefore, my next race could be one of my most important — the race for the vacant Ward 3 City Council seat. A race in which I will need and would appreciate your support. Vote for me so I can represent our ward on City Council!

Thank you,

Matt Carpenter
E-mail of intent to City Council
Letter of application to City Council
Letters of support for City Council

Feel free to contact me about the issues that concern you!
  • Since the late ’80s I have been involved in the communities where I have lived; Vail, Colorado Springs, and since 1998, Manitou Springs.
  • For over ten years not only have I been regularly attending City Council meetings and work sessions, but I have been actively taking part trying to be a valuable contributor. Not just for those issues concerning me, but for all things Manitou!
    Get Involved in Manitou!
    - Read the Pikes Peak Bulletin which not only covers City Council meetings but Manitou in general
    - Check out the city website which posts council agendas
    - Stop by City Hall where many public notices are posted by the front door
    - Attend a City Council meeting
    - Let your voice be heard!
  • Outside of meetings my community involvement has been consistent and diverse. Be it something small but meaningful like sponsoring my daughter’s tile in the ManiZoo or bringing her to City Hall to give her input on the design of the Soda Springs park playground, or something big such as organizing running races, or something vital like working to successfully pass our school’s 2006 mill levy override.
  • Please see for more information, a complete resume and letters of support from fellow Manitou residents from all walks of life.

Meet the Candidates / Candidates Forum
October 12th at City Hall from 5:30 to 7:00PM
What a great turnout — I hope you were there!