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The first time I visited Vail, I knew that I had to live there.
Frank Shorter and I
on a soccer field
in Vail, Colorado
The VO2 Max test was done on a treadmill. This was the economy test...
Part of the test
when I scored a 90.2
VO2 max at 6,200 feet...
All hooked up and no place to go...
A dark photo fits
the mood of this
test - pain at 16,410'
Only 2 hours from Everest Base Camp
Italian research pyramid.
The solar panel side.
16,410 feet and awesome!
This was scary!
Next to a crevice
found on the way
to Everest Base Camp...
Now this is hot!
Lava on the road in Hawaii
This is what will happen if you do...
Go ahead, skip the
water station...
Now this is too cool!
The ultimate billboard!
You can never have too many shoes!
Race morning
I lined up behind three-time winner Chester Carl, Scott Elliott won...
My first Pikes Peak
start in 1987. I have
the orange gloves...
I was so out of it I could not even think!
1987 - only three
more switch backs for a
4th place finish in 2:18:51
On the way down in the car is where I lost my meal...
1987 - sick as a dog!
Later I puked the
bananas and Exceed...
This is a great race in a beautiful part of Colorado...
Race banner at the
Imogene Pass Run
in Ouray Colorado...
The HOLLYWOOD sign and the trail up to it made a great run.
There is a great
trail up to the
Hollywood sign
The run was about 30 minutes.
The letters
were not as big
as I thought...
3/4 of the way to Mt. Kenya
This is on the trail
to 16,380' Mt. Kenya
in the background
$580 a night at this hotel!
Standing at the equator
at our hotel, the Mount
Kenya Safari Club...
Depending on which side of the equator you are on water drains different.
While in Kenya I
got to see the Coriolis
effect first hand... Sure...
Now that is one steep moma!
Looking at the Incline
from Highway 24
in Manitou...
At the clouds isn't even the top!
Looking up from the
start of the Incline.
My best time is 18:31...
Oh what a feeling
The middle of this
workout redefines hill.
It also redefines pain...
We run up what people rode down!
The Incline
as it was
before 1990...
Almost done
Just a few switchbacks
from the top.
1997 Pikes Peak Ascent...
My favorite trail
Elk Park Trail 11,700'
with Pikes Peak
in the background...
Looking from 17,343 foot Iztacihuatl
There she blows! 17,887'
Popocatépetl is venting
in Mexico...
  The day before the race
Me, a horse
and 29,028 foot
Mount Everest...

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