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Matt, you seem leave Netscape users hanging, what is up with that?

Let me start by saying that it is not as much the browser that I dislike as it is the company. I actually read on the Netscape website that we should buy and use their browser because it is not a Microsoft product! The concept that “Microsoft is the anti-christ” running throughout the industry just turns me off! I base my purchases (or free downloads) on rather or not I like the product — not who makes it. I think that Netscape should do less whining to the justice department and spend more time working on their product. It is awful hypocritical for the company that got their market share by giving their product away to complain that Microsoft is being unfair by giving it’s product away. Also, why is it that when Netscape had a 90% browser market share it was OK to “bundle/tie/integrate” an e-mail program with a browser yet claim that Microsoft should not be able to “bundle/tie/integrate” a browser with the operating system?

That being said the NS browser IMHO, does not compare well to the IE browser. I spend a good deal of time using NS4 at the school where I volunteer so I feel I have a valid opinion compared to a NSer who bashes IE4 but has never used it!

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