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16 Golden Question

  1. Most of the answers can be found on or off of the Pikes Peak Central page, but if you are a cheater you can just view the source code:-(

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Peak Performance Chart

Name Score Cool Quote
Greg Abron 16 I am the King (and the coolest)!
Dindi Allen 16 Sorry, I'm taken.
I. An 16 No soup for you!
Frank D. Babar 16 The sky's the limit, hehehehe!!!!!
Mark Barbour 16 You'd think I'd have something better to do with my time.
Kyle Baxter 16 Fourth time is a charm. Dad has ran it twice.
Chris Brooks 16 Go BIG or Go HOME
Larry Benko 16 Gets better each time!
Jonathan C 16 Why just run when you can run up mountains.
Russ Carpentier 16 Careful, it's a city down there!
Rich Christina 16 Next Question: What Rhode Islander ran the PP Marathon as his first? ;-)
Debbie Davey 16 Not bad for an english women, who hasn't been up Pike's Peak!!
Mike Deaver 16 It’s doesn’t take a hero...
Andy Dimmen 16 Finally
Yvonne Franceschini 16 “What’s up with that noise?!”
Pam Franklin 16 Took me enough times to do it correctly!!
Kiah & Miles Fricker 16 Our dad helped write a book on this stuff... So we had to get them all right!
Karl Gilpin 16 Endurance is the key!
Brian Hoff 16 If it ain't uphill it ain't worth the Effort
Chris Howe 16 Blood, Sweat, and Beers
Christine Jacobs Ikehara 16 Good job, Tony and Toby on your first ascent! You beat me!
Jordan A. Israel 16 go out hard, when it hurts, play computer games
Jennifer 16 Run fast or run right back home!
Steven Katz 16 Hello Heather Stites...How Are you?
Chris Klein 16  
Tony Krupicka 16 There's a ONLY ONE hill... :-O
Make friends with the mountain goats!!
Jim Lamb 16 It's all downhill once you get to the top.
Dan Lutes 16 Finally! Repetition is good for the soul... and the score!
Elizabeth May 16 The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running
Pat McGregor 16 Don’t look back...something may be gaining on you!
Danny Moore 16 I'm back and I'm victorious!
John Blaine Moore 16 I could've been sleeping
Brian Musick 16 Adversity cause men to break ; others to break records!!!
Brandon Neal 16 Flatlanders Rule!
Nick 16 Course I cheated, whaddaya think?!
Charlie Nuttelman 16 I cheated :(
John Ortega 16 Congrats on your Ascent/Marathon wins! 2 in 2 days! Awesome!
Tim Poole 16 The idea of the pursuing of a dream is even more important than the reaching of the final goal."
Mike Power 16 Pain is but a feeling; feelings pass with time and time passes. So what are you worried about?
Matt Pugh 16 Death may be the ultimate aim of marathoners.
Zeb Pyke 16 3 years now... but I'll be back
Jeff Ramming 16 Flatlanders rule!
Rick 16 Yeah baby!
Shaun 16 html is easy to read
Merwyn Snowbarger 16 Maybe someday I'll HIKE the peak. Run it? Probably not. - Another flatlander
Debra Thomas 16 After running the Peak in the morning, I love to roam among the Springs flatlanders.
Larry Threlfall 16 We will rest when we are dead!
Pete Thrasher 16 Working hard to catch up with the rest of you.
Tim Urbany 16 On to the top...
Verdon Walker 16 It took a few tries, but I made it.
Bob Whiteley 16 Just like the Peak: It's just a matter of time!
Matt Wood 16 CHECK OUT woodyskis.com
Carl Wooten 16 Licensed.....to kill gophers.....by the government of the United Nations.
16th time is a charm 16 I would have played 17 times if I had to!
Hazel Bilbao 15 Took several tries but got in! :-)
Jonathan Cavner 15 That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!!!!
Sydney Chevolchic 15 I rule, you...don't! Any questions?
Daiva Cooper 15 interesting questions
Mike Deaver 15 The score was worth getting carpal tunnel syndrome.
Paul DeWitt 15 If the bone ain’t showing, keep on going.
Phil Durham 15 Wish I could run as well as I played the game.
Tony Eckel 15 Advice to people who like trivia games: Fac ut vivas!!!
Jason & Sandie Hubbard 15 Get tough!!
Matt Lasek 15 The will to suceed is nothing without the will to prepare
Keith Lonnquiest 15  
Scott Millman 15 First Marathon Aug 01.
Otis 15 Zeb is my hero!
Bob Paulson 15 If it doesn’t kill me...it’ll make me stronger. See you in August...
Jeff Plumer 15 Pretty easy
Tim Roden 15 After Game 7, score 14. Never give too many good quotes. Matt will use them.:-)
After Game 6, score 15. If at first you don’t succeed. You always have EPC Search & Rescue.
After game 5, score 13. If at first you don't succeed, visit the hospital. Give yourself some excuse.
After game 3, score 13. What do they call someone who runs the whole race?...The winner.
After game 2, score 12. Second time is the charm, unless you forget to train
After game 1, score 11. He who climbes Mt Fuji once is a wise man. He who does it twice is a fool.
Tam Thompson 15 I didn’t come out here just to PLAY!
David Williams 15 I miss Colorado...
Martin Blomqvist 14 So what is Pikes Peak anyway?
CJ Donnelly 14 I own you dad!
Bruce Dufresne 14 Even a coach can learn something new.
Todd Ford 14 I love it, its a wonderful game!
Scott Hawker 14 I rule you’re still in school
Kevin Leinbach 14  
Christa Lloyd 14 Okay, I guess I’m not completely perfect...
Bob Lynes 14 How did this happen?
Jeff Mccabe 14 I quit, this game.
Michelle 14 Men stink!!!!
Danny Moore 14 Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, the hand of man can achieve.
Nicholas Rehberg 14 Pike’s Peak is for wimps, I ran up Everest last month
Emily Schreiber 14  
Matt Sherman 14 Fun game...
Jason Smitherman 14 Ok, ok.... cheaters never win!!!!!
Connilee Walter 14 Cool game!
Mike Baxter 13 The Trail is beautiful, however the race is tough.
Frank Dayton 13 I live in Kansas and have never seen Pike's Peak.... I'm not worthy!... I'm not worthy!
Kevin Feldotto 13 2 years from now: Ascent/Marathon back to back!
Mike Gormley 13 Not bad for a first attempt...
David Hall 13 I have GAS.
Joel Hedge 13 I hope to be there in August
Kelly Jackson 13 The higher you get, the more you see.
Bryan Kelpe 13 Push the barrier and seek challenges
Kevin Leinbach 13 Do over!
Scott Lutzke 13  
Martha 13  
Bob Mutu 13 Be happy with your accomplishments... but never be satisfied!
Neal Oseland 13 ...
Prefontaine 13 Most people run a race to see who’s the fastest, I run a race to see who has the most guts.
Sarah 13 Know your limits and ignore them!
Scott 13 Train Hard Race Easy!!!
Martin Thrasher 13  
David Wood 13 Better quit while I'm ahead!
Sean Andersen-Vie 12 Its only suicide if you are intending to die
Joe Biernat 12 5 times up, 1 down — can’t wait until ’99
Brenton H. Buxton 12 Only one hill on the course!
Steve Gaulke 12 ...
Keith Grimes 12 Toughen-up Cream-puff!!!
David Hall 12 Where is the KEG?
Joe Hesik 12 I may be lost, but I’m making excellent time.
Jodie Johnson 12 I am a 7 time ascent finisher from Iowa.
Kay 12 Yo Ho Ho
Connie Meigs 12 At the start, "Why am I here?" At the end, "I'll be back!"
Joe Musick 12 See you in August!
OhioJoe 12 Flatlanders rule!!
Phil Schreiber 12 After game 2, score 12. 1st time 9, next time 12-like the mountain, keep coming until I get it right!
After game 1, score 9. The trivia game is like the mountain-keep coming back until I get it right!
Heather Stites 12 Let your lungs burn! The mountain takes its time to tell you what it has to tell you.
Claude Tomasini 12 If you see it, you can achieve it!!
Mark Wallace 12 The peak is a great intro to Ultras!
Dave Wasson 12 Looking forward to my first PPM in two weeks!
David Whitehead 12  
Sandy Canright 11 Walk until it’s easy, run until you can’t. What do you do when you can’t even walk any more?
Cliff Donnelly 11 Do you have to ask Russ & Lisa for the Key to the key-hole?
Harold Hay 11 I should have studied.
Tim Hopton 11 Run till ya can’t
Amy Jacoby 11 I only do it because it is there.
Eric Johnson 11 Anywhere that cars can go, is not a mountain! Go run up Rainier for a thrill!
David Meron 11  
David Porter 11 Set the gearshift for the high gear in your soul, and run like an antelope outta control...
Bill Wright 11 When in doubt, run it out!
Mike Z 11 Flatlanders
:) 10 Go out hard, when it hurts speed up!
John A Andrews 10  
Stu Crisco 10  
Kyle Drake 10 I am an explorer
Mark Ewell 10 I guess I need to brush up.
Jim Fox 10 Let us run with patience the race set before us, looking to Jesus, author and finisher of our faith.
Tim Hopton 10 Go down fast
Jerry W. Lane 10 Such luck.
Jeff Miller 10 ...
Thomas R. Orr 10 Sue the Bast___s!
Matthew Russell 10 "You only live once so make it worthwhile with no regrets!"
Kristyn Sauter 10 You cannot consent to creep if you feel an urge to soar.
Greg Schabron 10 Too easy
Jamie Schartz 10 Better luck next time
Lane Schartz 10 Waiting for the year 2007 to run it
Christine Schoudel 10 When tired, sit down!!!
Travis Sitzlar 10 ...
Tony 10 When I’m right, no one remembers; when I’m wrong, no one forgets.
Sean Tyson 10 Just doing reserch
Dan Vega 10 Pain does not bother me!
Bill Wright 10 Can't keep the number of switchbacks straight!
Larry Whitmer 10 Cowards never start and the weak never finish.
Mary Anne 9 Perserverance!
Brian Berliner 9 Moonlight hikes on Barr - Ask Me How!
Helen Bisbee 9 You are never to old
Derek W. Botti 9 Thoughts arrive like butterflies
Caleb Chatfield 9 Run to live, live to run
CJ Donnelly 9  
Melly Doright 9 Yee-Hah! I made it and you didn't!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
David Friedman 9 O2 is overrated! Play the game while holding your breath!!! :>)
Kent 9 Duh!
Robin Jimenez 9 Love makes the Mountains grow
Chris Lasek 9 The higher the mountain, the greater the challenge
Roger Marcoux 9 Now that I have played the game, I can UNINSTALL MS Internet Explorer, and regain control of my computer!
James Mulnix 9 I guessed
Sade Octavian 9 We are the Knights who say NI!
Rocky the Honey-crazed Puppet 9 Water is good...but Pepto Bismol is better...
Mark Shelburn 9 Mountain goats really did make the bar trail!!!!!
Steveo 9 Hey
Tim 9 Wo Ho
Robin Turner 9 Whew, let me catch my breath!
Anonymous 8 Hey 8 points without a clue! :)
James Doran 8 You should try and run the mountains in Ireland!!!! wet, wet, wet, :-)
Bruce 8 I’m just a coach, What do I know?
Adam Hewitt 8 How did I do this? I guessed on just about every question.
Judy 8 Fun little game!
Kartik 8 Cool
Maureen 8 The middle answer is usually right
Danny Minzer 8 On the first try!
Rachel 8 Cool
Art Remillard 8 Did anyone ever notice that running can really hurt?
Jeremy Teran 8 Where’s the beef?
Matt Thrasher 8 It is better to be at the bottom of the right mountain than half way up the wrong one.
HALİL TÜRKER 8 nice mutlu yıllara
Richard Bird 7 I’d never even think of running up Pikes Peak. Drove there once.
George Bozinovski 7 I liked the game it was pretty exiting and really challenging. It worked very fine exept for the fact I got seven out of 15 but that’s ok for me.
Funky Camel 7 Yo, I love camels... think about it
Scott Cook 7  
DEBUGger 7 Which Bug do you want to get today?
Mark 7 "If the bone ain't showing, keep on going."
Gabrielle 7 Shoe me a sneaker; I’ll shoe you a quiet sole...
Jesse 7 Lucky guesses?
Michelle Jones 7 I BEAT TIM HOPTON
Kelly Knickmeier 7 Great spirits have always been misunderstood.
Ashley Peters 7 Focus on the pain!!
AThe REMIX 7 www.remix.tr.cx ---In The Mix,Keep On Clubbing!
Rudi 7 Check out home.bip.net/parkie if your looking for music!!!
Ghadi Shayban 7 What a smart game.
Todd 7  
Angelica 6 Yea
Dan 6 ...
Byron Lane 6 I'm psyched! Now I want to run it!
Shaun 6 Run with your heart, not your mind
John Walkenbach 6 Go here for more VBscript and HTML layout stuff: http://www.j-walk.com/vbscript/

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