Janet Reno love triangle

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I thought it was genius when you gave away your browser to get more than 80% of the market Mr. Netscape, but how dare Mr. Bill do the same thing! It was one thing when he gave away Notepad, Paint, and File Manager, but now all the reviews say IE4 is better than NS4 so I think we should put a stop to that nonsense!

Kiss Kiss Kiss

And yes Mr. Sun, I know Java is your only chance to remain relevant. Thank gosh Mr. Bill had his pants down when the Internet took off — had he been awake a real language might have gotten all the hype... What?

Kiss Kiss Kiss

Oh, you are right... I mean we must keep it so Java can run on all platforms! But what else is there to run on besides Windows and rotten Apples?

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Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. That is why Mr. Bill has to be stopped, because things are getting so that Windows is the only thing left to write for and... But if there is only Windows, wouldn’t that be the ultimate write once, run anywhere scenario?

Kiss Kiss Kiss

That’s right! We can not allow one company to have 80% of the market. But in order for Java to become write once, run anywhere, wouldn’t you have to gain access to 100% of the market? Didn’t Netscape have 80% of the browser market before Microsoft woke up? Also, didn’t Netscape “bundle/tie” an e-mail program to their browser when they gave it away? If Netscape can do that, why can’t Microsoft make the browser part of the operating system? And how is it that every operating system — Mac, OS2, UNIX and even the Sun Java OS — has a built in browser yet you insist that Microsoft not be allowed to do the same? And...


Oh, I’m sorry don’t hit me... I’ll sue, I’ll sue! No, not you — Bill!

Internet Explorer: Free with Windows
File Manager to the world!

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