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Matt Carpenter sets world marathon altitude record in Tibet

By Don Allison

Matt Carpenter
Matt Carpenter
photo Kevin Molloy

American Matt Carpenter of Manitou Springs, Colorado, has set the first official world marathon altitude record recognized by the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) for events held on certified courses above 4,000 metres. Carpenter won the Fila Everest Sky Marathon on October 7 in a time of 2:52:57. It was held at an altitude of 4,400 metres or 14,435 feet.

Italian ultra journalist Franco Ranciaffi reports that the previous unofficial record was 2:56:08, also set by Carpenter in Tibet — in 1996. Born June 20, 1964, Carpenter trained for the race at his home in Colorado. He has won a series of Sky Marathons since 1993.

Second place in the race went to Stefano Sartori of Italy (born 1965). Sartori is the 1998 Italian 100Km Champion (6:59:22). It was his first Sky Marathon event.
Fila Everest Sky Marathon
Tingri, Tiget - 7 October 1998
altitude: 4400m: first AIMS recognized marathon over 4,000m

1. Carpenter Matt    USA     2:52:57
   (first official world altitude marathon record)
2. Sartori Stefano   ITA     3:26:04
3. Cardona Joan      ESP     3:34:49
4. Rodriguez Martin  MEZ     3:55:11
5. Martino Giovanni  ITA     3:57:39
6. Phinzu Sonam      NEP     4:37:37
7. Colombo Stefano   ITA     4:50:19
8. Nima              NEP     4:51:06
9. Dian Claudio      ITA     4:52:09
16 competitors

Finishers at 27.500 Kilometres

Sona Dawa            NEP     2:01:55
Tundrup Pasan        NEP     2:33:30
Noarbu               NEP     2:33:30

Finishers at km 21.975 Kilometres

Dawa Tzering         NEP     1:55:30
Greco Michele        ITA     2:29:50
Angelucci Carlo      ITA     2:32:07

Finishers at km 19,700 Kilometres

Jones Hugh           UK      1:28:53

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