Incline Mosaic
(Complete the picture using your mouse)


  1. While the 16 images load read the instructions. This is not the game – just the pieces — you get to the game in step 7

  2. Once you start the game, move your mouse around the game board to
    complete the picture.

  3. For each square three things may cause changes to the board:
    A) Entering the square
    B) Clicking the square
    C) Exiting the square

  4. Entering a square, clicking or not clicking it, and exiting that square are
    considered one move — not two or three moves.

  5. Write down your moves!!! For example:
       Move 1 - Row A Column 1 Click
       Move 2 - Row B Column 1 Passover
    Not only will this help you finish the game, but to get on the winner’s board
    you must send me the 8 moves which will work regardless of the initial state of
    the board!

  6. The final picture must stay intact after you remove the mouse from the board.

  7. Play the Game!!!

Winner’s Board

Name Cool Quote
Bryan Aprile What a challenge. If you #$#@ #$@$ #@$@$, it is easier to figure out.
Kevin Ash I left work early to finish this thing...
Balto I found this exhausting.
Jonathan Cavner If running was this hard no one would do it.
Dave Clark Finally my college education has been put to good use!
Niel Francisco That incline looks frickin' scary...
Kim Geiger You can’t explain the feeling of finishing a marathon to someone who hasn’t.
Hairbag Paul Cool puzzle, gimme more!
Charles Rombough Keeno Boss
Perry Scanlon Sh-tloads of fun!
Arthur Townsend If only I can think this clearly at 14,000 feet.
Verdon Walker This one is really easy once you have solved the Pike's Peak Puzzle

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