Guess the Hidden Message

Here is a sample from a song that has a hidden message:

Pink Floyd The Wall - Album Cover

Normal: 443Kb .wav fileWav file - (433Kb)

Sample Details:

  • Artist: Pink Floyd
  • Album: The Wall - Disc 1
  • Song number: 8
  • Song title: Empty Spaces
  • Time frame: 1:15-1:25.5

Steps taken so you can hear the hidden message:

  1. Recorded in stereo, 44KHz, 16 bit
  2. Right channel forced to silence
  3. Sample reversed
  4. Converted to mono, 11KHz, 8 bit (Step not needed but reduces file size by 74%)

Reversed: 115Kb .wav fileWav file - (114Kb)

Can you hear the hidden message? Let me know...

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        Guess: The hidden message

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