World’s Highest Marathon

Just sitting around

Taking a break just before Lobuje
on the way to the Italian Research
Pyramid in Nepal. The stone monument
is in memory of six Sherpas who died
in an avalanche during the 1970 Japanese
skiing expedition on Everest. As if
running at 17,060 feet is not crazy

Two views of the Italian Research Pyramid where we stayed...

Italian Research PyramidItalian Research Pyramid

For an idea of size, those are people with their heads and arms sticking out of the windows in the photo on the left. It is 13 meters square, and 3 stories high. It has solar, wind and hydroelectric power. This gave us hot showers, VCR, Microwave, a fridge etc. etc. The elevation here was 16,410 feet.

Flying at 17,000 feet

Out on a training run — to Everest base camp!!! In the background is Nuptse (25,792 feet) to the left of me (my right) is one of the many stone cairns that mark the way to Everest Base Camp. When the cairns get few and far between one must resort to looking for yak dung or trash from previous expeditions — both, a sure sign of the correct trail.

Me, and two members of the Korean Mt. Everest climbing team...

By the pale blue lignt The run/hike to Everest base camp was one wild affair complete with climbing over and around seracs (little mountains of snow) and trying not to fall into 200 meter deep crevasses! The Koreans gave us tea that I could not get down until I added half a cup of sugar. It was strange to sit at the base of the highest mountain in the would, speaking broken English with Koreans while the sun coming through the tent turned us all blue.

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