78 short stories from the 2005 Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

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Name: John Cassidy

Ascent Goal: 4:15

803 122/186 John P Cassidy 40 Colorado Spgs CO 4:43:14

General Summary: Doing the Double, this was to be the faster of the two Ascents. It was very hard, next day’s was easy in comparison. Just I bad running day for me. Decided to wait and watch my sister finish instead of rushing down. Well, that decision was moot because of the HAIL STORM that hit 10 minutes after my finish. Found my sister at the drop bag check (she finished at 5:22 — a 1/2+ better than planned). She meet a single guy on Ruxton and they did the whole race together. We got back to Manitou Springs at 5:30 and I hot tubbed and drank to prep for the marathon.

Things Done Right: Not much, could not hold onto pace. Set out the same pace as last year. I was in better shape this year so I thought. Ended up 14 minutes slower

Things Done Wrong: Asked for the first wave and got it. I should be, and will always be in the second wave from now on. It’s really depressing to get passed, passed and passed. Then the second wave catches you and the passing continues. I belong in the second wave, of that I’m sure.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I can never balance the start to Barr Camp and Barr Camp to the finish. Even if I spend the night at Barr Camp, I can’t do the top half at 4:15 pace. The altitude must affect me more than others. Training helps (3-2-1) but my genetics deal hurts. Oh well, next year I will sleep at Barr Camp to better deal with what I got. It’s what you gotta do. (I’m not whining).

Any Other Stuff: Great course. The 1.6 miles does thin the herd some. But the first wave was double file all the way to No Name creek. Sunny at Barr Camp does not insure conditions at the top.

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Name: John Cassidy

Marathon Goal: none

366 69/103 John P Cassidy 40 Colorado Spgs CO 4:48:15 2:37:09 7:25:24

General Summary: I like this race better than the Ascent. Fellow racers talk more “Runner,” joke more “I’m gu less and high at the same time” — Say it fast and you’ll get it.
Unlike the Ascent, people tend to group together and form ‘trains’. You can pass these ‘trains’ on the way up until the 16 Golden Stairs — they are going at a walking pace. The 16 Golden Stairs up and down — just deal with the place you joined the ‘train’. Both up and down you will be hugging rocks on the right as both up and down ‘trains’ are moving. On the way down, past the Golden Stairs you will have to YELL and YELL at every switch back to get the slow downhillers to step aside. (that is the only way to pass a ‘train’ going down). Passing one downhiller is hard, passing 25 is impossible. I’m a slow uphiller, but much faster downhiller. Matt’s Calc says 63% of uphill time, I’m so slow up that I can do it in under 50% without the ‘train conductor’ demanding that there is a — no passing rule in affect — below the 16 Golden Stairs.

Things Done Right: Went much slower than yesterday’s Ascent on the Road and on the W’s and felt much better. From No Name creek to the top, I made up time compared to the Ascent. I was passed only (1) time from the Incline Aid station to the top. It’s a much better feeling to be the passer and the passee.

Things Done Wrong: Acted like a bear in the woods in the flats by Bobs Road. Wrong part — Even though I visited the outhouse 20 minute before the start, at the 1 minute to go warning I felt the issue again. So what if the herd starts without me, 2 minutes late would not have set me that far back.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Still, the top half is always slower than the bottom half for me. I’m not going to walk Manitou Avenue to balance it out Matt.

Any Other Stuff: The finish at the Marathon is way better than the Ascent’s finish. That mile of road allows you to speed and it feels good. It also seems like it will never end, but at least you are moving fast. Plus, the crowd is awesome. And to the guy with the Chariots of Fire song at the spur, standing alone. Just you, him, and the music (every year) THANKS.

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Name: Mark Huey

Ascent Goal: 3:30 - 3:45

58 13/177 Mark C Huey 31 Boulder CO 3:08:20

General Summary: First time running the Ascent — great race. Materials on this website were a huge help in preparation.

Things Done Right: Preparation: I’m not sure how much training at altitude helped physiologically, but it definitely was a boost psychologically — with a half dozen long runs above 10k feet, I wasn’t surprised by the thin air. Same goes for running the top half of the course a few times (and the bottom half once) during July — I knew when a big climb was around the corner. Weekly yoga was a big help in preventing injuries and increasing strength, I believe. Reading a variety of the narratives of past ascent runners (and the guidebook) helped enormously in giving me a sense for what to expect. Also, the race organizers put me in the first wave even though I didn’t have a past time (from the Ascent or another half marathon or marathon) to qualify me — I suppose because I asked nicely on the registration form.

Raceday: I used a lot of gu (maybe more than I needed — 5 or 6 packets) and carried a water bottle on a belt for extra hydration between walking the aid stations (and still got to the top having lost 5+ pounds in water weight). I also downed a bunch of sodium/potassium tablets, without which cramping would have been a problem. This could be just me, but I suspect others were having issues due to lack of salts.

Things Done Wrong: Preparation: Not enough weekly mileage to race hard. Long runs didn’t break 10 miles until June, weekly mileage never went over 35 (albeit with lots of hill climbing). Also, I did most of my training by myself, which made the hard workouts unnecessarily taxing.

Raceday: I must be the only person who listened too closely to the go-out-slow warnings. This led me to lose a few minutes in traffic in the W’s (not a big deal, really), but also meant that I had difficulty finding someone to pace off of for pretty much the whole race. The mental boost from passing people was offset by the lack of other runners to push my pace. I got to the top with far too much left, mentally and physically.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I confused myself by recording some splits at both the official race mileage markers and the pace calculator markers (which overlap sometimes, but not always), so I can’t say if it was very or just mostly accurate for me. I will say that for people who haven’t run the course many times the granularity is probably much finer than needed — and maybe as likely to lead to mistakes (catching up to an unrealistic target, slowing down to match a plan that’s too conservative) as to better performances. Next year I’ll write down splits profiles for three scenarios (target, target + 10 minutes, target — 10 minutes), but only for Barr Camp and A-frame. More than that would just be a distraction, at least for me.

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: John Goodloe

Marathon Goal: 5:00 to 5:15

33 4/103 John P Goodloe 44 Colorado Spgs CO 3:04:57 1:51:26 4:56:23

General Summary: My first PPM, and I had a great time. The weather was perfect, a little sloppy at the top with melting hail/snow and a little warm at the end. I was really nervous about coming down, but I never hurt as bad as during a road marathon. My favorite was coming down below Barr Camp on a wide soft trail through the trees all by myself.

Things Done Right: Stayed mentally in the race the whole way. Things got really hard and I lost some time above A-Frame going up, but I didn’t lose too much. I stayed with some veterans (thanks, Paul Sullivan, Tim Allison, and Andy Kovats) that got me up to A-Frame on pace. Coming down I just ran as fast as possible thinking I would just go hard until I ran out of gas, but it never really happened. I think a good taper helped too. I need to thank Matt for the training guide and my wife, Marilyn for training me day to day. She’s awesome, and ran her 9th PPM this year.

Things Done Wrong: I nearly blew the race two weeks before coming down below A-Frame where I fell and hit my head. It could have been much worse, and I learned to be more careful. I don’t know how to do better up on top, but I did lose around 5 to 8 minutes in the last 3 miles going up.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Pretty close — it was how I knew I was losing time on top. I only took two splits going down, and they were right on.

Any Other Stuff: Be very careful going down from A-Frame to Barr Camp. Never look up! I was right on the border of needing to carry water. I took one bottle going up and left it at the top. If it had been warmer I would have definitely needed something between aid stations.

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Name: Dale Schauer

Marathon Goal: 6hr 30min (really, just to finish)

355 43/106 Dale W Schauer 50 Colorado Spgs CO 4:34:35 2:46:22 7:20:57

General Summary: I did finish my first Pikes Peak Marathon at age 50! To that end I am proud of the training that made that possible. Thank you Matt and all the ICERS that were such a great encouragement.

Things Done Right: Avoided injury and dehydration.

Things Done Wrong: For me, I may have gone out too fast.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: The rivers at the top were something I could not have trained for. Also, the waiting for the downhillers to pass probably cost an additional 30-40 minutes. But, I certainly have nothing to complain about.

Jim Cannon survived PPM. Did great until the A-Frame when it felt like someone put a yoke around my neck. The downhill went very well, though.

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Name: Al Garcia

Ascent Goal: 3:15 — 3:20

398 61/195 Al C Garcia 46 Colorado Spgs CO 3:56:47

General Summary: Had a decent race until above A Frame. I have never cramped up and I did there. Slowed me down and mad me wonder if I was going to finish. Did better than last year. I knew the course much better than last year.

Things Done Right: Worked on the lower part of the course more. Had done so many trips to Barr Camp that I felt comfortable with getting there. Ran a better tactical race. I wasn’t fighting the crowds as much. The lower part of the race went just like I thought it would. Was able to run my race. Worked on my downhill during the workouts which had been a challenge before. Worked out with weights twice a week and took Pilates for about 6 months prior. I had the strength for climbing and the ab strength to match. Became very fast and could kick when I needed to.

Things Done Wrong: Didn’t warm up enough. Didn’t stretch enough. My hams and calves were tight. I didn’t spend enough time at altitude. I ended up having to train in So California for 3 1/2 week in July which kinda hurt me above timberline. I never did a 3-2-1 this year so I wasn’t sure how fast I could run the last 3 miles. I didn’t feel so good at 3 miles out. I fell way off pace. It wasn’t until I hit the “Stairs” that I could turn it on again. The last 1/4 mile or so I was finally able to go

Comments on Calculator if Used: Was a good indicator of where I was. I knew what I had to do at any given point in order to meet my goal. Didn’t make my goal but still had a PR!

Any Other Stuff: Found that the 1 minute on/one off workout really gave me a comfort level on the beginning of the race. I felt I could do this in my sleep. Definitely learned how to run downhill better this year.

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Name: Al Garcia

Marathon Goal: Under 7 hours

417 66/108 Al C Garcia 46 Colorado Spgs CO 4:36:03 3:08:08 7:44:11

General Summary: Had never done a marathon but really wanted to Double. Really didn’t know what to expect during the race. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. At the top with all the snow, people were sliding and falling during their descent. What was interesting was to see fellow racers helping each other up and down. I nearly fell a number of times and each time someone would put out their hand and catch or help me. Very Cool.

Things Done Right: Went out very conservatively. I wasn’t going to die above treeline as I had during the Ascent. My Ascent time was 4:35 and was an absolute piece of cake. Turned around and felt great. After getting out of the snow, I could take off because I knew the trail pretty well. Had made sure I was hydrated and made sure I put something on at the aid stations. After having a bit of a stroll for a while (see below) I decided that I would either break my ankle or have another bathroom incident, but I was going to finish this race. Besides, I had a jacket waiting for me at the finish. My last part of the race was under 8 minute mile with Ruxton going at 6:34 at one point, I was flying-and it felt good.

Things Done Wrong: Found that the gel packs upset my stomach. Had some intestinal problems and had to stop a couple of times. I had stomach cramps and had to walk for a while. It hurt quite a bit to jostle around. Additionally, I sprained my ankle at Bob’s Road and hobbled around for awhile. I knew from watching other Incliners not to stop-keep moving/running. Walked to about No Name and start to run a bit. I wasn’t wanting to go on but knew there was only one way down. I will definitely change what I take in during a long race next time.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I had my times taped to the inside of my number. Didn’t rely on the times as much. The second day, I was really just trying to finish.

Any Other Stuff: The marathon was a neat race. I’d double again in a heartbeat. What was fun was all the people along the course who would cheer you on. I knew that I wasn’t going to make my time, but I fought the demons that day and FINSIHED. And was able to kick it in at the end. I had been in the area of the gentleman who went down and died. I wished I could of helped out there, but I realize he was in capable hands. There is a distinct advantage to calling the peak our home and I appreciate Matt’ willingness to give us his wisdom in regards to the race. I can’t wait ‘til next year!

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Name: Steve Mischel

Ascent Goal: 3:30:00

91 20/177 Steve P Mischel 33 Colorado Spgs CO 3:16:00

General Summary: Race overall rates among the best that I have run even though it was not a PR for me. I did almost everything right. I paced myself, remained properly hydrated, had plenty of fuel (prior to and during the event). Best of all I finished strong without losing major time above tree-line.

Things Done Right: Trained in high and extremely high altitude throughout July and August. I developed knee trouble in April that kept me off my feet until mid-June, fortunately, the prognosis was not a stress fracture in my ankle that an MRI indicated, happily a CT scan proved that theory wrong. Just needed a little rest I suppose... from my over training! (see things done wrong)
Anyway, I stayed consistent with my training after getting back on the trails. Speed training on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a Sunday long-run. During the race I maintained a pace that was comfortable for me early on as I have experienced the mistake of pushing too hard too early, only to lose it after Barr Camp. I read the Training Guide by Matt Carpenter and Jim Friem which has many tips and strategies for approaching this race that helped me tremendously. The one thing I kept reminding myself is that the race begins above tree-line and it is so true! I passed many above tree-line that passed me below it!!

Things Done Wrong: My main problem this year was lack of training due to a poor/no training schedule early this year. I started in March trying to “catch-up” on lost time from not having any base level of fitness. I began long-runs and speed training at the same time, I do not recommend this to anyone. I have been very lucky to be running injury free since 2000 when I started this sport and so my over-confidence came back to bite me. I did not have the strength to go out fast nor the endurance to go out long. I was constantly tired and unmotivated so the pain in my knee was a sign that I had over trained based on my fitness level and conditioning.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: The volunteers and event organizers were great, as always!

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Name: Fred R Wright

Ascent Goal: 3:44

475 2/7 Fred R Wright 70 Manitou Springs CO 4:02:50

General Summary: For me weather was not a problem, the bad stuff started well after I was finished, conditions therefore were pretty well ideal for me. My problem was tiredness, mostly mentally. From the start I felt “out of it,” This improved between NN and the BP sign, but from then on I felt dead. So I badly missed my goal for the year, and to rub salt in the wound, I was beaten in my age group by 80 seconds — by someone I beat by 9 minutes last year. Good for him!

Things Done Right: Good training until the last two months, when outside things took priority. Good attitude in effort to counteract non running activities. Good weight control.

Things Done Wrong: Much too little rest time, and even worse sleep time!

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: The course was great, for the most part. A couple of the water stations were lacking training, I thought, and were unable to cope with the mass of runners around my speed.
The location of the jacket station on the Peak was not well thought out, resulting in a huge line of people in front of the clothing pick-up section. By this time the weather had turned bad and the summit was a mess, and folks running 4:30 or slower were having a tough time getting into warm clothes.

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Name: Michael Hagen

Ascent Goal: 2:33

8 1/186 Michael J Hagen 43 Colorado Spgs CO 2:34:34

General Summary: Had a good race, although I fell short of my goal. Stayed slightly ahead of calculator splits to Barr, then fell behind. Struggled with the Barr Camp to A-frame section for 3rd year in a row. 102 degree fever Tuesday night might have set me back. I’ll use that as my excuse for falling short of my goal!

Things Done Right: Pacing.

Things Done Wrong: Not enough time spent training on the top of the mountain again, due to other races, etc.

Compulsive Triathlon-geekness prevents me from properly training for but 1 or 2 events a year.

Comments on Calculator if Used: For 3rd year in a row, (3 of 3 Ascents) I was slight ahead of calculated pace until Barr Camp, then fell back.

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Rebekka Hannula

Ascent Goal: to finish

161 45/136 Rebekka Hannula 42 Colorado Spgs CO 4:17:00

General Summary: I had surgery a month before the race so I missed some training. All in all the race went about as I expected.

Things Done Right: This was my first try at the Ascent. I had a good pace. Most of all I really enjoyed myself. I’m glad I brought along my gloves!!!!!

Things Done Wrong: Used a new sports drink. I don’t think it worked because I started getting calf and hamstring cramps at A- Frame.(never try anything new on race day :-)

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Shawn Erchinger

Ascent Goal: 3 hrs. 30 minutes

119 28/206 Shawn T Erchinger 37 Colorado Spgs CO 3:21:44

General Summary: I did well until I cramped up bad with 2.5 — 3 miles to go. I walked the top 2.5 miles and was going so slow about 30 people or so cruised past me.

Things Done Right: I read Matt’s guide on how to train for the Ascent and Marathon. Thus I went out extremely conservative because of two quotes in the guide stating something like... smart runners know the race doesn’t begin until Barr Camp, really smart runners know the race doesn’t begin until the A-Frame.

Things Done Wrong: I could have used at least one more Carb Gel at A-Frame and perhaps two more to get me through the last 2-3 miles.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: I’m looking forward to next year and spending more time on my feet. Especially after reading the 3 trimesters in the training guide. Spending more time above 12,000 feet should allow me to run my goal of sub 3 hours next year.

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Name: Tom Kelley

Marathon Goal: To finish and not feel like hell

Results: I felt great
576 99/108 Thomas P Kelley 47 Atlanta GA 5:28:53 3:40:44 9:09:37

General Summary: I ran the race for the first time last year and thought it was the most difficult thing I have ever attempted. This year I knew what I was getting into and enjoyed the race a lot more. And did it more than half an hour quicker

Things Done Right: I kept a better pace throughout the race and concentrated better than last year. The weather and conditions were worse, but my approach was better.

Things Done Wrong: I probably pushed too much early and didn’t go hard enough toward the end.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I was glad to know I was on pace to reach the peak in plenty of time to beat the cutoff.

Any Other Stuff: I wish I lived somewhere where I could train better for the altitude and steepness of the race (I live in Atlanta). Friends here think I’m nuts for doing this race. I think the feeling of reaching the summit and crossing the finish line are the best thing I’ve ever done.

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Name: Darrell Weaver

Ascent Goal: Anywhere between 3:20 and 3:40

225 7/91 Darrell C Weaver 59 Colorado Spgs CO 3:37:58

General Summary: Not much to say that would add to what everyone knows. The race organizers deserve credit for handling things the best they could under very difficult circumstances.

Things Done Right: Paced myself better than the last two years — tried to adhere to the calculator. I think this kept me from bonking too early, although bonk I did a little before two-to-go.

Things Done Wrong: Didn’t train enough — weak in the legs. Dammit! Next year I’m REALLY going to train seriously (I hope).

Comments on Calculator if Used: I think it probably is pretty accurate; at any rate I cannot blame my failure to keep on schedule on the calculator.

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Deborah L Meyer

Ascent Goal: 3:15

14 6/102 Deborah L Meyer 38 Colorado Spgs CO 3:21:15

General Summary: Overall, it went well. I went out pretty hard for me because my best training ascent time was 3:41, so I knew I would have to push it. When I hit Barr Camp my legs were so tired I thought I had blown the race. But the crowds cleared out a bit after BC and I was able to get into my own rhythm and caught a second wind. I was toast the last mile though and thankfully there were no women on my tail because I had nothing left to fight anyone off.

Things Done Right:
-I started eating more carefully about three weeks before the race after eating out at fatty/salty restaurants two days in a row, which left me feeling LOUSY!!
-I ran three training runs bottom to top, which helped me know the trail well, what I needed for energy gels and got in some time at high altitude, etc..
-Riding the Cog down after training runs was great fun. I highly recommend it. People are out here in beautiful Colorado on their vacations and are in quite the festive mood! :-)

Things Done Wrong:
-I started training in April and found that over so many months it was easy to loose my focus and would catch myself slacking a bit in training.
-I think it would have helped me to enter a race or two during the summer to break up the long training season with some shorter range goals and break up the normal training routine.
-I think it would have helped to do some more leg weights.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I wrote the splits for a 3:15 ascent on my hand and was running a couple minutes fast all the way up to Barr Camp. This was a little alarming, thinking I was going out too hard, but from there fell back to finish at 3:21, which I was happy with. I like using the calculator because it helps me gauge where I’m at on the trail to know if I need to push harder or back off a bit.

Any Other Stuff: I was sure thankful to beat the hail/snow/lightening storm that broke out on our way down the mountain in the shuttle van and am sorry for all the folks that got stuck in the storm and on top for so long! -I guess it makes for good running stories!

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Name: Nicole Rosa

Ascent Goal: Under 4 hours

39 3/106 Nicole E Rosa 45 Colorado Spgs CO 3:38:36

General Summary: I felt great the whole time and had an amazing race. I took it very easy during the first 4 miles and didn’t let the bottlenecks upset me. Instead I silently thanked the other runners for slowing me down and saving my energy.

Things Done Right: Accidentally lost 8 pounds during the months preceding the race, due to stress in my life, but I think it helped to have less weight to drag up the mountain! My training was also not what it should have been, so I was very surprised at my time, which just goes to show that I probably tend to over-train.

Things Done Wrong: Hung around on top too long and almost didn’t make it out of there on time before the hail hit.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Did anybody else think that there was less food than usual on the course? The grapes and pretzels were nice, but they didn’t even have any Peak Bars this year! Please send the PPA/M folks your comments if you agree or have any other concerns. I feel that it’s an expensive race and that should be adequate fuel on the course.

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Name: Beverly Weaver

Ascent Goal: 5:45

Results: DNF

General Summary: Was on schedule when I turned around and ran back down from the ‘4 miles to go’ mark due to lightning at the top. Lots of rain, sleet, and lightning all the way back down, but I was prepared for it and had no problems. I am hoping for better weather next year.

Things Done Right: Trained with Incline Club; lots of high altitude

Things Done Wrong: Need more miles per week to increase endurance.
Need the gods to like me enough to provide decent weather.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Timothy Edwards

Double Goal: 4:30:00 day 1; 4:30:57 day 2 ascent, 6:59:59 Mar

450 68/195 Timothy M Edwards 48 Florissant CO 4:00:58
244 40/108 Timothy M Edwards 48 Florissant CO 4:08:11 2:29:01 6:37:12

General Summary: Didn’t get proper training this year due to grueling 12hr nightshift & intense job conditions.
My 8th consecutive Ascent, 7th consecutive Double — just wanted to enjoy the races and finish without injury.

Things Done Right: Got six High Altitude runs in, did well above treeline. Stayed well hydrated and well fed in both races.

Things Done Wrong: Lack of proper training for the difficulty of running BOTH the races on Pikes Peak is INSANITY.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Did not use calculator this year, didn’t expect to keep my running to a consistent pace. Have found calc to work well in prior years.

Any Other Stuff: Ascent day 1: just made it past finish line when the hail storm hit-luckily had jumped into a van and made it off mtn in the nick of time.
Ascent day 1: storm came earlier, sloppy conditions from prior storm made traffic difficult up high. Flight for Life helicopter came twice making history in the 50th PPMarathon; cool temps & light rain while running down was great for a comfortable stride. Was really happy with my times- faster than I should’ve been. Can’t wait for next year- I’ll be 49

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Name: Andrea Cichosz

Ascent Goal: 4:15

199 51/136 Andrea Cichosz 42 Colorado Spgs CO 4:24:49

General Summary: My goal was really set at the beginning of the season. And what I didn’t known then was that I would start working in April, or that I would sprain my ankle in July, or that I would come down with Strep two weeks prior to the race in August. Nor did I know that I would have to fly to Germany on the drop of a dime in May to burry my Dad after a sudden massive heart attack. So all things considered and after overcoming all obstacles I am at satisfied with my result. This would have to be the “I did it anyway” race.

Things Done Right: I kept training thru all obstacles and at the end of July I just went with the flow and decided “whatever” That really helped me during the Ascent. I made it to Hydro Street in my estimated time. I made it to Barr in my best time ever. And once I reached A-frame it was the let’s-just-finish attitude.

Things Done Wrong: I didn’t dress for the cold weather in the last mile and started cramping in the 16 Golden Steps.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: I would like to extend a heartfelt compliment to the 600 or so runners that were stuck on the summit. When we were sardining it in the summit house, hail pounding down, winds whipping and lighting about 50 feet away from the summit house, nobody was complaining, getting restless or grumpy. People were sharing resources, food, clothing etc. and just being nice to each other.
And special praise to Larry Miller and his crew, that during all this were sticking it out at the finish line, welcoming runners and handing out medals. Thank you guys, you are awesome.

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Name: Sherry Alvares

Ascent Goal: To get the jacket

416 97/136 Sherry R Alvares 42 Colorado Spgs CO 5:11:21

General Summary: The morning was beautiful and I was second guessing my decision to bring my Gortex jacket with me. I got to Barr in about 2:25 and still felt pretty strong but the weather was definitely taking a turn. Starting in the 2nd wave really has it’s disadvantages! The hail started before the 2 mile to go sign and the lightening was extremely scary. The other racers and I commiserated and encouraged each other toward the finish line. I was soooo happy to see my husband Al at the 16 golden stairs with my hat. His presence gave me the strength to finish the race.

Things Done Right: Although my training this year has been minimal in comparison to previous years, I was able to draw on the base I have built. I ate, drank and slept a lot in preparation for the race. I drank plenty of Gatorade and water during the race and ate a handful of grapes at every aid station.

Things Done Wrong: I broke my foot in late June. BUMMER! Had surgery in July but had a wonderful doctor and was able to finish the Ascent.

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator was very helpful this year. I targeted and maintained a 5 hour pace on the bottom and did my best to stay with it on the top.

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: John Gardner

Double Goal: 3:30(A) 6:30(M)

218 30/195 John N Gardner 46 Colorado Spgs CO 3:37:25
259 45/108 John N Gardner 46 Colorado Spgs CO 4:09:10 2:34:33 6:43:43

General Summary: Goal was to break 3:30 on Ascent day, and survive and complete the marathon.

Things Done Right: Paced myself both days, stayed hydrated on marathon day. No falls on the trip down.

Things Done Wrong: cramped up at the last mile during the ascent, possibly dehydrated. too many pit stops on the return leg marathon day.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: made it up before the storm(A) Very slick on the stairs(M)

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Name: Karen Smidt

Double Goal: Ascent--Finish / Marathon--sub 6:00

50 13/102 Karen J Smidt 38 Brighton CO 3:43:23
15 6/38 Karen J Smidt 38 Brighton CO 3:38:38 1:52:11 5:30:49

General Summary: I had a wonderful weekend for my first Double. I just went out and enjoyed myself and didn’t push the pace. It was an awesome feeling to finish the Ascent with a smile on my face and TONS of extra energy--this is in addition to beating my best ascent time by 7 minutes! I didn’t know what to expect for the marathon except perhaps a slower ascent time, so imagine my surprise when I got to the top again with a HUGE smile, TONS of energy and another PR! I beat my time from the day before by 4:45. To top it off, I PRd by over 23 minutes in the marathon. I’m still trying to figure out where all that energy came from. I didn’t know until I got home that I had run the 2nd fastest all-time double for females (I was the fastest this year). What’s so bizarre is the fact that I felt better after these two back-to-back races than I have ever felt after either single event. I even ran a race the following weekend!

Things Done Right: I relaxed below Barr Camp and ate GU every 45 minutes. I didn’t get anxious when I had to walk a lot of the Ws because of traffic on both days. I got off of the mountain as soon as I had collected my jacket (I was on one of the last vans that was able to get down before the nasty weather hit). I used the pace calculator and kept my goal quite conservative because I didn’t know what to expect. And finally, I took my 8 year old daughter’s advice and bought a raffle ticket for the Scooter--AND WON IT!!!

Things Done Wrong: Perhaps I had more than I realized and I should have tried to go faster... nah!

Comments on Calculator if Used: Taking a conservative approach and choosing a time I knew I could power-hike if I had to, really allowed me to run (as opposed to walking) most of the trail above A Frame. I’ve used the calculator before and felt anxious when I would get caught in heavy traffic or when I was running a bit behind. My times below Barr Camp were the slowest I’ve ever run, but my time from Barr Camp to the top and my overall time were the fastest I’ve ever run. The calculator is great but not if you’re a slave to it.

Any Other Stuff: I will always run the Double--it’s awesome!

Rock line

Name: Greg Bourns

Ascent Goal: Complete Double

1063 10/17 Greg L Bourns 65 Waldron AR 5:24:06

General Summary: Under the circumstances was pleased with my results. It was 5:30 PM before I arrived back at Manitou Springs because of weather conditions on the Peak. The 4 hours I spent on top did not help my marathon time the next day.

Things Done Right: Was very conservative at the bottom and because I planned to run the Marathon the next day. This worked well for me.

Things Done Wrong: Probably should have started walking down the road and caught a ride after completing the ascent.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Greg Bourns

Marathon Goal: Complete Double

597 15/16 Greg L Bourns 65 Waldron AR 5:45:20 3:40:13 9:25:33

General Summary: Footing poor last mile before the top and the first mile down. I thought race officials did a great job considering the weather both on the Ascent and the Marathon.

Things Done Right: Was conservative again at start( and needed to be) and was well dressed for conditions. Shorts, wicking short sleeve tee, gloves and a nylon shell jacket tied around my waist

Things Done Wrong: Should have consumed some Gu etc, as I was running on fumes last eight or nine miles.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Joe Edgecombe

Ascent Goal: 5:00

1161 88/91 Joseph C Edgecombe 56 Lynn Haven FL 5:52:45

General Summary: Pike’s Peak Ascent

On August 20, 2005, at 8:00 a.m., approximately 2400 runners attacked Pike’s Peak Barr Trail for the Half Marathon Ascent. The race is located in the scenic town of Manitou Springs, Colorado and starts at 6,700 feet above sea level and finishes at 14,110 feet above sea level! The weather at the start of the race was cool and sunny by Florida standards with little or no humidity. Weather forecasters were predicting that a cold front with high winds and snow would reach the top of the mountain around 10:30 a.m.

The race consisted of two waves with the first starting at 7:00 a.m. and the second at 7:30 a.m. I was slated to be in the 1st wave while my friends were placed in the 2nd wave. Registration central would not change my wave so I decided to run with my friends regardless of the 30 minute delay. The next question was, what did we want to carry “clothing wise” in preparation for the inclement weather. We decided to carry a long sleeved wind shirt, Gatorade, energy gels and plenty of enthusiasm.

The race started on time and followed the main road through this quaint little town. After about miles, the course entered the Barr Trail. This is very narrow for the number of runners allowed in the Ascent. If a group starts walking, there isn’t much of a choice but to walk. The consistency of the trail varied at the lower altitudes of gravel, dirt, pinecones and “scree.” The upper trail was made up of rock and boulders.

Once on the Barr Trail, we had to cross a mountain to get to the mountain! We walked the steep inclines and ran/jogged the level and downhill sections. Numerous names were given to the trail. The “W’s” (lower level switchbacks, Barr Trail Head, A-Frame, Golden stairs, the Cirque (high level switchbacks) and the peak. The Barr Trail Head and the A-Frame both had cutoff times that had to be met or you would be turned around. Bad news: You had to run/walk the 10 miles back to the start!

Marty, Marty’s sister Karen, Marty’s nephew and niece, Michael & Kate, and I all ran together until I got worried about the 30 minute time addition to my race time for running in wave 2. I feared I might not make the cutoff so I decided to run on. I was able to see our group on the lower switchbacks, thanks to the bright green Navarre wind shirts they were wearing. Having carried my digital camera, I took about 50 photos to document this running “reality” event.

After clearing the tree line at about 12,000 feet, the top of the mountain disappeared in a dark cloud cover. Lightning and thunder was to follow! We still had 3 or so miles to run straight up. Shortly after this, I felt a cold breeze. Not a good sign! It started hailing “pea size” hail and this was to continue throughout the remainder of the run. The final numbers in, it hailed and snowed about 6 inches! Running in boulders, narrow trails, high altitude, high wind with no where to duck out of the weather, was not what any of us dreamed about. I fortunately bought a “throw down” disposable rain poncho at Walmart for 87 cents. Great investment! It buffered the stinging hail pellets.

Marty, Michael, Karen and Kate had body welts and redness from being pummeled with the pea size hail. The hail and snow made climbing over the “golden stairs” a real challenge. All of the pounding feet packed the snow and pellets into hard ice. We all persevered! Other runners were boosting each other up and over the rocks. They were great.

I started getting a little lightheaded at the 12-13,000 ft. elevation. Lips were blue, not from coldness but rather lack of oxygen. We were told that there was 48% less oxygen at the top than at the bottom! Fingers resembled blue bananas. My feet did much better than my hands.

By this time, the summit could be seen through the hail and snow. Push on. push on or I think I can. I think I can. took over. I will make it! We all will make it! I managed to beat the cutoff times and had a bird’s eye view of our group running the switchbacks below.

The race was over! We all received our medals for the 50th running of the Pike’s Peak Half Marathon Ascent. They also gave all the finishers a polar fleece jacket. These were put on immediately!

Michael had to go to the medical tent for fluids, and TLC. We then had to stand in the blizzard for about 2 hours waiting to get off the mountain. Snow plows led the transportation vans up and down the mountain but we had met and beat the challenges of the Pike’s Peak Ascent.

Actual times posted: Joe: 5:22:45 (officially noted as 5:52:45. 30 minutes added for wave 1 start time), Michael & Kate: 5:38:22, Marty and Karen: 5:38:34.

Michael is now dreaming of next year and possibly doing the double! Ascent and Marathon! I think his oxygen level is still a little low. Only time will tell!

Things Done Right: Carrying a $0.87 “throw-down” rain poncho from Walmart. It paid off big time!

Things Done Wrong: Not having more cold weather clothes at the finish line!

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Great volunteer support!

Rock line

Name: Tom McKernan

Marathon Goal: Finish in 9 hours

603 103/108 Thomas J McKernan 48 Colorado Spgs CO 6:18:48 3:13:51 9:32:39

General Summary: My first PP Marathon after 5 Ascents. Tried to shoot for a 5:30 up and 3:30 down. Ended up doing a 6:17 up and 3:15 down.

Things Done Right: Brought the right gear for the weather; extra pair of socks for the downhill run. Used a Camelbak between aid stations. Walked downhill when it was the safe thing to do. No injuries and NO blisters, a first for me!
Joining the Incline Club!

Things Done Wrong: Between Barr Camp and A-Frame continues to be my toughest challenge. I can make Barr Camp on a 5:30 pace and then something happens...no juice.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Guess I either have to be in a LOT better shape or do a LOT of high altitude training if I’m to stay on pace above Barr Camp. That’s my goal for 2006.

Any Other Stuff: Dry socks were a definite plus after the very wet 16 Golden Stairs. I believe I know what if feels like when the leader finishes ahead of the pack--If you’re first or near last, there aren’t many runners near you so you know the crowd is cheering for you alone! And in that vein, I sure appreciated all those aid stations staying open late on Sundays!

Rock line

Name: Kate Raphael

Ascent Goal: 4:00 or at least personal best

Results: (personal best)
129 17/106 Kate B Raphael 48 Colorado Spgs CO 4:07:32

General Summary: Overall good race with steady effort and more consistent running. Started getting leg cramps just past Barr Camp. Very bad, but, got some great advice from another runner and was able to keep them under control. Could have cut at least another couple of minutes off if I had made a stronger attempt to pass the last mile.

Things Done Right: Trained on top. Consistent effort. Frequent GUing.

Things Done Wrong: Did not get enough early season training. Loafed behind other racers instead of making effort to pass last mile.
Felt to good at end of race. Next time will eat a banana for breakfast.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Diane Repasky

Ascent Goal: Under 4 hours

105 30/136 Diane L Repasky 40 Colorado Spgs CO 4:01:06

General Summary: Trail Race up Pikes Peak ,finish at the summit.

Things Done Right: Trained consistent all season. Well hydrated, well fueled. Carried the right amount of water and gels

Things Done Wrong: Should have put more training time in on the mountain

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Not much can be done about Mother Nature but it was discouraging being stuck at the summit knowing I needed to get down and start resting up for the marathon the next day. First time doubling and the nerves were already doing a good job on me. At least we were warm and safe inside of a vehicle and not still out on the trail.

Rock line

Name: Diane Repasky

Marathon Goal: 6:15

57 13/55 Diane L Repasky 40 Colorado Spgs CO 4:09:40 2:21:21 6:31:01

General Summary: Trail race to the summit of Pikes Peak, turn around point and finish at the bottom of Ruxton in Manitou Springs

Things Done Right: Trained consistently all season. Well hydrated, well fueled. Carried enough water and gels. Pacing was good.

Things Done Wrong: Should have gotten up on the mountain more

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Weather better the second day but the top was a mess. Slush and standing ice cold water up to your ankles in many spots. Rocks were slick and the footing was poor. Passing other runners from the opposite direction was difficult. Very tense and cautious on the upper mile or two.

Rock line

Name: David Hendrix

Double Goal: Under 4 hours and under 6:45

197 31/186 David J Hendrix 41 Colorado Spgs CO 3:34:05
213 37/103 David J Hendrix 41 Colorado Spgs CO 3:53:22 2:31:41 6:25:03

General Summary: About 40 miles of running in two days.

Things Done Right: Getting a lot of altitude training in the months before the race.

Things Done Wrong: Going out too fast in the Ascent and not saving more for the Marathon.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: I think I will wait a while before trying a double again.

Rock line

Name: Linda Aiman

Ascent Goal: To finish and deserve a medal.

571 25/33 Linda G Aiman 58 Black Forest CO 5:52:35

General Summary: It was my first race, and I was pleased and surprised that I finished under six hours (especially after having been hailed on for the last two miles).

Things Done Right: I listened to my friends who advised me to keep walking as quickly and steadily as possible. It obviously worked!

Things Done Wrong: I didn’t bring any rain or hail gear because I didn’t want to carry it. Next year I should.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I used it to be sure I wouldn’t miss the cut-offs at Barr Camp and A-frame. Thank you.

Any Other Stuff: I was appreciative of the aid stations and all the volunteers who helped and cheered us on.

Rock line

Name: Dan Turk

Marathon Goal: 5:20 +- 10 (actually anything 5:38 or better would be a PR )

73 14/103 Dan Turk 44 Fort Collins CO 3:23:49 2:00:26 5:24:15

General Summary: This was the best of 6 consecutive Pikes Peak Marathon races that I’ve run. And it was unexpected as well, since during the month before the race I had two “horrible” (very tired and slow) 20-26 mile training runs, one running the whole PPM course, and one “running” Snowmass Mountain and because for the month of June I basically didn’t run at all after having pulled my lower back muscles the day after returning from climbing Mt Rainier. In spite of my less than ideal summer running, the day was the best I’ve ever had on Pikes: I felt very good all the way up (only the final two miles slowed me down when I felt my legs were getting close to cramping and I was feeling a little light-headed); I felt alive and great on top, and the descent was fast — even fun :) — and mostly uneventful. Afterwards my legs felt the best I’ve ever felt after Pikes.

Total time: 5:24:15 (previous best 5:37:56 in 2002)
Ascent: 3:23:49
Time on top: 6:52
Descent (including time on top): 2:00:26
Descent (without including time on top): 1:52:30

I got up at 5:00am and immediately had 3 English muffin slices with peanut butter and applesauce. Between 5:00 and 6:00 I drank 1.0L of Gatorade.

During the race:
I had decided to not carry any liquid and to drink at all the aid stations. This worked well, with me drinking 1-2 cups of Gatorade at every aid station that had Gatorade. I carried 12 Clif shot “gu” packets, and ate 6 going up and 2 coming down. At the top I had 0.25 L of chocolate soy — the miracle drink that goes down well (for me) on upset / queasy stomachs. The ~7 min at the top was spent changing into dry socks, eating a Clif shot, and drinking the chocolate soy. I think my time would have been quite a bit better if I’d not worried about changing the socks, and I probably would not have been any worse off since the first mile of the descent was pretty wet and soggy anyway... :)

The only “hiccups” on the way down were 2 close calls with twisted ankles — one just above and one just below Barr Camp — during which I was fortunately able to catch myself and didn’t go down all the way. The other “hiccup” was just after Barr Camp: I had just taken a “Clif shot” and a cup of Gatorade, and was settling back into a good pace and all of a sudden I belched a huge volume of gas from my stomach, then the “gu” and the Gatorade came up. :( I immediately felt great, jumped back into a good pace, and continued on down to the finish.

The final 100-200 yards was great, as I came in to the finish strong and with the spectators cheering loudly! The race felt great, I ended strong, and felt good afterwards.

Today, one week later, I had my second-best ever ~10 mile run, running an average 6:46 pace the whole way. For me that’s a respectable 10-mile clip. :)

Things Done Right: Carbo loading the lunch and supper before the race. I had rice for lunch and several cans of cold vegetarian Tortellini and spaghetti-O’s with tomato sauce.

Eating the morning of the race. I had 3 English muffin halves with peanut butter and applesauce 1.5-2 hours before the start of the race, and 1.0 L of Gatorade 1-2 hours before the race.

Drinking and eating on the course. I drank 1-2 cups of Gatorade at each aid stop, and had 8 Clif Shot “gu” packets throughout the race, plus 0.25 L chocolate soy at the summit.

Things Done Wrong: I can’t really identify anything done “wrong,” other than if I had been able to train more during the summer I might have been stronger and better able to move faster in the top 2 miles... :) If I had not changed my socks at the top I might have been able to cut 2-4 minutes off my time, but usually it is worth it for me to stop and tighten my shoe laces so I don’t have to stop and do this on the way down.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Thad Crisco

Pikes Peak Double:

932 148/195 Thad S Crisco 46 Seminole FL 5:04:45

330 56/108 Thad S Crisco 46 Seminole FL 4:30:42 2:41:21 7:12:03

General Summary: I have run in the Pikes peak Marathon and or the Ascent since 1998. I’m not sure what got me interested in attempting this type of a run as I live in Florida where the highest point in our state is only 342 feet above sea level and in my own county the highest point is on 45 feet above sea level. In any case I decided to “run” the marathon in 1998 and finished in just over 9 hrs. When I first finished the 98 race I said I would never come back however I have since been back 7 more times. I failed to finish in 1999 due mostly to simply not training enough and I missed the cutoff. In 2000 I only completed the Ascent, in 2001, 2002, 2003 I finished the marathon but my times were 9 hrs plus and in one of those years I was the last official finisher in 9 hrs 59 mins and 7 secs. I was determined to finish the race and cut my finishing times as well. In 2004 I finished in 7 hrs and 42 mins then in 2005 I took an additional 30 minutes off finishing in 7 hrs and 12 mins, I also completed the “Double” having done the Ascent the day before.

Everyone can come up with the “happiest day of their life.” Its easy “wedding day,” “child being born” etc and I also claim those days as some of the happiest days of my life but now I have a day that moves to the top of the list and that day will be august 20th, 2005 for on that day my 16 year old daughter gave me the privilege of running with her in her first Pikes Peak Ascent.

We finished the Ascent in 5 hrs--4 mins--44 secs, the last two miles in a lighting and hail storm that left 6 inches of ice on the ground. The feeling of pride and joy I gained from my daughter that day will stay with me forever. All this from a grand old lady “Pikes Peak” that I once said I would never come back to. Now after the race I cant wait till the next year to run up and down her again.

Rock line

Name: Glen Winkel

Ascent Goal: Finish under 4hrs

613 73/151 Glen K Winkel 50 Manitou Springs CO 4:18:19

General Summary: With only a few runs under my belt this year and some trouble with heart arrthymias, my goal was to finish without having arrthymias that would not allow me to finish the event.

Things Done Right: Started off slow, monitored HR religiously to keep below 150 without any “spikes.” Conserved energy throughout the run, kept well hydrated and didn’t push it too hard. Kept HR in a range that I could maintain till the top.

Things Done Wrong: Perhaps went out a little too hard on the W’s and above A-frame pushed the pace a bit too much inducing pretty moderate hypoxia. Although the HR monitor didn’t detect any severe arrthymias, my ability to take in O2 was severely compromised inducing the hypoxia.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Stephen Martin

Marathon Goal: 5hr 30mins

76 9/108 Stephen E Martin 45 Colorado Spgs CO 3:26:29 2:00:27 5:26:56

General Summary: Overall a good day for running, cooler temps than in years past particularly on the bottom W’s. The herd
seemed to go out at an even faster pace this year, so it took some discipline to hold my pace during the first hour.

Things Done Right: Watched what I ate the two weeks before the race, tried to stick to a diet of clean (non fatty) food.
Tapered my runs beginning two weeks before the race.
Trained 9mos with the incline club on Sundays and Thursdays.
Didn’t go out too fast during the first hour of the race.

Things Done Wrong: Pushed off too hard on a rock about 200yds from the summit and cramped my calf.
Not having a fast enough pace on the downhill flats below Barr Camp and got reeled in by some people.
Lost some focus on the downhill, clipped a tree root and fell about a quarter mile above No Name creek.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Matt Von Thun

Ascent Goal: 2:55

32 8/206 Matthew S Von Thun 39 Colorado Spgs CO 2:55:00

General Summary: I was blessed with good health and no injuries coming into the race this year, however, I allowed other priorities (kid’s sports, vacations, family events, etc.) to impact my training ( I missed 6 out of 10 weekend long runs that I had planned to run in the months preceding the race). Therefore I did not attempt for a P.R. Instead, I set what I thought was a realistic goal based on past experience, and to my astonishment I hit it exactly, to the second!

Maybe because I didn’t taper well (see things done wrong) my legs felt sluggish from the start. I used the 2:55 pacing plan from Matt’s calculator. The effort was very easy from an aerobic point of view throughout the entire race. All of my splits were within 30 seconds of the calculator with only a couple of exceptions.

The first exception was my split to the top of the W’s which was about a minute and a half fast. I was amazed that it was fast because I thought I was going very slowly. I hung back and didn’t pass people on this section (even though I felt like doing so) in order to make sure I ran it slow enough. I think this section feels so easy because I run the same section on my tempo runs about 6 minutes (25%) faster than what is called for in the race split.

The second split I missed was from A-frame to 2mi to go which was about a minute and a half slow. From bottomless pit to A-frame I felt strong aerobically, but I actually tried to slow my pace down because I could feel my legs were getting more fatigued and I didn’t want them to start cramping up before I hit the final three miles. Still, even holding back a bit on this section I probably passed a dozen people. I continued at a cautious pace for the mile above A-frame and this was manifested in my split results.

The last two miles were 30 seconds behind planned pace. I had lots of energy left, and was not breathing hard. The only thing holding me back was my leg muscles. Whenever I had to make a step to get up over a rock, my leg would start to cramp up. So I had to keep my stride shorter and slower than I wanted to.

Things Done Right:
1. Good nutrition and hydration.
2. Good hill workouts the month before the race
3. Good sleep in the days before the race

Things Done Wrong:
1. Missed many long runs.
2. Bad Taper: On the two weekends immediately preceding the race I did two different backpack trips with a heavy pack. One of the trips involved significant elevation gain. My legs were not used to the climbing with an extra 1/3 of my body weight on my back and they did not fully recover before the race.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Below are my pre-race goals and Actual splits. The goal splits are from a slightly customized version of Matt C’s calculator.

                                  2005 Race Split Goals                     
                     Goal (2:55)         Actual (2:55)       
Goal/Location     Split     Total     Split     Total      Diff   Tot Diff       
Ruxton             3:51      3:51      3:08      3:08       :43     :43
Hydro street       7:11     11:02      6:55     10:03       :16     :59
Top of W's        24:09     35:11     22:45     32:48      1:24    2:23
No Name Creek     16:06     51:17     15:45     48:33       :21    2:44
7.5 Summit        18:12   1:09:00     17:54   1:06:27       :18    3:02
Barr Camp         19:26   1:28:00     19:46   1:26:13      -:20    2:42
Bottomless Pit    12:57   1:41:00     12:48   1:39:01       :09    2:51
3 to go           24:45   2:05:00     25:26   2:04:27      -:41    1:10
2 to go           15:30   2:22:00     16:49   2:21:16     -1:19     :51
1 to go           14:53   2:37:00     15:17   2:36:33      -:24     :27
Finish            18:01   2:55:00     18:27   2:55:00      -:26     :00

Rock line

Name: Jackie Burhans

Ascent Goal: Participate in the 50th Anniversary Event

Results: Ascent:
575 126/136 Jackie L Burhans 44 Monument CO 5:52:56
Volunteered at the awesome Star Wars water stop

General Summary: A tiring, beautiful, awe-inspiring, terrifying, exhilarating, satisfying, memorable lifetime experience.

Wanted to do marathon but my knees said no. Decided to do Ascent but my training didn’t feel adequate and my confidence was low. Somewhere along the trail I found confidence and realized my training WAS adequate...or was it my stubbornness? For the first time ever, LOVED hitting the 16 golden steps. REALLY loved being hauled over that last rock by Dave Sorenson. REALLY REALLY loved and needed that fleece jacket that I didn’t dare covet.

Things Done Right: Trained with Incline club. Weight workouts with personal trainer and on own using new club membership near my home. Some swimming and biking for cross-training. Acupuncture. Synvisc (maybe). Never stopped for fear of missing cut-offs or early turn back or being hit by lightning and having to endure more hail bruises. Kept pace to tune of Imperial March (Star Wars IV: A New Hope). Oh and the water stop was just fun and the volunteers were awesome, especially Jasper who endured waking at 3am and not getting home til 7:30pm.

Things Done Wrong: Not enough extra-Incline running. Hamstring curls the day before the race--ouch. Avoided Thursday runs (the one I did hurt bad.)Forty years of not-enough cross-training and stretching. Not enough progress on losing weight. Bad choice of genetic donors--still, I love ya Mom and Dad!

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: At one of my 3-2-1 training (ok, only 3), I reflected on how glad I was I had done the race so many times when my knees could take it and how glad I was to be doing it now even though they can’t. I got misty. I regret nothing. I wont be signing up for this next year but may or may not again in the future but I will always support this mountain, this race and this club.

Rock line

Name: Dave O’Rourke

Marathon Goal: Under 6 hours

141 30/103 David J O’Rourke 44 Colorado Spgs CO 3:47:34 2:06:42 5:54:16

General Summary: Not bad overall. The top mile was extremely slow due to two way traffic and slush left over from Saturday’s storm.

Things Done Right: Trained on the top section enough to pass several people on the last 2 miles. Bought some smartwool socks that were awesome.

Things Done Wrong: 1. Accidentally stopped my watch during the last mile of the ascent.
2. Got a little too aggressive around the W’s thinking I was home free. Kicked a rock that was attached to the mantel of the earth which bruised some toes and bought me some gravity tattoos.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Very accurate.

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Keith Lonnquist

Marathon Goal: 6:45

265 30/106 Keith J Lonnquist 51 Colorado Spgs CO 4:16:16 2:28:56 6:45:12

General Summary: No kidding--that was my goal! I estimated 4:10-4:20 for the ascent & did a 4:16. Having years of recorded splits on the mountain, I looked at my training & split times this year & made a pretty good estimate. In spite of the hail & slush on top, this was about the nicest day ever for this race--it was overcast all the way down so none of the insufferable heat below Barr Camp.

Things Done Right: Stayed real hydrated & ate as much as I could handle. I remembered to force myself to continue to eat & drink on the way down too. Not much control over this, but I had some lower back spasms starting a few days before the race. I was really concerned I might get about one mile into the race and have to stop so I never pushed & just walked/ran smooth & easy. There was no hope for a good time, but then no back pain on the way up either. After the turn around, I focused again on running smoothly & taking small steps to ensure I did not “jostle” my back to much. Still being unsure of my back, my intent was to finish & not push it on the way down so my descent time was a bit slow too.

Things Done Wrong: Nothing--well, ok, sure could have used and extra 20mi per week during training all season and a lot more Hydro repeats....

Comments on Calculator if Used: My splits are always very close to the calculator--I depend upon it. With no altitude training, I lost time, big time, on the top 2 miles--exactly as predicted in Matt’s warning.

Any Other Stuff: This race was neat--all three of my kids completed it too! Though I do most of my long runs on Saturdays now, I still owe the IC a lot of credit in keeping me motivated to train! Thanks all.

Rock line

Name: Jonathan Veteto

Ascent Goal: 3:15

155 37/206 Jonathan E Veteto 35 Manitou Springs CO 3:29:18

General Summary: The Pikes Peak Ascent, probably a sufficient general summary.

Things Done Right: Relatively consistent pace, didn’t get dehydrated, felt pretty good most of the way. Didn’t go too fast in the first 1/2 of the race. Have spent a lot of time at altitude lately, so didn’t have too difficult a time above treeline.

Things Done Wrong: Should have gone out harder to miss the crowd. I lost probably 8 or 9 minutes up to Barr Camp. I didn’t do enough bottom-top runs this year. I’ll fix that next year :)

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: This was the most crowded I’ve ever seen the race. The crowd through the w’s was terrible. I ended up walking more in this race than any other near the bottom, and it wasn’t because I was tired. So crowded. Also, I saw more trash on the trail than ever before — it was disgusting. People should be disqualified for throwing trash on the trail outside of the aid stations — it makes the volunteers have to do so much more work and leaves our forest littered.

Rock line

Name: Andy Dillon

Ascent Goal: 3:30

326 54/186 Andy T Dillon 42 Colorado Spgs CO 3:50:06

General Summary: Not a great success! Probably an over-ambitious target given relatively low training volume over the summer. Went out at 3:30 pace and it gradually got worse — the trick is to find a pace you can actually stick with! Still, it was a great race as always and I managed to beat that storm so it wasn’t all bad!

Things Done Right: Good early season — trained for and ran a road marathon late March. Good flat speedwork in the spring and early summer. PR’ed in the GOG race in June and in the Neilson Challenge in July. I was on course for an Ascent PR at that time. But then ...

Things Done Wrong: Injured my back the day before the BTMR and missed the race. Couldn’t run for 2 weeks, then took another couple of weeks to get back to where I was. Also, my job has required a number of all Saturday night “work days” this past few months so I missed a lot of Sunday morning runs. Maybe if I had adjusted to a 3:40 Ascent goal I may have done it!

Comments on Calculator if Used: It works! But you have to find a pace that you can actually do !!!

Any Other Stuff: I love this race! The trail, the scenery, the atmosphere, the volunteers were all great as usual. Those last 3 miles though were PAINFUL!!! So bad, in fact that I may just have to do it all again ...

Rock line

Name: Howard Brooks

Ascent Goal: Help my pal to the top

497 76/195 Howard O Brooks 46 Colorado Spgs CO 4:06:02

General Summary: This was not a year with time to spare for training. One long run per week was all I could muster. My friend had never run the Ascent, and wanted to have a decent first time, so I ran with him the first 11 miles. It was relaxing and fun.

Things Done Right: Hydration, food, clothing, attitude.

Things Done Wrong: No training to speak of.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Everything I know about mountain running I learned from Matt Carpenter. Thanks, Matt, for your giving and generous spirit! Congratulations on Leadville!

Rock line

Name: Tom Caballero

Ascent Goal: 3:30

171 36/177 Thomas A Caballero 31 Colorado Spgs CO 3:30:50

General Summary: I’m already excited for next year’s race if that tells you anything about how much I liked this year’s race! Running with the Incline Club was the primary reason why I dropped 35 minutes in this year’s Ascent compared to last year. To the men and women of the Club I say “thank you” for pushing me on our Thursday and Sunday workouts!

Things Done Right: The race really begins after Barr Camp. I stayed within myself and didn’t push it hard until I passed Barr Camp. High altitude training (Elk Park to the summit) paid off for me this year. I knew where it made sense for me to run above the timberline.

Things Done Wrong: Don’t run with a water pack that you haven’t trained with for several runs. The bouncing of my water pack drove me crazy during this year’s Ascent.

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator for the Ascent worked extremely well for me. I paced myself through each major landmark up the mountain and it was a huge help for me to judge my level of effort. I stayed within 15-30 seconds of my target Ascent pace all the way up Barr Trail. I highly recommend to all newcomers to give the calculator a try.

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Scott Suter

Marathon Goal: 6 hr

117 23/103 Scott T Suter 42 Colorado Spgs CO 3:27:44 2:17:27 5:45:11

General Summary: This was my first marathon ever. I cramped up a lot throughout the race. OVERALL, I HAD A BLAST!!!

Things Done Right: I paced myself well...maybe too well. I think I could have gone faster, but I was worried about cramping up more to where I would seize up completely.

Things Done Wrong: Cramping. I guess I need to use salt pills.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I used the calculator and it seemed to be pretty darn accurate.

Any Other Stuff: Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers. The race was a ball!

Maybe I’ll try the “double” next year.

Rock line

Name: Gahlen Crawford

Marathon Goal: 7:30 — 8:00

473 77/108 Gahlen O Crawford 48 Colorado Spgs CO 5:08:28 2:59:33 8:08:01

General Summary: As this was my first attempt, even with the training, it was tougher than I imagined.

Things Done Right: Training with the Incline Club.

Things Done Wrong: Missing 2 weeks of training while I was away.

Comments on Calculator if Used: It seemed to be right on.

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Names: Joe and Brenda Cowell

Ascent Goal: finish

Results: Brenda was turned around at A-frame due to weather
992 118/151 Joe T Cowell 52 Woodland Park CO 5:14:18

General Summary: Joe was sluggish most of the race but felt OK up to A-frame. Got caught in the storm and the last mile took over 45 minutes.

Brenda did well up to the A-frame but the course was closed due to lightning.

Things Done Right: We were both well prepared for the weather. The plastic bags were life savers.

Things Done Wrong: Brenda ate M&M’s at Barr Camp. Never again!

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Karl Schab

Marathon Goal: 5:50 ascent, 9:30 marathon

Results: 6:27 ascent, 11:50 marathon (no official finish)

General Summary: First attempt at Pikes Peak. Returned to Colorado after moving to California two months before the race--goodbye, red blood cells--to nearly perfect weather. Ran according to pace calculator until--surprise--above timberline. Very slow last two miles, fighting the demons saying “slow down a little more and you get to ride down the mountain” all the way to the turnaround. Realized I was still in it at the bottom of the 16 GS and actually got a big boost. However, basic flexibility has never been a strength, and I couldn’t extend my stride enough to get running going downhill--and then foot cramps set in. Disappointed, I walked all the way down the mountain. Each time I tried to run my feet cramped again. I drank enough Gatorade that I marked much of Pike National Forest as my property, so I don’t think it was electrolytes. No, see “Things done wrong” for my synopsis. Anyway, I did do the course, and am happy that I made the turnaround cutoff. I have run fou r flatland marathons in three big cities (London, New York, and Moscow) but the best support and aid I have ever experienced was in this race on this mountain. Amazing, considering the challenge of getting people and supplies to the aid stations.

Things Done Right: Good preparation plan--climbed a mountain a week in California, and got about as high--over 10,000 feet--as I could. Good fuel (combination of Power Gel and aid station munchies), excellent hydration (actually gave away a bottle of Gatorade to another runner because mine kept getting refilled), good use of pace calculator to control effort below the A-frame. Passed several people that went out faster than me, and didn’t get passed by very many above tree line. Perfect equipment for weather that day: poly tee and thigh-length shorts, long sleeve tee around waist, polyfill vest and gloves in butt-pack. Used ‘em all at some point.

Things Done Wrong:
1. Didn’t train hard enough.
2. Didn’t train hard enough.
3. Didn’t train hard enough.
Needed way more miles per week, and lots more downhill running practice. Also need to improve flexibility to prevent cramping. If I ever do this again, I’ll be more flexible before I head out.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Worked very well during training with the IC (I miss you guys!) and was helpful at lower altitudes. As predicted, due to lack of on-top training, times on top were out the window.

Any Other Stuff: Met Jerry V. at 13,000 feet--we have run New York and Moscow together too. My thoughts and prayers are with the Williams family on their tragic loss.

Rock line

Name: Chris Wood

Marathon Goal: 6 hours

369 70/103 Chris W Wood 44 Colorado Spgs CO 4:38:30 2:48:43 7:27:13

General Summary: Great day for a race — cool temps, clear skies, no wind, and I felt great! Funny how fast things can change!

Things Done Right: Dressed right — was prepared for any weather change. Brought water and power gels/bars. Did not get caught up in the ‘race’ start — I paced myself well from the start.

Things Done Wrong: Did not train enough at altitude, and work got in the way of training about three weeks from race day. Also used shoes that were obviously too new — blisters were a problem from about Barr Camp up.

Comments on Calculator if Used: That calculator is great — very accurate!

Any Other Stuff: I have only done the Ascent before and was totally unprepared for the cluster of people the last mile or so before the summit. Yielding to the downhill runners added a lot of time going up, and it added time coming down. Very cool experience though: low visibility, small hail, Barr Trail became Barr Creek, great volunteers, great participants. I will probably not do the marathon again, but I can’t wait for next years Ascent!

Rock line

Name: Steve Bremner

Marathon Goal: sub 5 hours

58 6/106 Steven W Bremner 50 Colorado Spgs CO 3:14:11 2:00:55 5:15:06

General Summary: The real story of this weekend was Saturday’s ascent. I was on top of the mountain perched on a rock about eight switchbacks down watching the finishers come in and waiting for Rebekka to finish. She came in shortly after 11:00 just as the cloud came over the mountain and the hail started. Luckily we got off the very top on the last van to leave the summit, but were stuck at Devil’s Playground for some two hours in the raging hail storm.

The marathon on Sunday was uneventful by those standards. I just wasn’t on my game. I think I’ve just got “tired old legs.” I ran within myself and kept holding back, but even then I didn’t have much left for the final three mile push to the summit. Age group rival, 51-year young Senovio Torres, smoked the course in 4:11. I’ll never run that fast... He passed me on the way down while I was still coming up at the one mile to go sign!

I struggled to the top in 3:14 and resigned myself to just drifting down the mountain to finish the race. No sense killing myself.

Things Done Right: Ran within myself early on.

Things Done Wrong: Spent too much time on the peak the day before the race.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Vicki Martin

Marathon Goal: 1)To better time and/or get first in age group/masters.

Results: Came in first in age group and took 14 or so minutes off last year time.
27 1/38 Vicki K Martin 51 Colorado Spgs CO 3:37:10 2:08:06 5:45:16

General Summary: Perfect weather temps for race day. Trained consistently since November and I felt ready and strong for the challenge. Tapered as supposed to do, but really find that difficult. I do not carry water but do drink at aid stations, usually mixing water with Gatorade or just drink water. Consumed one power gel before race. Took another going into Barr Camp. Another going into A-Frame. I had one more but never used. All was great until I hit the left over hail, ice cold water, slippery rocks at the top. I did okay but was hard to pass and on return down I couldn’t feel my toes until Bottomless Pitt. Anyway in all of the 6 Pikes Peak Marathons that I have run this was my best time yet and I think training on the mountain is the ultimate.

Things Done Right: Trained hard with the Incline Club and consistent at 24 hr. fitness doing a lot of cross training.

Things Done Wrong: I think maybe too much Gatorade. I do not drink it in training, only races. But guessing I drank too much or didn’t mix enough water with it. I had upset stomach on return outside of A-Frame. Needed to make a stop. Lost time there.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Jodie Penn

Ascent Goal: 4.30 to 5 hours

355 33/58 Jodie Penn 27 Colorado Spgs CO 4:57:50

General Summary: August 20th The Big Day!!!! www.pikespeakmarathon.org

I woke in the morning to bright blue skies and cool temperatures!!! What a wonderful day for a race. My goal I set out for myself was around 4.30 to 5 hours, feeling good I headed to the start, getting ready for the grueling challenge ahead, 13.83 miles of steep up hill from altitude of 6500 feet to the top 2 miles above sea level, 14,110 feet.

The gun went off and my adrenaline’s flowing, I set out strong, going up and passing people on the way, Left I shouted time and time again, and a big smile rose over my face getting bigger ever time I passed. 3 miles down 11 more to go feeling great but backing off a little the hardest was still to come.

Barr Camp, half way 2h.17 Min’s on track and only feeling OK, legs are feeling it a little, but the air is still thick enough to breath so I take in a couple of good gulps and get on my way, starting to feel like I may have headed out a little to quick but still going strong!!

A-Frame, 3 miles to go!!!! The air is getting thinner and boy don’t I know it, I keep on going afraid to stop in case I won’t move again, all that is left between me and the top is 3 short miles!!!! Yeah so the flat landers might think, OXYGEN WHAT OXYGEN where has it gone!!!!, what the hell was I thinking, what the hells was I trying to prove!!! 3.20 Min’s down and a least 1 1/2 hours to go!!!!

Yippee 2 miles to go but oh no, there are clouds, big black horrible dark rumbling clouds, keep going I say, nothing will come of them, as they rumble a little more, I look around I above Tree line I am the tallest thing on the mountain, how do I become the smallest I was thinking. The sounds of cheering keep me going I think yes I am near the top but as I round the corner, the Search and rescue guys are cheering us on!!! Breathing as steady as I can, but my lungs are about to explode, it’s OK I tell myself OR IS IT!!! They shout that we are near the 1 mile to go marker. The constant reminder that I went out to fast as the people behind me shout LEFT LEFT, the people that I passed at the bottom now with bigger smiles on there faces, left left!!!! Not to much I could do, I am here and I have to finish!

The first lightening bolt!!! Seems about an inch away from my head, I stop look around but everybody is going in the same direction, UP, to much determination in everybody eyes!!!! Nobody stops, it was like I was the only person that heard it, they keep going so I follow like a lamb, TO THE TOP! The 2nd bolt a little further away but followed by hail, big hail and hard!!! Keep going, I look up it has no signs of stopping anytime soon, trying to protect myself as much as I can, who cares that I can’t breath if lack of oxygen doesn’t kill me then lightening will!!!

One mile 30 Min’s to go 4.30 hours is near but I can still do it in under 5 hours, going as fast as I can, hail and lightening not letting up, oh my goodness am I going to make it, 16 Golden Steps, yes yes I am going to make, CRASH or maybe not as another big bolt just misses my head, I don’t have time look around for others, I can see the finish and in the distance I can hear JOOOOODDDDIIIIIEEEE come on, Allie is waiting at the top, crazy girl it’s freezing and completely dangerous out here!! So I rush as fast as I can, my legs are not listening to the brain, but they are doing the best they can, but they rush to the finish! Quick look at the clock, as the Hail is bouncing off me in all directions, another bolt but who cares I am at the top! 4.57.50, I made it!!! Ushered straight inside the shock or the event hits, the lightening and hail still crashing around outside, wow what a race.

BUT WHO’s coming next year!!!!!!!

Next Challenge San Fran Marathon Oct 23rd!!!!

A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.

Roald Dahl, (Willy Wonka) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Things Done Right: Took the right cloths with me

Things Done Wrong: Did not train hard enough and did not do enough altitude training

Comments on Calculator if Used: Great to Barr Camp

Any Other Stuff: The helpers were great the weather the worst I have ever experience. I am in for next year but will cancel the weather!

Rock line

Name: Mark Hufford

Marathon Goal: 6:00 hrs

212 54/94 Mark A Hufford 39 Fountain CO 4:10:56 2:14:06 6:25:02

General Summary: Great race; overall racers followed the “rules of the road.” I had one runner hit me (he had plenty of room) as he was coming down and was yelling at people and generally was a jerk. But not bad out of 800 folks. I will be back next yr, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!

Things Done Right: Dressed, hydrated, fueled right.

Things Done Wrong: Moved into a new house the wk of the Marathon — huge mistake! My quads were shot and my race was over by Barr Camp on the way up. The run down was fine but I just didn’t have it going up — Will have to run next yr to make up for this yrs result.....

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Richard Hedlind

Ascent Goal: 3.30

236 22/83 Richard J Hedlind 29 Newton MA 3:39:38

General Summary: I had the goal of 3.30 to have something hard (for me) to aim for. I did not make it, but I am happy with the results anyway. I beat the hail. Except for the crazy weather at the top everything was great.

Things Done Right: Backing off a bit in the beginning to save energy for the top miles. Better to pass people between No name and Barr camp. Ate GU on a consistent schedule and made sure to stay hydrated.

Things Done Wrong: Nothing except I need a bit more training for next year. :)

Comments on Calculator if Used: One idea would be to somehow incorporate the fact that the biggest obstacle on the last three miles is not lack of oxygen or tired legs, but all the people to pass. Maybe there could be a wave factor as starting in the second wave will result in having to pass the slower people from wave 1 after Barr Camp if you are aiming for a time faster that 4.30. :)

Any Other Stuff: Great race as usual. Hearing America the beautiful while facing the mountains gave me goose bumps.

Rock line

Name: Richard Hedlind

Marathon Goal: sub 6 hours

143 16/34 Richard J Hedlind 29 Newton MA 3:39:09 2:16:33 5:55:42

General Summary: This was my first start in PPM and also my first Fouble. I was a bit nervous before the weekend. Partly because all my friends were psyching me out how hard it would be. It turned out to be a great experience. I decided to take a closer look at the gravel on one of the switchbacks. Left me with some scratches and bruises, but nothing bad.

Things Done Right: I hydrated and rested well after the Ascent. I made sure to stay hydrated and also ate GU every 30 minutes.

Things Done Wrong: Except taking a fall, I got a bit dehydrated around Barr Camp on the way down. Made sure to drink an extra cup of Gatorade at the following aid stations. Could not get the Tylenol pack open, but had to stop and ask for help at Bob’s road. Wanted the pain killers earlier due to a bruised toe.

Comments on Calculator if Used: As with the Ascent I think there could be a factor for all the times you have to stop letting downhill runners by or pass up hill people. For people further back in the field this will have a big impact. You definitely have to consider this factor if you are aiming for a certain ascent time in the 3.30-5 hr time frame. Probably be at least 5 minutes ahead of schedule at A frame.

Any Other Stuff: The top mile was a bit slippery and wet because of snow from the night before.

Rock line

Name: John Mills

Ascent Goal: 4:30

759 85/151 John D Mills 54 Colorado Spgs CO 4:36:47

General Summary: Felt good. IC training paid off.

Things Done Right: Altitude training

Things Done Wrong: Not enough altitude training. Did not run fast enough to get off the top before the road closed.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Michael Shafai

Ascent Goal: 3:30

142 35/206 Michael C Shafai 35 Colorado Spgs CO 3:26:26

General Summary: Up, up, and away.

Things Done Right: Hydrated well, controlled my breathing well, and had fun.

Things Done Wrong: My legs felt like they were going to start cramping around A-Frame and above, so I had to slow down my pace considerably. I felt like I wasn’t even breathing that hard, but if I went faster, my legs probably would have given out.

Comments on Calculator if Used: N/A

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Michael Shafai

Marathon Goal: Finish

Results: Finished
195 49/94 Michael C Shafai 35 Colorado Spgs CO 3:53:25 2:28:49 6:22:14

General Summary: Loved it! I felt stronger and faster towards the end... Perhaps it was because it was downhill for most of the 2nd half.

Things Done Right: Once again, hydrated well, took some salt pills, and used my secret weapon--- caffeinated GU.

Things Done Wrong: Ran the Ascent the day before. I think it slowed down my time a little bit.

Comments on Calculator if Used: N/A

Any Other Stuff: On the way down, I passed the EMT crew that was administering CPR to the runner from Oklahoma. It was a somber scene that I won’t soon forget and my thoughts are with his family.

Rock line

Name: Alana Podratz

Ascent Goal: 5 hours

234 23/58 Alana S Podratz 25 Colorado Spgs CO 4:36:06

General Summary: I could not have asked for a more memorable experience!

Things Done Right: I brought appropriate gear-a garbage bag!

Things Done Wrong: I could have worked a little harder. I think!

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: For the Marathon on the next day I volunteered at the Ruxton water station from 0500-1730.

Rock line

Name: John Rudden

Ascent Goal: 4:30

801 129/177 John L Rudden 33 Denver CO 4:42:53

General Summary: 1st time felt good most of the way. Hail hurts.

Things Done Right: Kept a moderate pace for the majority of the race. Went out slow.

Things Done Wrong: Not enough hill and altitude training runs.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Michael Everson

Ascent Goal: 3:48:00

360 60/186 Michael F Everson 41 Colorado Spgs CO 3:54:05

General Summary: Nice morning. Temperature was excellent for running (mid 50s. I trained to run my goal.

Things Done Right: Although I did not get to run with IC but once, I did prepare well for this race. On race day, I took plenty of CarbBooms and water. Sucked down one gel every half hour for first three hours. Also had salt/magnesium tablets for cramps above tree line. These proved very helpful.

Things Done Wrong: Probably packed too much water. Wound up with about 16 ounces at the end which is just dead weight to carry up the hill. Didn’t run near enough through the forest. Should have been to Barr at about 1:45. Got there at 1:52. I think this is where I missed my goal.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: I ran a PR by just over 2 minutes. All in all a good day. I’m sure everyone who finished after 11:15 AM will write about the crappy weather. I got home at 2:30 PM. Jackets are very nice.

Rock line

Name: Pete Tonsits

Marathon Goal: My ultimate goal was to be competitive against my 2004 time of 5:12

376 74/103 Peter A Tonsits 43 Colorado Spgs CO 3:52:26 3:37:01 7:29:27

General Summary: Here’s my sad tale. On August 7th, I was doing my last training run before hitting two weeks of tapering. During the run I ruptured my Plantar Fascia on the bottom of my left foot. (I felt kind of like Keanu Reeves in “Point Break,” you know when his knee goes out at just the wrong time!) I prayed and rehabbed it like crazy in the two weeks leading up to the race, but the Monday prior to the race I was still noticeably limping. I didn’t run a step from August 7th until Saturday (8/20) afternoon before the race. I ran once around my neighborhood and it wasn’t all that pretty. My podiatrist (he recommended not doing the race, but he knew I would anyway) taped me up for the race and told me I wouldn’t do any more damage to it, so I decided to give it a go. Heck, my streak of doing either race goes back to 1989, and my Marathon streak goes back to 1992, so I wasn’t about to let this stop me. To make an already long story a lot shorter my race basically we nt like this. From the start to about the Bottomless Pit sign I posted splits that were slower than my usual but not way far off. The problem was, I wasn’t able to completely push off on my left foot, so my right leg was doing 80% of the work. I could feel my right quad burning all the way up to Barr Camp and by the BP sign my right leg was toast. So I had no power after that, and I was pretty tired from all the over compensating going on to protect that left foot. By the time I got to the top I was so far off my goal pace that on the way down my goal was just to finish, not kill myself on that treacherous snowy, slushy, icey top mile, and not do any additional damage to my foot, so it took me almost as long to get down as it did to get up.

Things Done Right: Went through all my preparations the two weeks before the race, just as if I was going to run the race, even though 98% of the people that I ran into told me there was no way I was going to be able to do the race. Also, since I was coming down at a leisurely pace, I got to pig out at all the aid stations. Cookies, Grapes, M&Ms, Potato Chips....yum! Forget about those gels!

Things Done Wrong: All in all it was probably a really stupid thing to do, but I had fun and in the end I didn’t do any further damage............and the streak lives on!

Comments on Calculator if Used: It didn’t make a whole lotta sense to use it this year.

Any Other Stuff: That top mile was dicey, not to mention icy! Runners passing each other going up and down on that ice was a pretty interesting experience. Congrats to all who ran PRs because those conditions on the top mile had to have put a serious dent in peoples times. I look forward to coming back and running it healthy next year!

Rock line

Name: Elisabeth Kaegi

Marathon Goal: somewhere around 6 hours

19 8/38 Elisabeth P Kaegi 37 Manitou Springs CO 3:33:15 2:03:39 5:36:54

General Summary: Overall I was happy with the run. It was my first time doing the marathon, so I wasn’t too sure about how long it would take or how much it would hurt. I was also a bit apprehensive about the weather because of what happened on Saturday. But once I got to the race, I was able to relax and (for the most part) enjoy the event.

Things Done Right: tapered; ran at the top for a few Sundays before the race; worked on stopping negative internal dialogue; took a water bottle for the run; trained pretty well during the school year, got a bit more difficult over the summer

Things Done Wrong: had quite a bit of trouble sleeping the week before the race, so I felt like I was in a fog (though this is not that unusual for me--both being in a fog and not sleeping well); I took four gels during the race, should have had one more

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Kreighton Bieger

Double Goal: Sub 3 / Sub 5

13 3/177 Kreighton K Bieger 31 Boulder CO 2:44:13
16 3/67 Kreighton K Bieger 31 Boulder CO 2:53:46 1:38:47 4:32:33

General Summary: Went in to this year feeling hopeful for a sub3/sub5 Double, but wasn’t sure what to expect. Everything went as well as it possibly could have on both days, and I was finally rewarded with two great races on Pikes!

Things Done Right:
- Built a solid base of ez miles and time in the hills.
- Worked on my speed early in the season.
- Studied Matt/Jim’s book for training for the races and modeled my workout on it.
- Stuck to a solid plan of speedwork/hill intervals and tempo runs throughout the summer.
- Did several high altitude training runs, including the “3-2” run on Pikes.
- Paced well — negative splits above Barr BOTH days!
- Hydrated well and used E-caps successfully.
- Stayed relaxed and had fun!

Things Done Wrong: Today, two days later, I wish I had brought more volume into the weekend. 7 hours of racing on an average of 6.5 hours per week of training is probably a bit much.

Otherwise, everything went great. I wish I could have gone 2 minutes faster each day, but had nothing left at the finish, so I can’t complain.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Only used for top of W’s splits, Barr Camp and 3 to go. It was useful to remind me that I was staying on pace, or being conservative, on both days.

Any Other Stuff: I cannot believe the benefits of going out slowly! I passed 30+ people above treeline in the Ascent (top 3 miles in 43:04). I got to the top of the W’s on 2:53 pace, Barr Camp and A-Frame on 2:50 pace, and finished in 2:44!

Same for the marathon: Top of W’s on 3:04 pace, Barr Camp on 2:55 pace, A-Frame on 2:57 pace and summited in 2:53:46!

Rock line

Name: Jim McGail

Ascent Goal: 3:30

709 107/186 Jim M McGail 41 Troy OH 4:30:59

General Summary: The PPA was my first race in 20 years and I began training from scratch Jan 8th. I used the training guide and also a training method I learned from Bob Schul and built myself up to 10-11 hour training weeks by late May. 9 hours of my training each week was on a tread mill set from 8-10% (it doesn’t go higher). I felt I was very prepared but still had no idea what time to shoot for since I haven’t been racing, I live in Ohio, and I’ve never run a marathon. Although I had dreams of 2:38 giving me the Ohio state record I thought I could at least break 3:00. However, I decided to wait until I got to Manitou Springs and ran to Hydro to determine what a good time would be. My goal, in any case, was to keep the heart rate at about 140-145 and go with whatever pace that would be.
If I run again I have a more realistic time in mind (3:45-3:59) with a VERY conservative start.

Things Done Right: I arrived on Tuesday and ran to Hydro first thing. I hit Hydro in about 12 minutes and felt good, no problem with the legs and my breathing wasn’t too bad. BUT, my heart rate was too high at about 160. I assumed this was because of the Altitude and that it would settle. Thursday I again ran to Hydro with close to the same results as Tuesday. I trained hard with two 2.5 hour interval workouts on the treadmill at 9% and one vertical mile run at 10% a week. A total of 10-11 hours of work a week. I became consumed with the race and read everything I could get a hold of. The course was etched into my brain without seeing it. I had plenty of hydration and food and didn’t have head aches or sickness at the top. I also brought the extra shirt wrapped around me and gloves. I was still cold but without the shirt and gloves I would have froze.

Things Done Wrong: I failed to follow my game pan! In the race, as in practice, my heart rate was too high at Hydro and yet I kept going. I was close to the top of the W’s still at 165-170 HR. I didn’t want to walk. Finally my heart gave in or something as the HR monitor started beeping and I was at 220. This I don’t think is possible but when trying to feel my heart I just felt a quivering chest and no real pulse. I believe what I did is max out. I basically ran the W’s too hard which I was determined not to do. I stopped, debated whether to continue, then continued very slowly trying to recover from my blunder. Luckily my hard work in preparing for the race allowed my to continue and recover. I hit Barr Camp at 2:00 and finished in 4:30. I kept moving and didn’t feel really bad until the last 10 minutes or so (in the blizzard). Basically the only thing I think I did wrong is not follow the plan at the beginning.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Seemed to be pretty accurate for me when I figure in the flatlander factor after Barr Camp. I lost 10 minutes to A-frame and another 20 minutes to the top.

Any Other Stuff: The course description and the training manual were very helpful. Even the looonng switchback to A-frame wasn’t bad because I knew the book said “it does end".
The effort put into training for this race was worth it. The views were unbelievable and I feel fortunate that I was fast enough to make it almost to the top before the storms hit.

Rock line

Name: James E. Mahon

Ascent Goal: 3:59:59

546 30/91 James E Mahon 58 Colorado Spgs CO 4:11:34

General Summary: Love the mountain

Things Done Right: Did starting line to finish line ascent practices once each week for the 9 weeks preceding the race.

Things Done Wrong: Got older

Comments on Calculator if Used: It was right on during my practices.
During the race I was less than a minute under a 4 hour pace at all the points through Barr Camp, but I couldn’t keep the pace up and I lost close to 2 minutes/mile after that. I had the splits for a four hour pace taped to my watch band.

Any Other Stuff: Volunteers did a great job at the aid stations with Gatorade, water, grapes, etc.

Love the fleece jacket.

Rock line

Name: Chaz Lalonde

Ascent Goal: 3:15 or at least beat last year’s time

88 12/195 Chaz J Lalonde 46 Colorado Spgs CO 3:15:26

General Summary: A great day for those in the first wave running under 4 hours. With all the wind, hail, thunder and lightning it truly was a miracle that nobody died! That is especially so for the many volunteers that stayed on top until the bitter end.

Things Done Right: Followed Jim and Matt’s guide for training schedule C-Ascent under 3:30. I was able to do more high altitude training this year mostly as a result of staying at Barr Camp for 3 “long” weekends. That is Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Things Done Wrong: Followed Jim and Matt’s guide too close. I sustained several small overuse injuries that could have been prevented with more cross training. Next year I plan on hitting the pool every Monday after our long Sunday runs. The same goes for swimming on Friday after our intense Thursday evening runs.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I have never run a negative split. I always get to Barr Camp well under the split.

Any Other Stuff: I believe we “spring forward” 3 weeks earlier in 2006 as per the new Energy Bill!? Could this mean 3 extra weeks of Thu eve runs? I was successful at tying Jack Ramsey’s record of running the Ascent for seven years straight while improving on his time each of those 7 years.

Rock line

Name: Bianca Kriel

Ascent Goal: 4:45

453 8/10 Bianca Kriel 16 Peyton CO 5:17:48

General Summary: Overall the race was well except for the awful storm on top. I think there was many people who went home with purple, blue, red, and black welts on their legs from the hail.

Things Done Right: I followed my split times and managed to finish:)

Things Done Wrong: I think I should have gone slower in the beginning my times were faster than they should have been.

Comments on Calculator if Used: This is a very useful little tool and I was surprised by the accuracy of it’s results. I recommend this to all runners.

Any Other Stuff: The storm is what really slowed me down and many other people. After A-Frame it was awful getting to the top there was lightning, hail, and all kinds of things that caused people to slow down and leave long trails of runners just standing there.

Rock line

Name: Louise Erasmus

Marathon Goal: Between 5:30 to 6:00 hours

37 12/38 Louise J Erasmus 35 Peyton CO 3:44:10 2:15:04 5:59:14

General Summary: After the disastrous Ascent weather the previous day I was a little worried about conditions on top. The weather was perfect at the bottom but wintry on top.

Things Done Right: I think I did everything right. I used Matt’s calculator. It works great. I kept my energy levels up. It was a great race improve my previous time by 46 minutes. I kept my downhill smooth and controlled.

Things Done Wrong: I don’t think there was anything I did wrong. I can just get faster downhill.

Comments on Calculator if Used: That is the best thing I could have used. It works great. I used it for my daugther as well who did the Ascent.

Any Other Stuff: Bottom part was washed away by the rain the previous day. Top part was just like first part of Springs Slushy snow. It was really sad that someone died again yesterday. At least he died doing something that he loved.

Rock line

Name: Jon Magistro

Ascent Goal: Dec. 4:04 (I was clueless), race day 5-5:20

Results: very poor
1127 190/206 Jon M Magistro 38 Colorado Spgs CO 5:40:34

General Summary: Hard day to be on the peak for a long time, started
with lots of sun and cool temps (great day), near top had big-time thunderstorms, major lighting, and then the hail came (3/4 inch at times), and the trail being snow covered, not to mention the road then being closed stranding us all in the summit house. If I was faster (my wife told me) we’d have had no problems at all. LOL

Things Done Right: Trained with Incline Cclub, being slow I didn’t know
what to expect from this group, but they were great! Really got some long runs in close to the race, drank lots of Gatorade where they had it, took hammer gel and caffeinated power gel for the top 2 miles, I took a jacket, gloves and wore a hat (although I was cursing the weight up until the hail started falling). Didn’t get down on myself even when I realized (too late) that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up my pace.

Things Done Wrong: No matter how many times I read about this you have
to do it once to understand it I think. I WENT OUT TOO FAST! You might ask how is this pace too fast, Mr. Penguin? Well, it’s too fast for me to keep up for the entire race. I was 2 mins faster than 5hr pace at Barr and 12+ faster than 5:20, should’ve known it would be tougher on top, I should’ve listened to my HR monitor down low, but it just felt so good and easy, I wasn’t even breathing hard I swear. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! I also should’ve built a bigger base of miles earlier in the season.......(I’m already way ahead of last year so I am going to rock)!

Comments on Calculator if Used: Probably would’ve been great, if I would’ve listened to it. see above

Any Other Stuff: The volunteers were awesome!! Thank you so much for helping out and telling me how great I looked when I felt like crap! It’s amazing how convincing you sounded!! The summit house was not ready for all of us to be stuck up there for sooooooo long. They ran out of food and the trains down were all full. No matter what the paper said, they didn’t start taking runners down until the road was already opened (a very long time, hours), they could’ve made an adjustment to help the poor souls stuck on top long before they did. Thank you though for finally putting aside the almighty dollar to help those that you could. Lastly, the medical staff was GREAT! swamped but great, to all of you who just sat down in there to get out of the weather (not needing help), next time please let those in need sit instead. We were all cold, tired, and hungry please think of that if there is ever a repeat (let’s hope not). Last of all I love that you had to beat the cut-off to get the jacket, and although lots of people were turned back (never fun) it really wasn 6;t going to safe when you got towards the top. It was borderline when I was there and it only got worse.


Rock line

Name: John O’Donnell

Double Goal: asc. 4 hrs and mar . under 7:0 hrs

607 71/151 John D O’Donnell 53 Colorado Spgs CO 4:17:45
449 66/106 John D O’Donnell 53 Colorado Spgs CO 5:04:41 2:50:59 7:55:40

General Summary: With the bad weather on both days, and getting stuck in a van on the summit for 2-3 hours on Saturday didn’t help anyone Doubling on Sunday at all, like myself.

Things Done Right: Good carb load. Plenty of fluids and gels.

Things Done Wrong: Expected to much of my self going both dat

Comments on Calculator if Used: Good tool to use.

Any Other Stuff: Many ICers went both days this year, maybe a new record for the club. The 50th anniversary of the Ascent and Marathon will not be forgotten for a long time.

Rock line

Name: Paul Scofield

Ascent Goal: 5:30

896 145/195 Paul T Scofield 48 Arvada CO 4:55:35

General Summary: After bonking last year above Barr Camp, signed up for 50th Anniversary Ascent and trained for it with respect that event deserved. Finished!!

Things Done Right: 1) Spent several weekends in June — Aug running above timberline: primarily on Grays Peak and on Mt. Evans. Really helped me above A-frame in 2005, mentally and otherwise, as the weather worsened on Pikes Peak.
2) Got much more familiar with Barr Trail by doing some some practice runs and walks up Barr Trail last fall and earlier this summer.
3) Did not look at the summit once the race started.
4) Able to (for lack of a better term) “de-mystify” Pikes Peak in the last week or so before and during the Ascent. Found out that being psyched up about the course was great in training, but might psych me out during the actual Ascent. I was able to turn the course into a four-part race (Start to No Name, No Name to Barr, Barr to A-frame and a-frame to Finish) and to tackle it in smaller bites! Once I finished, I let the race get “BIG” again!
5) Plenty of rice the night before and pancakes at 3 a.m. the day of the race. No iced tea 24 hours before race.
6) Took it easy through the Ws. Last year I ran quickly through these and conquered Mt. Manitou, but died higher up. This year I relaxed and got through them with the rest of the Wave 2 herd!

Things Done Wrong: Need to do more uphill speed work eventually. Also would have helped to run a few more 13+ mile races.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Lars Duening

Marathon Goal: Primary: Finish; Secondary: Finish in about 7 hours

267 57/94 Lars Duening 39 Colorado Spgs CO 3:52:47 2:52:48 6:45:35

General Summary: This being my first marathon ever (I have run the Ascent twice before), and since I had virtually no dedicated hill training this year, my race plan from the beginning was to be safe and fast-walk the majority of the distance.

I ran the first mile until then end of the pavement to find my place in the pack, and then started walking (passing many runners on the switchbacks). I kept my pace until mile 9, then gradually started slowing down.

The last two miles to the summit were bad, as I had phases of utter tiredness. On top of the Golden Steps I found new energy, but then my ice-water drenched shoes became a problem, the cold sucking at my strength. It took all my concentration to find my way down to the first aid station beneath the summit, where I took a break to recover and refocus.

From there, the race became a breeze. I continued walking until mile 20 and then ran the remaining distance to the finish.

Things Done Right: Pretty much everything: I knew my goals and my physical condition, and from the previous Ascents I was accustomed to the trail and knew how to pace myself.

Things Done Wrong: I should have emptied out the little gravel from my shoes earlier to avoid the blister I developed; and in hindsight I probably could have started running two miles sooner than I did.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Running just the last miles of the race was just exhilarating — since I had energy left, it felt like flying down the mountain, making for a very satisfying finish.

Rock line

Name: Jason Jungbauer

Ascent Goal: sub 3hr 30m

120 25/177 Jason D Jungbauer 31 Manitou Springs CO 3:21:44

General Summary: 13 miles up pikes peak

Things Done Right: started out easy pushed harder at the top good taper, paced myself well to leave something for Sunday.

Things Done Wrong: nothing really

Comments on Calculator if Used: right on

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Jason Jungbauer

Marathon Goal: sub 5hr 45m

146 23/67 Jason D Jungbauer 31 Manitou Springs CO 3:32:32 2:23:39 5:56:11

General Summary: race up and down pikes peak

Things Done Right: got off the mountain after the ascent, rested, recovered well, was not really sore on Sunday. got a good nights rest, paced myself well up the mountain- partly because my legs were not sore but did not have their normal spring. hit the top a little slower than Saturday, felt great on the start of the descent.

Things Done Wrong: about 2.5 miles from the summit things started going wrong-first i saw the second dead person in a race this year, which really made me lose my motivation. then one of the uphill runners tripped me and i twisted my ankle, then about Barr camp my stomach was a mess- i think it was from the Gatorade endurance they were giving us- i hit the wall and could not recover.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Lori Hawkins

Ascent Goal: 4:30

378 89/136 Lori B Hawkins 44 Colorado Spgs CO 5:03:51

General Summary: I am so stoked! I did exactly what I wanted to do at the splits, I was not sore the next day, and did not feel totally exhausted at the end. Maybe that means I did not work hard enough, but I was able to finish strong and I am proud of myself!

Things Done Right: Trained with IC (thanks, everyone), worked the hills during training, trained at altitude, hydrated well, brought extra clothes, ate gels, had the right songs in my head.

Things Done Wrong: Did not pass aggressively enough above treeline; lost 1/2 hr.

Comments on Calculator if Used: PERFECT!

Any Other Stuff: Volunteers were fabulous, esp. in the bad weather. Food was plentiful and delicious. Glad I wasn’t driving the van!

Rock line

Name: Dan Smith

Ascent Goal: Beat my previous time of 3:55

267 8/91 Daniel C Smith 55 Eden Prairie MN 3:43:30

General Summary: Returning to the Ascent for my second attempt two years later I was ready to put to use what I learned in 2003. The weather conditions during the run were comparable (the storm hit after I finished)and my overall training was similar. I weighed 5 pounds less, which helps, and no injury hiccups since early in the spring. Summer in the Upper Midwest was hot and steamy which helps one adapt to suffering, even at low altitude. I felt a lot less nervous at the start and throttled my pace back so that I was hyperventilating on the Ws as in 2003! Somehow I have acquired a greater comfort running in crowded conditions, so that passing was easier to do in terms of timing my moves. I didn’t get stuck behind long trains of slower runners and seemed to be able to dictate my own pace on the lower reaches of the mountain. Knowing the course better allowed me to run harder on the stretch between No Name Creek and Barr Camp. I still felt very much within myself despite the altitude change. Things got (predictably) tougher above the A Frame. I think not having altitude training really shows at the highest elevations. Although I was able to maintain a dog trot when the trail was less steep and there were gaps to close, it became longer and harder to recover. Finally, even a brief acceleration felt like a 200 meter wind sprint in terms of the time to recovery out of an anaerobic state. My time goals with respect the calculator widened considerable during this time. But knowing that I was going to beat my previous time by a wide margin was gratifying and kept my morale very high. Crossing the finish line, I threw my arms up in celebration and savored the feeling!

Things Done Right: Mileage run was about right this year. I would love to run more miles, but injuries seem to occur with more frequency and that detracts from the program. I did more long runs in spite of total weekly mileage being slightly less than 2003: 40 vs 45. I did most of my hill workouts on a local ski slope. Usually 200-300 meters in length and very steep. The terrain had worse footing than the Barr trail but was still safe from the standpoint of no ankle turning risk. On race day I drank only one cup of coffee, which saved me from having to make a pit stop on the way to Barr Camp! I carried a bottle of water, which was nice to sip from between aid stations and allowed me to take mainly Gatorade from the aid tables plus top off my bottle with water. I ran a more controlled start and my Hydro Street split was dead bang on target. I used other runners who seemed to be more experienced to finesse the passing situation on the lowest levels of the mountain. I could focus on following one of them for a mile or so, then either pass them or let them move away out of sight if they strengthened.

Things Done Wrong: No major mistakes really. I wish I had done more pure anaerobic work near the end of the training period to help me with the high altitude recovery process. I wish I had bought Matt’s book earlier in the season. But I’ll have it ready for next year.

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator was helpful. I used the times for a 3:30 Ascent, realizing that I probably wouldn’t hold to them the whole way, but I wouldn’t die trying either. I lost time gradually compared to the predictions, more rapidly at higher altitude because I wasn’t altitude trained. I think the general formula of Ascent time= flatland marathon + 30 minutes applies to me as a flat lander. Were I to move to Colorado and train on the peak, I think the two times would have a tendency to converge.

Any Other Stuff: Once again, I tip my cap to the Race director and all the hard working volunteers to make this thing work. It had to be 10 times harder with the storm conditions. I was safely trapped in a van at the Devil’s Playground during most of it, waiting for the snow plow to rescue us. I cannot imagine being trapped in the A frame during the storm, or having to run the last two miles being pelted by ice and watching the lightning dance on the rocks.

Rock line

Name: Ronald R. Garcia

Ascent Goal: 4.5 hours

1073 72/91 Ronald R Garcia 55 Colorado Spgs CO 5:26:42

General Summary: Great Day for a race, started off strong an made or exceeded all of my goals on time, for trail head, no name and Barr camp, A Frame was on Time, Legs were starting to tire a little, I ran into hail storm 2.5 miles from the top. This slowed my efforts, traction was poor, as well as people stopping on the trail, cold and wet by the time I made it to the top

I think I would have came close to my goal if not for the Storm, most likely a 4.45 or 5 hour race.

Things Done Right: Training was pretty good, I needed to do more longer runs next year. Needed more protein bars during the race, took only two should have taken four. Kept going even after the hail started falling, did not slow pace except for traction, Clothing, took a light jacket with me and light weight gloves, nice to have the extra stuff for the final 2.5 miles.

Things Done Wrong: Needed a Hard Hat and I should have taken a medium weight jacket and warmer gloves,

Needed to do longer training runs.

Any Other Stuff: Course and Support were excellent, especially the Med facility at the top of the Peak they did a great job of keeping every one warm they should be commended. Race officials did a great job of getting everyone off the Peak, but could have done a better job of keeping everyone informed on transportation situation. This would have kept the crowd from getting too discontent.

Rock line

Name: Angela Cassidy

Ascent Goal: 5:30

476 80/102 Angela M Cassidy 38 Fountain Valle CA 5:22:23

General Summary: This was my first event of any note. I was all nerves that morning sustaining a 110+hr before for the hour before the start. Believing that I was going to be about the last to finish, I started at the back of the 2nd wave pack. Attempting a light jog was out of the question as most were walking.

The hail hurt. Every now and then, you’d hear a yelp from someone getting smacked with a big one. The lightning would have been scary if I wasn’t so high on gu. The ice was slippery (thank you to runners who warned “ice” to those of us behind you). I was super cold within seconds of finishing.

Things Done Right: Steady and slow training. I started in March from a base of NOTHING. I was religious about using Matt’s training schedule. Came to town during late spring to make time trial to Barr Camp to get a feel for how I’d do and was encouraged with results. Tapered per instructions and was intolerably hyper for the days prior. Couldn’t wait to start!

Things Done Wrong: Started training too late and missed the first trimester. Messed up my knee for about a month by too much jumping around. Should have dropped more weight so I wouldn’t have to carry it up the hill. Had work meltdown the day before and had to spend Friday working in a Starbuck’s rather than mental buildup.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Carried it with. Calculator prediction at Barr Camp (2:35) was 5:30ish. Made it in 5:22. I’m very impressed with its accuracy, but that storm must have played a factor in slowing everyone down.

Any Other Stuff: Hail bruises took a few weeks to go away. Thanks to my brother John for getting me started with this. Single guy (that he told you about in his report) that I met Ruxton and me doing just fine. See y’all next year!

Rock line

Name: Timothy Edwards

Ascent: Cross the very high elevation finish line (13.3 miles of running) in less than 4.5 hours (with no injury); enjoy running the event. Try to ‘relax’ and “’save my legs” for day two.
Marathon: Finish the 26.2 miles in less than 7 hrs with no injury. Avoid hitting “the wall.@3148;

Ascent: 450 68/195 Timothy M Edwards 48 Florissant CO 4:00:58
Marathon: 244 40/108 Timothy M Edwards 48 Florissant CO 4:08:11 2:29:01 6:37:12

General Summary: It was my 8th consecutive Ascent and 7th consecutive Double (Ascent and Marathon back to back) — I won’t normally dwell on my race time results, but this year was different:

In addition to being the 50th year, the Pikes Peak Footraces had some unusual things happen — making it a significant year to write about.

This year my running has been severely limited by my work schedule at the microchip factory. I hate to admit my will power has not always overcome the 12 hr nightshift’s ability to keep me from running 10 miles outside at 2:00 am, my “break time".

Yes, some say I’m a ‘freak’ for being out there, running through the Garden of the Gods Park with a flashlight, hoping the Mountain Lions are more interested in eating deer meat than eating a skinny male human.

I am still actively building my house and playing drums in my church Praise Team Band; lots of good quality running time is hard to squeeze in.

But I refuse to let the hectic pace of modern times break my streak: I haven’t missed a year since my first Pikes Peak Ascent in 1998 — the event that confirmed I had quit smoking by taking up running.


Ready, set, GO!
1600 runners leave the starting line on the main street in Manitou Springs, enroute the eastern foothills of gargantuan Pikes Peak, where they battle up the famous trail built 80 years ago by Fred Barr.

To put the difficulty of this race in perspective, the ASCENT normally takes 1/2 hour longer than a runner’s flatland Marathon time: If your flatland Marathon time is 3:30:00, expect the Ascent to take 4 hours. (Average male Ascent time is 4hr 22 min.)
That’s going UP the mountain. Add 2.75 hours for average completion of the Marathon for an average male finish time of 7 hours.

I typically do well on the very high altitude portion, the section above treeline starting at 11,500’ elevation. I am acclimated to high altitude and usually pass many a staggering runner there — good runners who gasp for air up high. I pass some folks are ill from High Altitude Sickness.

This year I arrived at tree line in surprisingly good time — I thought “if I press-on for the last 3 miles I can break 4 hrs."
Suddenly I had a new goal of ‘less than 4 hours’. (That’s 30 minutes ahead of my initial goal — WOW! ) I thought “try to speed UP, Edwards."
But, logic told me “Don’t try too hard and wind up with a pulled muscle — still have the Marathon tomorrow"...

It was getting very cold — foul weather was rolling in — looked threatening. As I passed the last two mile marker I could sense snow in the air.
I thought “it’s the hottest day of the year and here we are, practically freezing on Pikes Peak.” I passed others where the trail allowed, and finally leaped across the finish line at 4:00:58
Missed my adjusted goal by 59 seconds — not bad. Actually, that was a great time for being ill-prepared this year. ...and no injury (so far).

I try to get down off the mountain’s top quickly on race day, — to recover my legs and prepare for the Marathon the next morning, 7am. Thunder was booming; lightning was flashing. Better hurry. I live in this kind of weather, but today I was dressed like most runners: practically naked.

I dove into the nearest shuttle van — it was nearly full, waiting for one more runner. We took off down the highway — just then, the hail hit. Within 10 minutes everything was white — I thought about the hundreds of runners still making their way up the mountain. They are exposed and very cold. The van started to slide on the slick highway, waking me from my vision of being caught outside in this storm, in the long line of runners hoping to soon reach the finish line. The storm was very intense, giving the windshield wipers lots of heavy hail to wipe away. We slid again, and again. Somebody asked the driver if the van has 4 wheel drive.

At the brake check (tree line), the ranger advised us to pull over — but all us rowdy runners made such a fuss that the ranger changed his mind and said “proceed at your own risk.” Soon, the hail turned to rain — easy going from there.

The next morning’s newspaper said: “the severe summer storm dropped 6” of hail on the mountain, closing the Pikes Peak highway. Ascent Race officials closed the trail at treeline due to lightning, forcing the last 200 runners to walk 10 miles back down the trail to safety.
600 runners were stranded on the summit for 5 hours, until the highway was plowed and re-opened.”

I was thankful that I made good time and felt very fortunate that I wasn’t stranded in that storm.


I crawled out of bed at 4am, surprised that my legs were not sore.

Marathon lineup. I chose near the front this time to get a better position — it’s really hard to pass the very slow runners.
Ready, set, GO! The newspaper photo captured me (number 57) in the crowded pack of starters — a first for me.

There was still some snow on the ground around 11,000’ elevation — remnants of yesterday’s storm. Above treeline, the trail was cold and wet with lots of sloppy puddles of melting slush.

Downhill runners have already made it to the top, have turned around, are on the 2nd half of the race. The rules give them the right-of-way. Uphill runners yell “runner coming” and we jump out of the way as they go flying past.

Some switchbacks were tough to get out of the way quickly because it was slippery. I lost my balance and my shoe landed right in the middle of a big slush puddle. I instantly felt my foot get cold. Most others weren’t having their best day either; I could feel the tension in the air.

Then another storm hit — I thought “oh no, not more hail — I better speed up".

The sound of a helicopter distracted the painful impact from hail hitting my skin as I forced my way through the crowd near the summit. I crossed the finish line in 4:08:21, incoherently nodded “yes” when they asked me if I was ok. I then did a “U-turn” and started the downhill half of the marathon.

plewp plewp plewp... plewp plewp plewp — that chopper was looking for a place to land in the rocky moonscape. I glanced up to see the orange and yellow paint job: Flight for Life, Medical Emergency.
I kept running.
Next thing I knew a team of Search and Rescue workers was hurrying up the trail, carrying a gurney with a body on it. They shouted “get out of our way, medical emergency".

We jumped off the trail and they scurried past, heading for the helicopter. The patient had probes on his chest and he looked unconscious. We jumped back on the trail and got our stride back, trying to warm up in the hail storm. I said a prayer out loud for the unconscious competitor.

An hour later I heard another “plewp plewp plewp... plewp plewp plewp.” I looked up to see another Flight for Life helicopter heading up the mountain. This is really scary — - they don’t send that helicopter for no reason.

The hail turned to rain, great running weather. I was making good time and did my best to keep up a consistent pace. Local residents stand on the sidewalks of the last mile, cheering-on each runner as they pass by. That’s really neat. I made the last turn and heard “here comes number 57, Timothy Edwards — a Doubler from Florissant Colorado.” I gave it one good last burst of speed, crossing the Marathon Finish line in 6:37:12 Wow ! I beat the 7 hrs mark by over 20 minutes!

I asked about the runner I saw on the gurney: He was Gary Williams, age 59 of Norman OK. This was his 45th marathon. Had run the Ascent three times prior, but this was his first Pikes Peak Marathon. There was no history of heart trouble and no indication that he should not run the race. He was the first fatality in the Marathon’s history. There was a death in the 1992 Ascent, but not the Marathon.

I learned the other Flight for Life was for a course worker who recognized the Heart Attack Symptoms and they were able to save that person’s life. Thank God.


next year will be my last “Double” before turning age fifty. I hope to do better, but simply finishing each race without injury is enough for me to hope for.

See you from the summit of Pikes Peak! Elevation 14,115’

Timothy Edwards

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