51 short stories from the 2002 Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

Stories from the 2003 races

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Name: John Thompson

Ascent Goal: 6:00

1000 199/201 JOHN F THOMPSON 35 COLO SPGS CO 6:07:39

General Summary: First time running(hiking) the ascent. For the first half I felt great. Started getting leg cramps just before the A-Frame. Was happy to make the cutoffs and bring home the Finishers medal.

Things Done Right: Dressed appropriately. Had correct pace to the Cog railway. Drank lots of water.

Things Done Wrong: Got into a group that was too fast for me from the Spur to Barr. That hurt later. Didn’t bring enough food. Training suffered due to health problem in July, maybe should have reconsidered doing the race with the month off, but oh well I finished.

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Name: Larry Miller

Ascent Goal: finish better then 1998

Results: Kicked off 14 minutes
72 3/109 LARRY MILLER 52 COLO SPGS CO 3:15:34

General Summary: All I can say is I did better then the last time I ran the Assent, by only 14 minutes.

Things Done Right: Did not run a race the Sunday before like the last time

Things Done Wrong: Didn’t run enough long runs leading up to two weeks before the Assent

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Bobs water pick up was a great addition to the Assent. If the people would of handed the water out it would even be better. People can knock over all the water if they have to get their own while trying to run.

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Name: Mark Cafiero

Marathon Goal: sub 4 hours for the Ascent portion (no goal for the round trip)

Results: Didn’t make my goal — but still pretty psyched.
336 25/33 MARK J CAFIERO 26 BOULDER CO 4:14:14 3:16:02 7:30:16

General Summary: Started off too far in the back — passed people the entire way up. Felt good and strong for the Ascent, and I think I could have met my goal of under 4 hours but I think my slow start and having to yield all the time to the lead runners coming down really slowed me down.

The descent killed me and suffered a lot of muscle cramping. Had to stop and stretch on several occasions. I’m going to do a lot more weight training for next year — hopefully that will help. Awesome — loved it!

Things Done Right: Drank plenty of water — high altitude training did me well — not phased at all. Ate lots of carbs at both carbo feeds! Started running with IC this year!!

Things Done Wrong: Didn’t stretch... at all. Didn’t warm up... at all. Should have started running with IC a lot earlier in the training season!

Comments on Calculator if Used: It was really right on! The splits were extremely accurate. Very cool.

Any Other Stuff: Saw something really funny (and sad!). This guy with the Arkansas running club was waving at his friend, about 30 seconds into the race.

Not watching where he was going, he gave this girl a flat tire (stepped on her heel) and he stumbled to the ground pretty hard. The girl was OK, but the guy looked like he pulled something.

All the way from Arkansas, only to bonk out in the 1st 30 seconds of the race! Haha

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Name: Keith Lonnquist

Marathon Goal: 6:08

151 25/85 KEITH J LONNQUIST 48 COLO SPGS CO 3:57:33 2:20:01 6:17:34

General Summary: I got to the top about 11-12min off my projected/hoped for pace of 3:45--I was disappointed to have lost about 15min on top half of the course. I made it down faster than usual, but not enough to beat my 6:09 PR. By BC on the way down, I knew I could not PR, so eased off a little bit & chose to be content with finishing in less pain than in the past.

Things Done Right: Stayed very hydrated--that was a lesson learned from 2 years ago. I don’t like them, but ate 8 gels over about 5 hours, so no bonking this year. I walked more & started it earlier than previous years and that did not seem to hurt me much on the lower half, other than my pride. I did have some time & training at elevation, so, again, surprised I did not do better on the top half.

Things Done Wrong: Weird... I woke up race day morning & my resting HR was up 10-12 BPM--nerves? bug? Not sure, but I’m not overtrained. I was glad to be on pace during the first half, but I’m thinking I had “something” that slowed me on the top half. Some times it’s happening, sometimes not....

Comments on Calculator if Used: I really trust it.

Any Other Stuff: Folks were really friendly on the course this year. I had no problems on the descent with the uphillers--they got out of the way. I heard (and said) lots of “good job’s” too. Every “Go Incline!” I heard was a real pick-me-up! And, I’m really proud of my son & daughter’s runs too!!!

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Name: Chris Britton

Marathon Goal: 5:49:00

133 14/77 CHRISTOPHER A BRITTON51 COLO SPGS CO 3:59:33 2:12:42 6:12:15

General Summary: Finished race with no injuries. 4 minutes ahead of goal at A-frame. Lost time up to summit and back to A-Frame due to two-way traffic — didn’t account for that in my goal-setting. Was tired coming down the mountain, but finished strong.

Things Done Right: Pre-race prep: carbo-loading, rest, hydration, etc.

Things Done Wrong: Wish I’d done more total mileage and more high-altitude mileage in last 4 months.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Great support from volunteers on the course and at the finish. The grapes were especially appreciated on the course. The “showers” at the finish-line were fantastic. The announcer at the awards ceremony was hard to hear and could slow down a little.

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Name: Jonathan Veteto

Ascent Goal: 3:15 or so


General Summary: My first time to race the hill. I love this hill! Running with the club helped me out so much it’s hard to believe, since I have been running not quite 2 years now. Can’t overstate how much it helps to run with better runners.

Things Done Right: Well rested and well hydrated. Didn’t go out too fast. Listened to people who know more than me :) knew it would hurt but only for a few minutes! Took the months of preparation seriously.

Things Done Wrong: Ran with obi-wan ash the first part of the race. Felt great and had a good pace. Didn’t pace too well from bottomless pit to a-frame and 2 mile. Fast, slow, fast, slow. Should have been more ‘steady’. I’m not experienced enough to pace myself well. Didn’t drink enough after Barr camp, and started cramping a little.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Probably the most fun I have ever had at a race. Loved the jelly beans at the finish. Was great to see sooooo many of our club do so well. Loved being a part of it.

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Name: Bill Ransom

Double Goal: Asc < 4:00 / Mar < 6:00

262 39/163 BILL S RANSOM 46 COLO SPGS CO 3:48:32
188 31/85 BILL S RANSOM 46 COLO SPGS CO 4:04:14 2:26:25 6:30:39

General Summary: This was my first Pikes Peak double, having done the Ascent several times and the Marathon once. My main goal was to finish and do one of the ascents under 4 hours (my previous ascent PR was 4:10, about 10 years ago). The weather was reasonable this year and I didn’t have any problems. My marathon time last year was 7:45.

Things Done Right: Even with the Pikes Peak National Forest closed for about 6 weeks due to the fire, I managed to run 6 round trips on Barr Trail and spent many hours at the top doing trail work. So, that helped a lot. Training with Matt and the Incline Club didn’t hurt, either. :-)

Things Done Wrong: I didn’t run hard enough on the marathon and actually had plenty of gas left at the finish. Should have ran the same ascent pace rather than holing back.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: During the marathon, the top mile was extremely crowded with runners going each direction. Since the Incline Club owns that mile, we should consider widening it to a two-laner. :-)

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Name: Glen Ash

Ascent Goal: 3:35

181 1/15 GLEN L ASH 65 COLO SPGS CO 3:39:26

General Summary: I enjoyed the race. Although I didn’t reach my goal I was satisfied with my time.

Things Done Right: A good taper. Felt well rested.

Things Done Wrong: Weekly mileage too low.

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Name: Elizabeth Ahola

Marathon Goal: before fires — to break 6 hrs. / after fires — under 7

39 10/31 ELIZABETH C AHOLA 43 COLO SPGS CO 4:13:23 2:22:15 6:35:38

General Summary: HOT — No, No, No — It was Very HOT!!

We lucked out and didn’t have the smoke as the Ascent folks did the day before, but marathoners had the heat. By 6:30am it was time to ditch the jacket and hope for nice weather at the top.

The best part — the car wash at the finish line.

Things Done Right: I had the confidence to not be stupid and go out fast, the intelligence to drink LOTS, and some guts to feel the pain.

I figured out during training that running/walking fast up the hill doesn’t mean you’ll make it quicker down. The trick is pacing. I hit the asphalt with wobbly legs and crossed the finish line without blowing out my quads, falling, and getting blisters. I’m still waiting on the ‘lost toenail’ count.

It felt great to pass people on the descent that beat me up the hill....

Things Done Wrong: Conditioning/training. I didn’t push the envelope during training and it came back to haunt me. I didn’t have the leg strength to push up the hill.

It’s amazing how quickly some can pass other runners and an art that needs to be perfected for this race. It also takes a lot of energy if not done correctly. I need to aggressively improve in this area because I keep loosing some serious time on the single track sections.

Inexperience. 2nd Marathon. 1st was a flatlander, the 2nd half up/half down. I never hit my “WALL” which tells me I should of pushed harder. I didn’t know how to judge the 13 miles down; still working on that pacing thing....

Probably could of saved 5-10 minutes if I didn’t take a bath at the water stations on the way down.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Did I mention how hot it was. I did some training runs in the middle of the day, but I’m not so sure they helped. I’ve never been in a race that took 6hrs35min. Maybe your body just goes into overdrive. I went straight from the finish line — to hugging kids/spouse — to the car wash. And I’m the type who doesn’t like to jump into cold water.

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Name: John O’Donnell

Ascent Goal: Under 4 Hours

307 23/109 JOHN D O'DONNELL 50 COLO SPGS CO 3:53:08

General Summary: Finally got under 4 hours. Thanks to a lot of time spent up top on Sat. and Sun. both days training for 3 weeks straight. My best wishes to Al Alvares for our back and fore lead changes. Also, would like to thank Matt for all his coaching and tips that has help this year.

Things Done Right: Drank plenty of fluids and used Gu packs. Tapered at the right time. Hit time splits .

Things Done Wrong: The last 2 miles from the summit did not stop to get the rocks out of my shoes, pace felt to good.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Course dusty but in good shape. ---- John O’Donnell also

Marathon Goal: Doubled just wanted to finish.

267 26/77 JOHN D O'DONNELL 50 COLO SPGS CO 4:35:34 2:25:03 7:00:37

General Summary: Tried from running the Ascent the day before, but got in the groove the last 3 to 3.5 miles from the finish line. No PR on the ascent to day.

Things Done Right: Drank plenty of fluids and used Gu’s packs. Just wanted to enjoy the run.

Things Done Wrong: Doubling is to much.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Dusty, dry course but in good shape

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Name: Ronald Garcia

Ascent Goal: Have Fun and earn the medal with a running buddy

Results: Met the Goal
1017 109/109 RONALD R GARCIA 52 COLO SPGS CO 6:15:52

General Summary: Excellent Day good race conditions, could have been a little cooler the beginning, but the end of race the weather held. Trail was in good condition, an passing was not a problem. (if you knew where to pass).

Things Done Right: Preparation: Prepared Mentally and physically for race. I consider Mental Preparedness a key element. Several racer almost psych themselves prior to the race.

Good start, within plan time. Middle miles where within 15-30 sec of planned times.

Good things drank plenty of fluids on trip up the hill,

Pre-race knew points to run and place to walk to conserve strength, also pick good areas to pass when necessary

Fun was a key element. I run for the enjoyment and enjoyed meeting several interest people on the path to the top. Encouraging others (especially the out of towners)is part of the race to continue when they are not sure what to do.

Goal was met I had a great race, and look forward to the Race next year with an improved plan.

Things Done Wrong: Lost focus on time during two stretches and lost some time on the trail.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Andy Dillon

Ascent Goal: 3 hours 45

349 71/201 ANDREW T DILLON 39 COLO SPGS CO 3:58:17

General Summary: My 4th attempt, and I finally beat 4 hours after missing it by 50 seconds last year. Did a lot of good training this year and was 12 pounds lighter than last time. So I thought I could do 3h 45 but in fact I only managed to shave 3 minutes off last year’s time. So overall, a little disappointed but I did get a PR so it’s not too bad!

Things Done Right: Did lots of good training in the springtime and early summer (although unfortunately on the flat) so I improved generally as a runner in that time.

Managed 4 trips to the top of the mountain in the 4 weeks prior to the race (ever since they opened the trail) — 2 Elk Park to top runs then a 3 down/3 up then a 2 down/2 up the week before the race. 3 Thursday IC workouts were a great help too.

Wore a heartrate monitor and kept it pretty steady (160 ish) throughout. As a result I felt strong at the top and overtook lots of people in the last 2 miles. And because I felt good throughout, I really enjoyed the race.

Things Done Wrong: Too cautious. Scared to let that heart rate go too high and as a result went too slow in parts. I felt good at the finish and ended up feeling that I should have gone faster!

Had a recurrence of an old disk injury in June and July and missed a lot of running, so after a good start my training program fell apart. Not the best preparation!

Didn’t warm up on the day. I’m never sure how important this is on a long slow run, but my legs felt rather stiff throughout so maybe it would have helped?

Comments on Calculator if Used: Works great in training but in the race I always get stuck behind all those folks who go out fast then slow down on the switchbacks. And in the last 2 miles I’m feeling strong and fighting to get past long lines of very slow walkers which is very difficult to do!

Any Other Stuff: Although the heart rate monitor and the calculator made me run a fairly smart race (i.e. I FELT good), it was too conservative. Taking 14 minutes to Hydro Street (3h 45 pace) meant I was behind a long line of people who all slowed down on the switchbacks and by the time I got to No Name Creek I was behind schedule. Passing is hard work so I didn’t do too much of it until the flats before Barr Camp. Maybe it’s worth putting in a slight surge at the beginning to get ahead of the crowd so you can run the rest of the course at your own pace?

Clearly the solution is to train to go faster — there are fewer people the further forward you are!

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Name: Jonathan Cavner

Marathon Goal: sub 4:00 marathon

3 1/33 JONATHAN CAVNER 28 WOODLAND PARK CO 2:41:01 1:35:08 4:16:09

General Summary: The race started off well. Was 5 seconds faster then I wanted to be at Hydro (9:10), but filling very relaxed. Let Paul Koch and some other guy I didn’t know go ahead, knowing that Paul probably wasn’t a good downhiller and the other guy would probably fade soon. Jesse, Dan Vega and I crept up the Ws together. Sure enough, a couple switchbacks up we passed the unknown runner and soon later Dan faded back. I had some problems getting my GU out at the Incline aid station, so I skipped it. Also couldn’t down the two cups of water, so I drank a few sips out of each cup and discarded it. Hit the Top of the Ws at 29:57 (perfect). Jesse was in sight, but gained a little ground while I had requested an extra cup at the aid station. (They were only ready with one cup.) Took a GU right before the No Name aid station, but again didn’t down my water entirely. I downed another GU at the Bob’s Road aid station, but again slouched on the water. Passed the 7.8 mile sign at 59: 45, which was right on for my planned ascent time, however I was starting to feel the ill effect beginnings of dehydration here. Saw Jesse intermittently till Barr Camp, but then lost him till the turnaround. I tried to make up for it at Barr Camp (1:16:46) by drinking my two cups, but it didn’t work. I was slow to the bottomless pit sign (1:29:05) and really slow to A-Frame (1:51:18), where I had my full two cups of liquid. I looked back when I got above tree line and got my first glimpse of Senovio Torres. He seemed to be running strong, but a little while later I looked back and he seemed to fade slightly. 2 miles to go was at a 17:21 which was extremely slow compared to my training runs, and so was my 1 mile to go split (14:41). A little ways above the 1 mile to go sign I noticed that Senovio had gotten passed by Michael Donovan. He seemed like he was gunning for me as well, but it was not to be. I reached the summit at 2:40:45, turned around quickly and came down. Fortunately I had a water bottle wa iting for me at the top, or I think I would have literally died of dehydration. I gulped as down as much as I could on the first mile of the decent, but it was hard to make up my deficiency in the first part of the race. Coming down I was planning on running comfortably until Barr Camp and then pressing somewhat hard to the top of the Ws. However, I ended up spraining an ankle close to the A-Frame and having horrible calf cramps on the flats and uphill sections. During one of these calves cramping sessions Senovio passed me. From that point forward we yo-yoed back and forth all the way down. I would get calf cramps, he would pass me, and then I would pass him back and so on. In passing he was very nice to mention that it helps to squirt water on the calves. I did that and it seemed to help a bit. Right before Hydro Street the cramping happened again with him passing me one more time. At this point I was fed up, and an idea came to my head. What if I sprint the entire way to the finish, would the cramps go awa y. So, I decided to try it. I ran as fast as I could to the finish, passing Senovio. It was so fast that my feet felt like they were “on fire” from the friction of the road and my shoes. It worked! I crossed the finish line in 3rd place 4:16:09.

Things Done Right: Carbo loading before the race.

Worked the top miles a lot the weeks before the race.

Stayed at Barr Camp for 3 nights.

Felt like I was in much better shape then the year before, and probably was.

Things Done Wrong: Hydration! I am absolutely caring a water bottle next time.

Didn’t take my planned GU before race start.

Did not have a consistent training season.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Absolutely right on. Wish I could have been as “right on."

Any Other Stuff: I was disappointed that there weren’t overall awards as there were last year. The plaques were nice last year.

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Name: Jack Ramsey

Marathon Goal: 5:35

63 3/42 JACK RAMSEY 59 MANITOU SPGS CO 3:20:55 2:13:08 5:34:03

General Summary: Warm day, pleasant on top!

Things Done Right: Drank lots of water and powerade to insure I had plenty of electrolytes, and no dehydration. Took short/fast steps coming down, leaned forward. Managed not to fall! Trained with a bunch of dedicated runners in the Incline club!

Things Done Wrong: Went out too fast, top times were too slow, but still summited at 3:20, which is where I wanted to be. Needed one more GU, took five with me, plus the Warp bar which I consumed going up Rocky Mtn.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Used calculator splits, they are good, but hard to maintain early due to the adrenaline associated with the start. Still did ok on top by my training times, but couldn’t maintain the calculator times

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: David Reily

Marathon Goal: Top 10 of age division, under 5:40

Results: Seventh place, 5:33:47, plus age group award
62 7/77 DAVID K REILY 50 COLO SPGS CO 3:25:53 2:07:54 5:33:47

General Summary: My second PPM, last was 1999 with a 5:51 time. Determined to improve and get in the top 10 for my age group. I turned 50 a week before the race:) Set a new PR on ascent — about 3:26 and did about 2:08 on descent. Thanks, Matt & Yvonne for hosting the IC!

Things Done Right: Set my goals. Trained twice (two weekends, three nights total) in Leadville while the Peak was closed. Overnighted with “virtual” ICer, Miles Krier, owner of the “Any Trail Lodge” in Leadville (888) 486-3155. Had a running buddy, Bob Thul, with me to keep me honest! Spent one night on two different weekends at Barr Camp, training above 10,000 ft. Scoped out my competition and predicted my goal splits to hit the target. Drank enough water before and during ascent portion. Ate four (?) gels on ascent and one on descent. Slept well. Tapered fairly well — including Friday before race on top of peak reading a book for 70 minutes. Spent last three weeks focused on above tree line. Did one time check from start up to Barr Camp, plus ran the Barr Trail Mountain Race.

Things Done Wrong: Couldn’t force myself to drink enough water on descent — plus most of it was fairly warm water, so poured half of it on my head as next best alternative. Used Matt’s pace calculator, adjusted for my own preferences a little — ie. slightly faster to Hydro and in flats before Barr Camp, and slightly slower above tree line.

Comments on Calculator if Used: For me, about 75% of it was accurate. See above. But once I determined my desired splits and wrote them on my arm, I did well during the race. Of course, I looked liked Charles Manson with tatooed arms, but what the heck!

Any Other Stuff: The heat and the distance really slowed me down. Also felt a little nauseous during descent (isn’t that normal?). I would have liked to do one or two training runs from Hydro to A-frame and back, just never got to schedule those. Having the other ICers there spurred me on — glad others wore their shirts. I’m very happy with the result, but curiously surprised it was harder than I expected or remembered from 99! I’d also like to thank fellow ICer Margie Stauffer who encouraged me so much!

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Name: Susan Broz

Ascent Goal: faster than last year

Results: 20 seconds slower than last year
467 44/50 SUSAN L BROZ 52 COLO SPGS CO 5:58:45

General Summary: I am a back of the packer with very modest goals: not to suffer and feel good. Missed both this year even though I thought I was in much better shape than last year. Bonked about 15 minutes from A frame. Prior to that was feeling very good and ahead of my pace (that should have been a red flag). Had to sit down at A frame for 10 minutes, eat and drink. Luckily I was able to finish in mediocrity, but could not push at all.

Things Done Right: Used my heart rate monitor and believed I was not pushing it too hard. Used biofeedback when the going got tough. Had courage enough to come out and train with the Incline club, albeit only 4 times. I could not even run in May due to injury. Shrugged it all off as one of those days and am thinking about next year.

Things Done Wrong: Probably did not eat or drink enough. (especially the day before.) In view of the conditions, I should have slowed down and really forced by self to drink alot more. However I was really expected it to be cold and could not figure out why I was sweating so much.

Need to do more training especially between Barr Camp and A frame.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I used 5:50 as a goal and reached the top of the w’s 10 minutes faster. However, I used my heart rate monitor and felt I was going at a reasonably moderate pace. Heart rate worked well for me last year and I felt it allowed me to finish very strong on top. This year my heart rate up the w’s was 5-8 bpm slower than last year so I did not feel I was really pushing it. Maybe the planets were just lined up better last year...

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Al Alvares

Ascent Goal: Sub 4 hour

218 47/187 AL L ALVARES 43 COLO SPGS CO 3:43:47

General Summary: New PR — Best previous time was 3:51 in 1994

Ate and drank like a ravenous pig at each aid station. The Jelly Bellies were especially fulfilling. Went out at a 3:45 pace (from calculator). My goal was to do 3:45 pace on the bottom and a 4:15 pace on the top half to achieve my goal of 4 hours. Something happened and I kept up the 3:45 pace on the top. Got to Barr Camp the same time as last year (1:52) but never slowed down. My vocal cords are a bit strained from saying “on your left” so much. I passed a bunch of folks on the top. When I went to pass I just flew by. If the race was just a few miles longer I might have won!!

Things Done Right: Made over 50 club runs. I only made 11 last year.

Keep up my new tradition (From 24 hour bike race two weeks ago) of a bowl of Rice Crispies with soy milk for breakfast.

Stuck with my race plan with regards to hydration, eating, and pace on the first half of the race. I got to Hydro street 3 minutes SLOWER than last year but finished over 40 minutes faster.

Had fun!!

Things Done Wrong: Could have done some speed work. I’m not very fast.

Maybe I could have gone faster on the bottom but it might have negatively affected my time on the top.

Comments on Calculator if Used: This was the first year that I was actually faster on the top than the bottom according to the calculator.

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Sherry Alvares

Ascent Goal: 4:15

132 28/95 SHERRY R ALVARES 39 COLO SPGS CO 4:16:44

General Summary: This was my first Ascent. I had a GREAT time! I am looking forward to training for next year so that I can try to get sub 4 hours.

Things Done Right: Trained with the Incline Club. The “star” thing kept me motivated to get to the runs. I have learned so much this year.

Things Done Wrong: Stopped eating and drinking on the top 3 miles. Should have continued taking GU every 45 minutes and drinking even though my stomach was a bit queasy. I may have been able to avoid the “suffer-fest” on the last two miles.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I made a small copy of the 3:30, 4:00 and 4:30 splits and carried it with me. I attached it to a strap on my Camel pack so that I could easily refer to it. This broke the race down into manageable chunks. I targeted the 4:00 splits and kept amazingly close to each one up to Barr Camp. After that I began to loose a few minutes and I lost about 8 minutes in the last two miles.

Any Other Stuff: I had such a awesome time! I was so painfully tired near the end of the race but I heard the crowd cheering and it kept me going. I was so glad to see familiar faces at the top! It was fun taking pictures and exchanging stories. The weather was sunny and warm so I sat a the top for over an hour watching others finish and talking some more.

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Name: Dave Sorenson

Marathon Goal: To finish

Results: DNF

General Summary: I was hoping to really nail this race. In retrospect, I went out too hard. I made it to A-Frame in good time for me (about 3 1/2 hours), but I had been pushing too hard. I was unable to keep my heart rate within a reasonable range and rested at A-Frame for a few minutes. I proceeded a couple of switchbacks past A-Frame, but again my heart was beating like crazy. So I bagged it. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Things Done Right: Trained with the Incline Club and extremely enjoyed all the support and interaction. You guys and gals are an inspiration and the greatest!

Things Done Wrong: Went out too hard. Not enough rest in the week prior to race day, including being on my feet at the summit for a good 8 hours on the day before race day.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Jackie Burhans

Marathon Goal: Better Quality and Variety of Training, Faster

Results: Yes and Yes, No, but close.
133 29/31 JACKIE L BURHANS 41 MONUMENT CO 5:55:25 3:23:51 9:19:16

General Summary: Hot and hurting but I finished!

Things Done Right: Trained with Incline club. Trained over longer period, met many nice folks, learned some wonderful new trails. Speed, heat and altitude training. Carried water with me--saved me between water stops. Ate mini-oreos--wonder food!

Things Done Wrong: Could have used more very long runs given my expected time. Should not have scheduled tonsillectomy for mid-July.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Bad luck on race-day heat and trail closures, but we deal with it. Knees held up.

Most disheartening moment of race was at A-frame when volunteer pulled back the glass of Power-ade I was reaching for to give to a downhill runner. Now I know that downhill runners have right-of-way/precedence but he HAD been extending it to me. I hurt too much to stop or, as invited, to come back for it (truly did not have 10 extra feet in me.)

It was GREAT to see fellow IC folk on trail and it was ONLY due to their presence at the top that I had the guts to turn around and head back down. Three miles down I caught up with my husband and we ran and finished together. Enough coulda woulda shoulda; looking forward to next year when I can, will, shall.

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Name: Timothy Edwards. (TimE)

Double Goal: finish my 4th consecutive double

Results: Not in hospital, I am happy
441 72/85 TIMOTHY M EDWARDS 45 WOODLAND PARK CO 5:15:08 3:05:17 8:20:25

General Summary: Not a good year for TimE: I injured my back in May. (Both legs are numb, feet are cold, need surgery.) I was very HAPPY TO RUN across each finish line.

Things Done Right: 1. Used a camelback and drank a huge amount of water. Only cramped a little above 16GS on day 1 — pretty amazing for being severely under trained.

2. At Barr Camp, all three times, I used a lean-to for resting my back. Helped a lot.

3. Did not let fear of impending doom (back surgery) keep me from continuing my streak of doubles. Next year will be my 5th double!

Things Done Wrong: Moved a 500 lb air compressor alone.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff: Man, I LOVE being on that Mountain! ...ESPECIALLY above timberline.

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Name: Matt Von Thun

Ascent Goal: 3:15 to 3:30

22 10/201 MATT S VON THUN 36 COLO SPGS CO 2:53:41

General Summary: By running a slow comfortable pace, walking through rest stops and drinking lots of half strength Gatorade, I was able to get to the top without significantly exacerbating a recent injury and still run a respectable time.

Details for the curious runner:
A series of injuries beginning July 15 kept me from running from that that day until just five days before the Ascent (Aug 18). I had doubts that I would be able to run the race at all, and I had fears that if I attempted to complete the race I would re-injure myself and set back my recovery even further. However, since I had paid for the race way back in February, and I didn’t feel justified in wearing the fancy pull-over that came in my race packet unless I actually ran the race, I decided, I needed to at least try. My strategy for not re-injuring my self was to evaluate my condition at certain pre-determined points on the course and if I felt that my injuries were flaring up I would either turnaround, or stop and walk up the rest of the way depending how far along the course I was. In addition, for at least the first half of the race, I would attempt to run at a pace about 30 minutes slower (20% slower) than last year to make sure I gave my body plenty of margin.

My first checkpoint was Hydro Street. My calf and knee felt fine. I was already a minute ahead of pace, but I felt I couldn’t really run much slower without running with some sort of unnatural stride, so I just decided to keep going at the present pace. My second checkpoint was. The top of the W’ s and again the legs felt ok. I also happened to find myself running next to Bev Z. I guessed she would be shooting for approximately a 3hr pace, so I decided that I would not allow myself to pass her until at least Barr Camp, at which point I would again re-evaluate how my legs were holding up. At Bob’s road my knee started hurting for the first time. I stopped and stretched, but there was little improvement. Fortunately though the pain was mild, and if it didn’t get any worse, I felt I could still keep running. At Barr Camp my knee was no worse, and since ITB pain is worse going downhill than uphill the choice to continue seemed to be the clear winner. At this point I also adjusted my pace to th at which was most comfortable for my knee and tried to ignore the other runners around me. As it turned out the pace I settled into was not much faster than what I had been running, but the runners in front of me must have, in general, slowed down during the second half of the race, because from Barr Camp to the top, I slowly caught and passed between 15 to 20 people.

Things Done Right: 1) Good Hydration/Nutrition during the race: by carrying a water bottle with me, I was able to drink about 4-6oz of strength Gatorade at each of the split locations on Matt’s Calculator. I also had one power gel about 20min prior to the race, one at No Name, one at Barr Camp and one at A-frame. I used this system the last two years, and both years I have felt absolutely great all the way to the top. In prior races when I did not eat and hydrate like this, I would always bonk as soon as I hit tree line.

2) Kept the pace controlled and comfortable.

3) After I was injured in July, I concentrated on getting healthy. If I had forced the long runs and hill workouts, I probably would not have recovered enough to run the race.

Things Done Wrong: 1) Injury Prevention: By more thoroughly warming up and stretching prior to the Barr Trail race, I may have lessened my chance of being injured.

2) No Altitude Training: Due to the forest closures and my injury at BTMR I only completed one training run at altitude all year.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Below are my pre-race goals and Actual splits. The goal splits are from a slightly customized version of Matt C’s calculator.

                       Race Split Goals 2002
                   Goal: 3:15:00               Actual: 2:53:37
Goal/Location     Split     Cumulative     Split     Cumulative   Diff
Ruxton            03:40.8     03:40.8     03:05.0     03:05.0      -0:36
Hydro street      08:12.9     11:53.7     07:02.0     10:07.0      -1:11
Top of W's        26:09.4     38:03.2     22:48.0     32:55.0      -3:21
No Name Creek     17:32.8     55:35.9     15:35.0     48:30.0      -1:58
7.5 Summit        19:47.2     1:15:23     17:48.0     1:06:18      -1:59
Barr Camp         23:03.3     1:38:26     20:07.0     1:26:25      -2:56
Bottomless Pit    15:06.0     1:53:32     11:27.0     1:37:52      -3:39
A-Frame           28:31.7     2:22:04     24:49.0     2:02:41      -3:43
2 to go           17:49.9     2:39:54     16:49.0     2:19:30      -1:01
1 to go           15:56.9     2:55:51     15:47.0     2:35:17      -0:10
Finish            19:09.2     3:15:00     18:20.0     2:53:37      -0:49

By feeding my finish time back into the Matt C. calculator I get the following table. Interestingly, the splits which fall behind the calculator ‘s predictions correlate very well with the times my knee started hurting.
              My Time     Calculator     Behind     Ahead
Ruxton          03:05.0     03:48.4                00:43.4
Hydro street    07:02.0     07:06.1                00:04.1
Top of W's      22:48.0     23:52.4                01:04.4
No Name Creek   15:35.0     15:55.0                00:20.0
7.5 Summit      17:48.0     17:59.5                00:11.5
Barr Camp       20:07.0     19:12.7    -00:54.3
Bottomless Pit  11:27.0     12:48.1                01:21.1
A Frame         23:49.0     23:28.7    -00:20.3
2 to go         17:49.0     16:18.7    -01:30.3
1 to go         15:47.0     14:42.8    -01:04.2
Finish          18:20.0     17:48.6    -00:31.4

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Vicki Martin

Marathon Goal: 5:35/5:40

14 1/14 VICKI K MARTIN 48 COLO SPGS CO 3:42:59 2:08:21 5:51:20

General Summary: It’s a busy week-end. Up early for the Ascent, my daughter runs it and I want to greet her at the top. It’s to bed as early as possible after a filling pasta dinner. I feel organized and ready, waking up before my alarm. Anxious at the start as always. I find it hard to watch my watch but feeling like I keep my usual pace and for later I record my splits. Amazingly my splints are always within 30 seconds, and I’m actually gaining a little time at No name. Keep it steady though and feeling really great up into A-Frame. Now the race begins, pass many people who are tired, not enough air, etc. My splits are the same except for the last mile to the top. so many pushing down and ones going up were giving hard time to pass. all was good at the turn around and then I slipped and fell. Lost some time maybe 4 or 5 minutes ( I have a fat lip to prove it) Went down as fast as I could after falling (banged up knee) and felt okay to the bottom.

Things Done Right: Ran and trained with the Incline club! Tapered, as hard as that is for me, focused and slept well. Took 4 carbooms with me and downed 3, drank at every aid station up and down even if it was just a cup. I also wanted to enjoy my day and be a pleasant runner on the mountain.

Things Done Wrong: At the top I was in such a hurry. I should have given maybe 60 seconds to take a moment and then maybe I wouldn’t have fallen. I wish I worked harder on my downhill, I love to run downhill but it’s practice too and I didn’t spend as much time at it as I have in the past.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Joe Cowell

Ascent Goal: 3:59

593 96/163 JOE T COWELL 48 WOODLAND PARK CO 4:30:42

General Summary: Never really felt comfortable on any part of the coarse. Crashed bad at A-frame and did a slow walk the last three miles. It took me about 100 minutes from the A-frame to the top.

Things Done Right: Was plenty hydrated

Things Done Wrong: Not enough long runs in excess of 4 yours this year

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Gordon Barnett

Marathon Goal: Beat 6:00 / PR Ascent / Top 100 / Down in one piece

72 11/85 GORDON J BARNETT 47 COLO SPGS CO 3:31:36 2:07:13 5:38:49

General Summary: This was the fourth marathon for me since 10/01 (3 flatland and 1 at altitude) this was by far the most challenging, but I think it was also the most rewarding.

Things Done Right: 1. Trained consistently with the Incline Club, Sundays and Thursdays.

2. Hydrated well.

3. Used a small plastic squeeze bottle for my energy gels (holds 4).

4. Had three other marathon distances under my belt this season.

5. With the mountain and Barr Trail closed at a critical time, concentrated more on hill repeats and speed workouts.

6. Intelligent taper.

7. Fred Wright’s Protein/Carb diet.

8. Steve Sargeant “Sarge” at the top to meet me with a wet sponge, cool drink, dry towel, and kind words of encouragement, “Get the hell out of here!” Thanks Steve.

9. Tried to improve my downhill, following Matt’s advise of running hard for 5 to 10 minute intervals.

10. Took Fred Wright’s advise to run the descent portion prior to race day — thanks Fred!

11. Trained in hot dry weather. As Matt says, we train in all kinds of weather ‘cause you never know what it’s going to like on race day.

12. Took full advantage of the massage tent post race in Soda Springs Park.

13. My wife Carole and daughter Katie (best support crew ever) at the finish line with a “Go Dad Go” sign!

Things Done Wrong: 1. 5:30 — 6:00 is a long time to be pounding up and down trails. In future, I think I’ll try and do a couple of longer 5+ hour runs.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Using a black Sharpie pen I wrote the splits for a 3:40:00 ascent on my arm. I found this invaluable as a check point to where I should be at the designated points. I kept a consistent, manageable pace throughout beating all split times up. The mistake I made was not doing the same for the descent, I didn’t have any splits for the downhill portion ...dumb, dumb, dumb.

Any Other Stuff: A cannon sounds the start, and 700+ runners are off. The first mile winds though the narrow paved streets of Manitou before reaching the Barr Trail. For the first 3 miles the trail has a series of switch backs known as the “Ws,” then trough a rock arches, pine trees and aspen groves. Although well maintained, the trail is made up of decomposing Pikes Peak granite, rocks, boulders, tree stumps and roots.

At 6 miles you reach Barr Camp, a stop off point for hikers, runners and other adventurers, as well as a well needed water station. The altitude here is 10,200 feet. Slowing or stopping to take in fluids and other nourishment, you continue on... and up. You pass such inspiring points as “The Bottomless Pit,” before arriving three miles up the trail at the A Frame — which is just that. An A frame hut constructed to aid hikers or anyone caught on the trail during thunder or lightning storms, or just too tired to continue climbing or descending. The altitude here is 12,000 feet just below tree line. In flatland marathons there is a saying that, “the race starts at mile 20.” Here the saying goes, the “race starts at tree line.” About 150 paces up from the A frame you pass tree line, it is here that almost everything (with the exception of beautiful blue and yellow mountain flowers) ceases to grow. The landscape takes on a surreal moonlike terrain, and one soon notices the other thing lacking: oxygen. At this point on the course you are 3 miles from the summit... which appears deceptively close.

The next 3 miles are certainly the most challenging, not only have you been running (in my case) for over 2 hours in an oxygen deprived state, but the runners ascending now must contend with the front of the pack runners who have reached the turn-around point at the summit and are now descending at a rapid rate of speed. Trail etiquette calls for the ascending runners to yield the single-track trail to the descending runners, but as on I25 not everyone “drives” the way they’re supposed too. My ascent time last year was 3:59:06, this year I was hoping to beat that time, and approaching the “2 miles to go” to the summit sign things looked good — I was maintaining a 3:32:00 (time to the top) pace. It was at this point the first place runners passed me on their way down. “One Mile to Go.” One of the best signs you see on the trail, followed shortly by one of the worst, “16 Golden Stairs.” Fred Barr used the biblical reference to describe one of the most difficult spots on the entire trail. The trail now becomes a series of boulders that one has to climb and clamber over... I never count them all but there are well over 16! The only good part of the stairs is, after completing them, you are almost to the turn-around. I reached the summit unofficially in 3:31. There a Steve Sargeant (Sarge), met me with a wet sponge, dry towel, and cool drink before sending on my way — down the mountain for the second half of the race.

It was now my turn to contend with the line of runners still ascending the trail. With the exception of one or two people, everyone stepped off or yielded the right-of-way, most calling out words of encouragement. Running up hill is one thing, running down becomes something all together different. It is one aspect of my trail running that still requires the most work. It is the downhill hill portion of the race where almost all of the serious injuries take place. In an earlier training run I had completed the downhill in 1:57, but that was on fresh legs running from the summit after driving to the top. I knew I wouldn’t be able to match that time — but hoped for something close. As soon as you turn around and start down, you start to feel somewhat refreshed — at least I did. With each step down you’re getting more and more oxygen into your lungs. I passed people coming up even after the A Frame, I felt sorry for these folks that still had so far to go. It was here that I noticed something else. After running in a pack for most of the day, I now found myself mostly alone. It seemed like I was passed by about 6 runners, and passed more than that myself.

The lower down the mountain you go, the higher the temperature climbs. I haven’t heard for sure, but someone told me the summit temperature was 70F. The trail temperature was increasingly getting warmer, making me wonder how hot the finish would be. I kept taking fluids, and energy gels. Water and aid stations were strategically placed at every two to three miles. The water stations closer to the top use water that’s pumped down in hoses from the summit. This year with the hot dry drought conditions, there was some concern that this would eliminate or reduce the water stations — thankfully that did not happen.

Concentrating on foot placement, when to drink, when to push it, do I stop to get the rocks out of shoes? All these thoughts are racing through your head. Watching for each mileage sign, knowing where you are exactly on the trail, getting ever so close, knowing that Carole and Katie are waiting, and the challenge of the day really started the emotions working. Carole always worries when I run, but more so on trail runs. It didn’t help when a Gordon Neal fellow ICer, who I hadn’t seen in 3 or 4 weeks approached us as we were standing around waiting for the start. I introduced him to Carole and Katie, and asked why I hadn’t seen him for awhile. He proceeded to show us the scars from head to toe that were healing, and pointed to the ribs he broke at the Barr Trail Mountain Race, “So I think I’ll be taking this one slow” he said with a wink. I was only a few miles from the finish, and as long as I didn’t do anything stupid I would finish without one drop of blood lost, and no br oken bones. The last three miles became unbearably hot, but it just made me crave the finish that much more. Off the trail, last mile, asphalt, orange traffic cones, steep and HOT. But now, as in every marathon or race, the sound of the crowd and the noise at the finish line carries you along. Finally the finish comes into view, and more importantly Carole and Katie holding a “GO Dad GO” sign from the side of the road cheering me on.

The finish, medal around my neck, no need for the medical attention (thank you), searching for bananas, oranges, water, and the massage tent. Hugs from Carole and Katie. I’m thinking to myself, how do I top this?

Rock line

Name: Mikko Ahola

Ascent Goal: 3:30

142 28/187 MIKKO P AHOLA 41 COLO SPGS CO 3:33:19

General Summary: First time doing the ascent. Weather was great, a little on the warm side. Took a long sleeve shirt but did not need it. Started in 2nd wave as I had not run any prior qualifying events. Ran into heavy traffic from the 1st wave from Barr camp on up which slowed me down some. First time going from bottom all the way to the top of peak. Felt good with result for a 2nd wave start. Had nice clear running all the way to Barr.

Things Done Right: Ran a good pace up to Barr Camp and was about 6 minutes ahead of calculator split for 3:30 ascent. Felt great at Barr compared to the Barr Trail Mtn race, and was several minutes faster. High altitude training the last couple weeks helped greatly.

Things Done Wrong: Above Barr, had trouble with cramping in my calf muscles. Drank 1 to 2 glasses of water at each aid station and downed GU’s at no-name and Barr, as well as carried one bottle from the start with accelerade. Perhaps still needed more electrolytes? Sounds like a lot of people had trouble with cramping.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Did utilize the calculator for 3:30 ascent time and it was quite accurate and helped greatly. I was 2 minutes ahead of calculator at hydro street, 6 minutes ahead at Barr, 5 minutes ahead at bottomless pit, then hit the traffic. Probably calculator is a little more accurate for first wave runners?

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Randy Lindsey

Marathon Goal: 3:30 summit, 5:30 finish

104 14/85 RANDY LINDSEY 49 COLO SPGS CO 3:34:56 2:18:40 5:53:36

General Summary: Due to the Pike Forest closure, I decided this was not to be the year to try for a PR. With the pressure off, it seemed like a golden opportunity to experiment with pacing — that is, holding back in the early part of the race. If I could have convinced my competitive little brain to extend the definition of “early part” to include, oh, say the first third of the ascent, it might have worked. As it was, I felt great as we reached the flats, and NOT ONE person passed me from No Name to A-Frame. I think I just let loose too much too soon, and died in the top 1.5 miles. Weak conditioning, heat and a defeated attitude told the tale from there on down, turning my descent into a long, painful shuffle below Barr Camp. All in all my time was only 2 minutes slower than last year, so I have to be reasonably satisfied. But one of these years I’m really gonna get in shape for this race!

Things Done Right: Ran by heartrate all the way up and it worked really well until I died near the top. I set a goal of 157 from the bottom up to the flats, 155 on the flats to Barr Camp, and 157 from there to the top. The first chunk at 157 was excellent, and really had me holding back. The 155 on the flats was probably too aggressive, but it felt great and I really passed people. The 157 from Barr Camp to A-Frame worked fine and kept me focused. But higher, I just had to scale back, averaging 154 to the 2-mile, 153 to the 1-mile, then I really died with a 148 average to the top. My legs were just dead so I couldn’t maintain the pace. Interestingly the heart monitor let me get a handle on my nauseous stomach — whenever it hit 159 I felt like throwing up, but if I backed off a couple of beats I felt fine.

Things Done Wrong: Not enough “down” training to get quads strengthened (or equivalent weight training) — my quads started burning within the first mile, and were really sore for the next few days. Upset stomach all the way up and part way down limited me on the upper mountain, and I still don’t know the cause. Conditioning in general was almost certainly weaker than past years.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I don’t really run “to” the calculator pace since there are too few checkpoints by which to adjust a pace. But I find it very reassuring in the early going, when holding back, to find I’m still on pace. And again, above timberline it is (usually) encouraging to see that things are still going well despite how bad I feel.

My heartrate had me behind calculator pace at No Name Creek by 40 seconds, but I made it all up by the 7.8 sign after I let loose on the flats. I was a minute ahead by the Bottomless Pit sign and held that to A-Frame, but began losing after that. I was 30 seconds ahead at the 2-Mile sign, and 40 seconds behind at the 1-Mile. And then I lost another 4:10 in the last mile! Since I’ve held up well above timberline in the past, I think it was poor conditioning this year.

Any Other Stuff: Even more important than running the tangents this year, finding firm footing was key. I often switched from side to side of the trail to get the hardest ground.

Rock line

Name: Howard Brooks

Ascent Goal: PR

Results: PR...
140 26/187 HOWARD BROOKS 43 COLO SPGS CO 3:32:54

General Summary: Training really helps--what a concept. Thanks to the Incline Club for all the camaraderie and to Matt and Yvonne for all the effort they put into US. Thanks to the club, I trimmed 18 minutes off last year’s time.

Things Done Right: Club workouts helped build aerobic capacity and familiarity with the course. Mile repeats on the track helped me move my anaerobic capacity higher. Significant pre-race hydration for three days prior helped me up high. Prayer got me through the last mile.

Things Done Wrong: My Ascent tradition is to go out too fast. As a mid-pack duffer, is it good or bad to be 30 yards behind the leaders at Hydro Street?

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator was quite accurate for my Barr Camp and A frame splits. If I had stuck to the calculator down low, it would have saved me time up high.

Any Other Stuff: Don’t listen to the naysayers, the Pikes Peak Ascent is the best race in America!

Rock line

Name: Doug Laufer

Double Goal: Improve on last year — no broken parts

Results: Improved by 19 minutes
132 20/163 DOUG LAUFER 49 PALMER LAKE CO 3:30:01
114 16/85 DOUG LAUFER 49 PALMER LAKE CO 3:36:48 2:22:51 5:59:39

General Summary: Training/fitness level not what I would have liked but felt I did as well as I could given my fitness level. Sunday’s ascent less effort than Saturday, yet just 6 minutes slower than Saturday, most of that came from start to No Name. More long ultra type training runs than past few years but “wheels still came off” below Barr Camp on Sunday, maybe it was the heat, maybe just have not figured out how to spread energy over both days.

Things Done Right: Overall training lacked consistency, mileage was much lower than I would have liked but think the training I did do was on target. Several long, slow, high miles adventure runs in June and July. Couple Mt Evans ascents while forest was closed. Several trail races for quality work. Felt the base was as good as could be expected, the several “runs” in the 5-8 hour range helped a lot as did time running above 12,000 feet.

Things Done Wrong: Besides not doing enough quality or quantity, having to spend time at sea level a week before the race hurt me in the second half of the Ascent Saturday. There is no question time spent up high will make a big difference above timberline. Sunday I was faster from Barr Camp to top, especially after the A Frame, even though effort level felt easier. Think reason, in part, was benefit from being at 14,000 for the Ascent. Because of forest closure did not do a 7 mile loop in Palmer Lake very often (usually do at least once a week) and only did the “Matt’s minute on, minute off workout” a couple of times (similar to what Incline Club does on Barr Trail some Thursday’s — 30 minutes: 15 hard,15 easy, start at 7,200 feet get to 8,00 or 8,500 I think). Think these two workouts would have made me much stronger, made run less of a grind it out feeling.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Four minutes fast to top of W’s and seven to Barr Camp Saturday — may be reason for fading splits on upper half (still only passed by 2 or 3 people after Barr Camp), think cause of fade was more due to time at sea level. Sunday splits closer to calculator — still bit fast in lower half. Decent time 7 minutes slower than predicted time per calculator — may just be difference from doing round trip only vs. double.

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: Brenda Cowell

Ascent Goal: finishing ...

Results: Made it!

General Summary: I wasn’t even sure I should run the race this year; have had so many problems with asthma (aggravated by smoke from forest fires) However, I finished with a few minor problems in the last 3 miles. Learned a lot this year.

Things Done Right: Good hydration, divided the race into segments

Things Done Wrong: Way too nervous at the starting line-also I could have run up from the bottom or even Elk Park a few more times earlier.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

Rock line

Name: David Steadman

Marathon Goal: 3:10-3:15 ascent; 5:20 marathon

68 16/69 DAVID R STEADMAN 33 LUBBOCK TX 3:11:45 2:25:10 5:36:55

General Summary: For a flatlander from Texas, I thought I had a good ascent, considering I did a 3:25 in 2000. I did not know what to expect since I had not been training specifically for the PPM this year. I have been training for triathlons and did not know how this would affect my time. Another thing that I was concerned about was the inability to make a trip to the peak to train as I had done the previous two times that I had done the marathon. Two years ago I did a lot more distance running during the summer 3-4 hour training runs every week and 2-3 hours elevated treadmill every week plus the La Luz trail run and run back down for my last long run two weeks before the PPM. I think that the lack of trail running really hurt my descent time of a whopping 2:25 this year as I have not run on rocks in about two years and had a hard time technically coming down between the top and Barr Camp. I did not cramp or hit the wall, I just run downhill very slowly. It is very hard to adjust to being in the top 30 people to the top and being passed by 40 people on the descent.

Things Done Right: 1. Lost 10 pounds from two years ago

2. Lowered road marathon time from this time two years ago from a 3:40 to a 3:10.

3. Got a better aerobic base and better leg strength from competing in triathlons, last summer I did an Ironman and I think this helped my running tremendously as I am in better overall shape.

4. Ate well the day before the race

5. Stayed hydrated as I thought it was a hot day. I drank about one bottle of water between every major aid station (No-Name, Barr, A-Frame)

6. Ate Hammer Gel every 30 minutes, I had my timer set to go off every 30 minutes.

7. Took electrolytes at all of the major aid stations

8. Did not push too hard on the bottom

Things Done Wrong: I think the only thing that I did wrong was not get up to the peak to train on the trail because my descent time was horrible, it was the slowest of the three times that I had run the race and the other two times I had trained on the peak for about two days six weeks before the race. I think it makes a huge difference knowing how to run downhill on the rocks and where to put your feet when bouncing from boulder to boulder. I felt fine going down no cramps, no wall, ran the whole way except when I had to decide which line was the safest.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I think the calculator is a very good tool to use, I carried my splits with me and I was about two minutes ahead at No-Name and at Barr. I was one minute ahead at A-Frame and about three minutes behind from the A-Frame to the top, but I think that this may have been due to all of the loose gravel because I did a lot of slipping, but physically felt great during this portion

Any Other Stuff: I think that from my experiences during the three times that I have done the marathon that I have to agree with Matt that if you do not live close to the peak and you are a first-timer, you should try to get up there to train just to see what you will be up against on race day. The next time that I do the race I will definitely will make a trip up to train for a few days because it hurt my time this year.

This is my all-time favorite race.

The organization of the race is fantastic.

Rock line

Name: Michelle Stoll

Marathon Goal: 6 or sub-6h

24 3/12 MICHELLE M STOLL 29 COLO SPGS CO 4:05:24 2:07:16 6:12:40

General Summary: Lack of training? Hormonal fluctuation? Karma? Something thwarted me this day, as lightheadedness besieged me from the middle of the Ws all the way to the summit. I started wondering which hapless volunteers would have to deal with me after I passed out; fortunately that didn’t happen.

Things Done Right: Damage control — I grudgingly accepted the feeling of faintness and reduced my pace accordingly. Focusing solely on getting to the top, regardless of time, prevented greater disaster. Consumed enough liquid and calories along on the way.

Things Done Wrong: Should have verified my camelbak setup before the race; I lost a lot of skin due to chafing.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Good tool. Unfortunately I was unable to maintain the splits I’d written down for myself.

Any Other Stuff: Despite my disappointment I ran a PR and managed an age-group award. Somehow I’d forgotten how demoralizing the last section of road to the finish is!

Rock line

Name: Andy Dimmen

Ascent Goal: break 2:22:24

4 1/18 ANDY C DIMMEN 19 COLO SPGS CO 2:27:43

General Summary: I went out on age group record pace and felt pretty decent. I got really excited when I felt good on the flats getting to Barr Camp. At this point, I thought I had the record for sure. Nevertheless, I couldn’t muster the strength to make a serious charge above Barr Camp. I still managed to leave one guy and pass another. The combination of tired legs and smoky air turned these last miles one painful experience.

Things Done Right: --Attended IC runs religiously and trained consistently the rest of the week

--Spent a lot of time training and sleeping above Barr Camp

--Increased my mileage significantly from last year

--Brought a water bottle to fill with water and gu

Things Done Wrong: --Quit doing my flat, fast runs around May

--Didn’t work on my splits to Barr Camp

--Came into the race too heavy

Comments on Calculator if Used: It’s right on. Too bad I went out too fast and couldn’t hit the splits up top--but I had to try for that record.

Any Other Stuff: Watching my favorite race’s winning times degrade from year to year truly saddens me. I can’t understand why the race committee stubbornly refuses to hold 10 spots for faster runners. It’s great to get fourth, but I’d much prefer the days when a 2:27 would have gotten me tenth. Also, why did they do away with top ten awards? Last year they got special awards.

Rock line

Name: Terry Bishop

Marathon Goal: 7:15

473 39/42 TERRY M BISHOP 57 GERMANTOWN TN 5:38:08 3:14:55 8:53:03

General Summary: Twenty years ago ran 5:55 with out much of a problem. The altitude was tougher than remembered after training in Memphis at 300 ft. Struggled after Barr Camp and had to sit down and rest a couple times in the last couple miles.

Things Done Right: Ran weekly runs of 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Ran hill repeats most weeks.

Things Done Wrong: Hill repeats were only on a small slope. Need more overall mileage. Need weight work to strengthen legs more due to lack of hills.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Did not know about calculator. Will look into it next year.

Any Other Stuff: Race management was great. Appreciated all the assistance over a long time. I am going to try to duplicate IC work outs this year as far as repeats and time running. It would be an interesting project to attempt to come up with training schedule for flatlanders-knowing of course those doing the IC work outs will kick our rears. It would be “Incline Club Workouts for those stuck in the Horizontal” Have a great party tonight and thanks for letting join in as a long distance member.

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Name: Devin Allen

Ascent Goal: 3:00

48 17/201 DEVIN L ALLEN 36 COLO SPGS CO 3:06:08

General Summary: Did a 3:11 in wave two last year in my first ascent and was sure 3:00 was within reach because my training was a whole lot better this year. Still pretty happy with the results.

Things Done Right: Tapered well, warmed up and stretched well. Didn’t go out too fast though I was under the pace calculator at Hydro. Did not carry my water bottle during the race, but had a 5 oz empty gel flask for the long stretches between stations. Felt good at Barr Camp and was 2 min under 3:00 pace. Drank two cups are every station.

Things Done Wrong: Obviously did not get enough high altitude training as I was two minutes under goal pace at BC but was 1 min over at A-frame and 4 min over with two to go. Was above treeline 5 times during the 8 weeks prior to the race and I guess this wasn’t enough. Either that, or I did go out too hard and just didn’t realize it. BIG WRONG: decided that I still had a shot at a 3:05 with about 1/2 mile to go so I started pushing — hard. Never glanced at my HR during this stretch which is probably a good thing as I’m sure I was highly anaerobic the last 100 meters. Sounded like an asthmatic in a high state of distress at the finish — so much so that the EMT “made” me go to the medical tent for O2. It was not worth it and I didn’t hit the 3:05:? mark anyway. Also, stayed too long at BC listening to the volunteers argue as to whether there was an aid station at A-frame. I was told by race directors the day before that there was so I should have just gotten out o f there. Probably stayed over a minute doing so.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I was about two minutes fast (2:58 pace)at every check from the top of W’s to BC. I really lost time to A-frame, and was 1 minute slow at that point, 4 minutes slow with 2 to go and ended up a little over 6 minutes short of goal pace. More altitude training is the only thing I can figure.

Any Other Stuff: The volunteers are absolutely incredible! Would be a tough race without them. Had a great time training with the IC but am now moving on to other things. Adventure races, the Leadville 100 MTB race, snowboarding, wake- boarding, golf, whatever — too many fun things out there for me to stay focused on one activity for so long!

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Name: Brian W Jones

Marathon Goal: Sub 8:00

338 61/88 BRIAN W JONES 36 DALLAS TX 4:18:50 3:12:04 7:30:54

General Summary: Weather was prefect. I felt great running up and down. I could not believe what a difference a year makes. My legs did not start cramping until 4 miles from the finish.

This year I have to work on speed. Like Andy Dimmen said “In order to get fast you have to crank up the treadmill incline and speed".

Things Done Right: Being from Dallas it is hard to train for the PPM. So I found the steepest hill in town which is a 1/4 mile long with I believe to be a 15 deg ree incline. I would put my 2 kids (weighing 25 lbs each) in their double jogger and run up and down for 1-3 hours.

Things Done Wrong: Only had one day up at the Summit (Saturday). I spent 7 Hours on the Summit Saturday.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Calculator worked great. I was hesitant if is was going to be accurate with 3 to go since I had no altitude training since the 2001 PPM.

Any Other Stuff: Great idea adding an extra water station.

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Name: Diane Vanderhoeven

Marathon Goal: Most importantly — Finish

38 9/31 DIANE L VANDERHOEVEN 40 HIGHLANDS RANC CO 4:10:29 2:22:55 6:33:24

General Summary: Once again, the PPA/PPM Organization provided a great race. My time in 2000 was 3:27:36 Ascent and 5:21:17 Finish and then absent in 2001 due to the birth of our daughter on Aug 22nd. I had hoped to return to running strong this year but a bunion on my left foot has caused every footfall to be painful. Unfortunately I also lead with my left foot so it takes the brunt of abuse during descents. Started very conservatively on bottom and felt good at the turn-around. Tried to make up some time on the descent but got caught behind slower folks on the single-track. Right calf cramped as soon as I reached Ruxton but ran it out and was able to power into the finish. I was disappointed in my performance in the Triple Crown this year but all things considered, I guess I should just be happy I finished.

Things Done Right: Trained pretty well on local trails and averaged 40-50 miles per week. Hydrated well the week prior and on race day. Ordered custom orthotics but didn’t receive them in time for the race.

Things Done Wrong: Only ran one time with the IC due to babysitting/work constraints and didn’t do any speedwork. Originally planned on quitting breastfeeding in June but continued through — big mistake for getting back in shape! Changed work shifts three times during the three weeks prior to the race.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Daiva Cooper

Ascent Goal: 4:30 — 5:00

390 45/72 DAIVA A COOPER 30 COLO SPGS CO 5:32:11

General Summary: I was feeling good and was on target for a 5:00 finish all the way up to A-Frame. I had some big problems on the top part of the mountain, which I realized was because I was not eating enough during the race and was drinking too much, so my body was depleted of sodium. However, I did finish in 5:31 which I felt was good considering how bad I felt the last 3 miles. Pikes Peak is always a great place to run, so I enjoyed myself anyway and had fun talking to the other runners on the top of the mountain. I will definitely run the Ascent again.

Things Done Right: 1. Had a good pace all the way to A-Frame

2. Spent a decent amount of time at altitude the few months before the Ascent

3. Ran the Barr Trail Mountain Race, which was a great race to help me get ready for the Ascent

Things Done Wrong: 1. Needed to eat more food during the race, especially salty food like pretzels and trail mix

2. Drink more Gatorade and less water

3. Need to spend more time running with the IC next time around

4. Needed to spend even more time running at altitude instead of just hiking

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Fred (over the top) Wright

Ascent Goal: To equal last year’s time (4:06)

454 4/15 FRED R WRIGHT 67 MANITOU SPGS CO 4:11:40

General Summary: My spring training sessions had gone so good, with a PR over most of the standard training courses. I attributed this to the speed work I was doing this year on each Tuesday. So even though my amount of training time was reduced this year, I seemed to be doing better overall. This crumbled around me when I contracted bronchitis in April. I only missed one Sunday completely, but it was five weeks before I couple do a complete workout, managing only 40 — 50 minute runs. An indication of my fall in fitness came in the BTMR, when I ran 17 minutes slower than the previous year, bummer!!

Things Done Right: I rested up well, knowing that was the only variable I still had, and could control.

Spent as much time as possible at the top of Pikes Peak in the four weeks prior to the race. Didn’t run much, but jogged around and did cleanup.

Things Done Wrong: Gained about a pre 5lb !

Comments on Calculator if Used: N/A

Any Other Stuff: People keep sneaking new tripping hazards on the trail, I found two on the way up, and have the grit in my palms to prove it. The course and the aide stations were great, as was the weather for most of the time. Congrat’s to the organizers — now lets get a bunch of elite’s in here and make it really exciting!

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Name: Steve Mischel

Marathon Goal: 5.5 hours

92 20/69 STEVE MISCHEL 30 COLO SPGS CO 3:19:22 2:30:46 5:50:08

General Summary: Started out feeling great keeping a good pace up to Barr Camp, drank plenty of water at every aid station, refueled with goo packs and ate part of an energy bar which I discovered is not the easiest thing to do. At A-Frame I began to feel fatigued so I had to slow my pace. At 2 miles from the top had to stop running and begin a fast walking pace. I desperately wanted to be done with the race at that point so I knew I was in for a tough descent. Reached the summit in 3:19 almost matching my Ascent time from last year. On the descent my back, thighs, and hamstrings tightened up to the point that I had to stop at take a stretch break. Had to continue those every ten minutes of running until I reached the 5 mile mark to the finish and made the decision to run w/o stretching. Probably would have met my goal if I didn’t have to stretch. Oh well, next year’s race is right around the corner!

Things Done Right: Kept rehydrating at every chance and started out with a good maintainable pace. Brought as little as possible as far as accessories go and had a good chat with a fellow runner from Texas during the ascent.

Things Done Wrong: Too few Sunday and Thursday “*”s! I an convinced that my lack of endurance affected me above tree line and on the descent, did not get enough long runs in 37 weeks prior to the race.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Matt Carpenter

Ascent Goal: 2:15 and any placing better than the BTMR (33rd)!


General Summary: Nathan Schultz took the lead almost from the get go and he and Scott Elliott were pushing off of each other and switching off. Here and there another runner or two would jump in for a go at it. All the while I was thinking they were all just going to run away from me or die because I felt it was rather hot to be going as hard as I was going. I tried to relax as I just sat back and let them fight it out. I don’t think they ever got much more than 15 seconds on me (and that was by Hydro Street) but the distance allowed me to run an even pace and absorb their surges. I made first contact right before the Incline aid station but they took off again soon after. I did not catch up to them until right at the No Name Station but again the group left both Scott and I as we drank. After No Name it does what it always does in that the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees and I felt a lot better! On the other hand I noticed that on the steeper sections the leaders would all bunch up a litt le more and it was getting easier to maintain contact. I think Scott sensed it too and he made a nice move to rejoin them. When we got into the flatter sections we really started moving! Its a good strategy but it backfires in that soon there are no more flats and if you are tired on the ups (as it looked to me they were) then your day is done. Four out of the five in the group used the new Bob’s Road station and then they rocked the next downhill. I caught up to them on the rather steep short section leading up to the 7.8 mile sign which is about halfway between the No Name aid station and Barr Camp. Scott made what I felt was a rather obvious surge to try to break open the race but no one seemed to be phased by it and Scott stopped pushing rather soon as if he was only testing or perhaps he realized that he did not have the goods. Again the group quickly bunched back up. I decided at that point I would make my move. I picked the 7.8 sign because I wanted them to think I was tracking something and not h appy with what I saw. I held my watch out in a manner that I knew that they would see/hear me take my split and then I dropped the hammer. Almost to say “this is too slow.” (Truth be told while I was tracking individual splits I was clueless as to our overall pace because I gave up on times when I saw how bad things were at the Ws.) At any rate, the plan was to go hard enough that they would either think I was crazy and let me go or they would think that I was deadly serious and let me go or simply (and hopefully) to go hard enough that they would have no choice but to let me go. Not sure what they thought or how they felt but they let me go:-) I took a good bit of water at Barr Camp — flat stopped for about 5 seconds while I was drinking. I wanted to try in my mind to convince myself that I was starting fresh. It worked for about 10 steps and then it was back to the grind. However I was pleasantly surprised that I never heard any cheering for the next runner while I headed away from the camp. Almost immediately I began to smell smoke. It did not pass so I knew it was not a campfire. It felt like some of my Section 16 runs during the forest closure in that I felt like I was running in a bar full of smoke. My throat got dry and breathing became harder. I tried to put it out of my mind and focus on my cadence. I was happy with my Bottomless Pit sign split and I made the first long switchback in good time as well. At this switchback there is a point where you can see at least a minute back. I saw no one — I was rather upbeat. Soon however I noticed that I was no longer able to accelerate on the flatter sections as I usually do. I was losing momentum. Simply my surge had cost me and it was too much of a push for that early in the race given my conditioning. Again at the A-frame I tried to convince myself I was starting fresh. Again it did not last long and I ran out of gas with about 2.5 miles to go. However I knew that I would now be able to easily track the pursuers on the switchbacks. The momen t of truth had arrived! It turns out I had put way more time on them (well now just Nathan) than I thought. I don’t know if he was taking splits or not but I clocked it at about 2 minutes at 2 miles to go. At one mile I did not clock it so much as just judge where he was vs where I was and I knew that I could just sorta finish the day. He closed the gap considerably on the last mile but by that time it was too late. I was glad the race did not have another mile in it:-)

Things Done Right: Not a lot really. Well OK I did a lot of things right race day but the rest of the year I pretty much made a mess of my running.

* Great taper — all year!

* Drank lots the day before the race.

* Stayed relaxed and started at a pace I thought I could handle. Even had a few ICers in front of me for a while.

* With the conflicting reports on the availability of water I decided to take a water bottle that was half filled. I sipped on it between stations and half filled it at the stations. However I still drank water at the stations as well!

* 3-4 times I emptied a Carb-BOOM into the bottle. I have found this a much easier way to get some energy than trying to eat a whole one at one time.

* Gave up on my time goal VERY early instead of trying to keep pushing and making things worse!

Things Done Wrong: * Simply I did not really have an off season last year because I took being on a team in the Fall Series way too seriously. I started doing intense workouts in the middle of my off season all the while trying to fix a nagging back. NOT SMART and I paid for it all year long. I don’t think I have had but a single week over 40 miles the whole season. Fortunately I did not mind too much because Yvonne and I had decided to start a family:-)

* I picked a time (2:15) that I thought I could run based one the several 2:20 -2:22s I did in training. I convinced myself that I could run that time with a taper and ignored this simple fact: When you are running next to nothing to begin with there is no such thing as a taper and there will be no magic on race day! Although this was a mistake again I gave up on it early and instead did what I had to do to bide my time and stay in contention for the race.

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator was deadly accurate at showing me just how bad things were going! It can be a harsh mistress for those like me who go into the race under trained!

Any Other Stuff: Strategy: Perhaps I would have run a faster time without that surge but I might not have been the one to win because it is harder to get away on the top where everyone can see you so easily.

Double: Yes, I had thoughts of doing the double. That is until I tried to walk away from the ascent finish line and I could hardly stand up! Game over, hit the reset button.

Race: In the end the race was a good hard one for me and I had to pull out my bag of tricks to pull it off. However, and as stated, there is no way I or anybody should “win” Pikes Peak with that time! I don’t have to hide behind the fact that I won only because faster runners could not get into the race to feel good about myself or my race. At the same time this is saying nothing bad about the people who were behind me!!! Heck several who were behind me are my best friends and many I know because of the IC or my websites. Throughout both races are people that worked their butts off with some doing so for a full 9 months. Some got top 10s, some won or placed in age-groups, some PRed, some just finished and few did not even manage that. However all the runners went for it and that is what it is all about. I know I ran the best I could for what I had put into it but simply Pikes Peak deserves better! If Boston or Chicago or any other “premiere” race such as Pikes Peak calls itself were t o be won in as comparatively slow times there would be total outrage! Bottom line races should be won at the finish line an not at the registration line! Holding a few spots for top runners based on their running bio is not going to ruin this event. Point in fact, it just might make it a race! Agree? Great! Disagree? Great! Just make your voice heard!

IC: Way to go club! 7 top 10s and 17 age-groupers! Need we say more? Well yes, we also had a heck of a showing at Leadville:-)

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Name: Susanna Casey

Ascent Goal: 4:00


General Summary: Beginner’s Luck??? I’m now wondering what I could have done if I had more of a clue about how to train! It was my first Ascent and I was thrilled with my time.

I think my success this year was totally due to your website!! I wouldn’t have had a clue without it. It is both informative and inspiring. I did learn a lot just by following your comments. Since around mid July or so, I’ve been an avid, “shadow” Incline Club follower. Thanks!

I’m actually a little surprised with my race. I began training in earnest on Section 16 right after July 4, because Barr Trail was closed. I knew it was a very late start. The fire sort of stalled me. Running with little bits of ash falling on me was disconcerting! I usually run 6 miles twice a week, never any long distances except occasionally hiking/running to Barr Camp and back. But August 17 was looming, and I needed to get on the trail and put some time in! Once Barr opened, I was anxious to go up to the top of the W’s to see how I could do because I had no idea what it was like and I’d never tried to actually RUN up the W’s. My time was 40 minutes from the trailhead. I figured I’d be lucky to make the Ascent in 5 hours. Then I discovered Matt’s calculator while surfing the ‘net. After learning what splits were, I decided to check myself against the 4:00 splits and keep to them. So after a couple of trips up the W’s, getting faster each time, I set off in earnes t for Barr Camp and made it in 2 hours. I was so totally EXHAUSTED after the last .5 mile, I didn’t think I could do the rest of the Ascent — ever. Well, I persevered, going up to Barr and back a couple more times, aiming at 2 hours each time, and then the last three weekends all the way up to the top. My fastest training time was 4:07 from the trailhead. My slowest was 4:40 — when all I thought about was getting back in bed. What was I thinking? Based upon what I was reading, I knew this was probably not the totally correct way to train for this thing.

Come race day, however, I got a sudden spurt of crazed confidence. I still didn’t think I was giving it my best shot. I still thought I could do better. I decided to “steal” seconds off each split time and instead wrote 3:50 splits on my arm that morning instead of 4:00. My friends laughed at me. Well, I figured it would give me something faster to aim at, hopefully without killing myself, just shaving off seconds couldn’t possibly hurt me.

Come race day, after reading all your tips on your website, I was careful not to go out too fast, but the top of the W’s came early. Barr camp came up in 1:49. Earlier than the 3:50 splits. I couldn’t believe it. I was really trying to go my own speed. I thought I was sunk. I thought I’d fallen into the “going out too fast” trap that everyone talks about. I was prepared to just fall down before the end. However, I felt great and seemed to just keep it going. I guess it was the adrenaline of the race! What surprised me was how the race went after Barr Camp. I was not expecting how things slowed down around me after A Frame. I guess I didn’t feel the altitude as much. I just kept aiming and aiming at my 3:50 splits on my arm. Anyway, I suddenly realized at the last mile that I was actually going to ACHIEVE 3:50! I knew that going up the 16 golden steps takes me 10 minutes, and my watch said 3:41 at the bottom of them. So I gave it EVERYTHING I HAD to get to the top in time to beat 3:50. What a great, great feeling. I was cheering and jumping up and down inside, but all I could do was double over with a stitch in my side at the top!

Things Done Right: Hydrated, ate and slept well all week.

Learned the trail.

Used the calculator — In the short time I had to train, I was able to quickly understand where I was fast and where I was slow along the trail and learned the places I could push it but not sacrifice the energy to keep going to the top.

Didn’t try to run up the W’s.

Didn’t try to run that last .5 mile to Barr Camp.

Fast-Hiked the steep parts and ran the less steep.

Kept my breathing totally even and adjusted my steps to my breathing instead of the other way around.

Took my own power gels and only drank water. Read all the tips and stories on the Incline Club website!

Things Done Wrong: Trained too late and too little.

Did too much the weekend before. Didn’t really understand tapering. Still don’t!

Comments on Calculator if Used: Fabulous. I couldn’t have understood the course as well without it. It helped me get those extra 10 minutes!

Any Other Stuff: Given the water situation, I was amazed at how water was plentiful along the course, and how it got there. I still think it was magic! Thanks to organizers and volunteers for all their efforts.

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Name: Kees Guijt

Ascent Goal: run fast, win TCR

Results: Won the TCR
7 5/201 CORNELIS B GUIJT 36 COLO SPGS CO 2:30:13

General Summary: I was trying to do two things for the Ascent, run a good time and improve(duh), and try to run a good enough time to win the triple crown (just like last year). I did feel better than last year, but that doesn’t always mean that I would be faster. I expected to be 1 to 2 minutes faster in the Garden of the Gods but ended up being a minute slower. I only had a 2 minute lead on last years winner vs. a 4 minute lead I had in 2001 (Paul Koch ran a 2:27 Ascent in 2001 and has a PR of 2:19). A few weeks before the race Jonathan told me that Paul would be running the marathon instead of the Ascent. I pretty much had to run my own race and wait another 24hrs for the final result. Last year I based my predicted time on the Barr trail race time and the Elk runs time from Barr to the top. Unfortunately, this year there was only one elk run (2 weeks before the race), so that was weird to use that time. However, 3 weeks before the race we were able to run from Soda Springs Park to the top so t hat one helped. I decided to have 3 options, 2:25 for a really good day (and some security if Paul would run another 2:27), 2:30 for a good day, 2:35 to at least to get in the top 10. The start was the same as usual; I was probably 20th at Ruxton. Saw Scott Elliot and some other guys take off. One of them I knew from the TCR races, very good runner but I doubted he would beat me in the race (yes I did pass him before the arch). I could see Andy close to Scott, and Matt started slightly slower and was very close to me. Last year I did all my long runs with Gatorade and used that in the race too. This year I ran with water in training but thought I would be OK with Gatorade based on previous years. I took one sip of Gatorade and cramped up for 15 minutes. just ran through it but I am sure I had to slow down. Needless to say I dumped the Gatorade and stuck with water after that. I passed the last person around No Name and never saw anybody again until timberline. I was about 5 min ahead of last year at Barr camp , which means I should win another 5 min from Barr to the top. People kept telling me I looked stronger than people ahead of me, and I felt I would catch a few more. I got really close to #6 and #5 but never caught them. Obviously I couldn’t keep up the pace on the top 3 miles and pretty much I ran about the same as last year there, so I ended up with 2:30 (still 5 min faster than last year). On the top section it was pretty warm and I am sure the smoke didn’t help either (I am not making excuses though). I was happy with my finish (and being way closer to Matt and Andy than compared to training runs) but worried if it was good enough. Both Matt and Andy told me I ran fast enough, I wasn’t sure. On Sunday, when I showed up in Manitou, I found out that the fastest to the top was Paul Koch. and it was (only) in 2:32! I did get the TCR and it made it pretty satisfying that I placed ahead of everybody else in the TCR for all races.

Things Done Right: The forest closure probably changed things somewhat, but I think that the main training is done early in the season when we are grinding up our way on Longs Ranch. Oh yes, I hate it too and it is hard to do that for a race still 6 months out, I feel that that it is the thing done right though! Had a good taper, rested, was relaxed

Things Done Wrong: Have the forest service manage the forest??? The Gatorade thing. but it still could have gone wrong if I had used the Powerade in the race after training with Gatorade.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Calculator worked great. As usual I look at splits instead of the overall time. However it worked in two sections. 2:25-pace for up to Barr, then 2:35-pace for the top part. Still think I paced myself well, it was just one of those days where the mountain ruled on the top section.

Any Other Stuff: It is a shame that there is the big controversy regarding the Pikes Peak races, and more the management of them. I love being on the Peak, I love races on the Peak, and being able to run on the Peak and running with the Incline club is probably the reason that I am still running. Knowing Matt from training all of us, and knowing him as a friend, I am convinced that he has the best intentions for the future of the races. Realize that the newspaper prints what they want to print and not necessarily what Matt tried to say! Everybody should put their personal agenda aside, and work positively on changing/keeping these races great races! We might not be able to change everything at once, but if we have constructive criticism the races will improve at all fronts!

I agree with Paul about Keith quitting Leadville, but I also agree with Keith doing a background check on his pacers. My guess is that it will suck to be who they are for both of them!

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Name: Lance Thibault

Ascent Goal: Oct 01 it was 2hr 34 min — Feb 02 it was 3hrs — May it was 3hrs 15 min — Race day 3hrs 30min

194 6/23 LANCE W THIBAULT 24 COLO SPGS CO 3:40:19

General Summary: Really nice day for the race. Got up early had my normal breakfast. Showed up early. Stayed in my truck for a while because it was a bit chilly and I didn’t want to waste energy just trying to stay warm. Eventfully got out, chatted with women ICer’s, started just a few rows from the start in the first wave, got passed by about 500 people by the time I hit Ruxton. Passed about 300 people on the way to the top. Was greeted by some fellow ICer’s, my family and a few friends on top. Overall, I enjoyed the race except for about a mile stretch with about 1 and 1/2 to go. I had to try and walk out some calf cramping. Wasn’t helping much so I painfully ran the last 1/2 mile. Particularly I remember the last 30 or steps having a cramp in both calves. Had it not been for the crowd and the finish line being just a few steps away, I know I would have stopped again. Enjoyed the experience and the 11 or so months of training, but I don’t think I’ll be back next year.

Things Done Right: Didn’t change much the morning of the race. Ate my normal Sunday breakfast of oatmeal and a powerbar, just a little bit earlier and of course it was Saturday. I thought I hydrated myself very well. Starting a few days before the race I was spending more time in the bathroom than my wife. I drank some water race morning too, but not so much that I’d have to make a stop on the trail. Carried my water bottle with me. I don’t know why, but I prefer to carry the bottle during the race, even though I train with the Fuel Belt. Used the water bottle between aid stations when I was feeling even the least bit parched. Took some Cliff Shots along also. Stayed on a schedule of having one every 20 min., but sucked down the 1st one at the start of the trail head. I didn’t have one before the start of the race, because I figured the 1st 30 min. or so would be pretty crowded anyway and I wouldn’t be running that hard. In hindsight, I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt me to have one before the race started. Lastly, I had some food and a ride down waiting for me on top.

Things Done Wrong: I got hurt toward the end of January, I really don’t think it was because of anything I was doing wrong, except maybe starting to over train a bit. However, I did cut back my running to heal up. What I did wrong was that about 2 months later when I really felt repaired I couldn’t get myself motivated to start adding the miles on during the week. I did start running longer on the Sundays, and shortly after, the IC Thursdays started, but that was about it for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t improve on my running by just running twice a week.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I printed out and made a small hand card of the spits the calculator gave me. Unfortunately I printed it out back in October when I did indeed believe I could run that darn Ascent it 2hr 45min. So my split times were WAY off. Seriously though, I did use it for the BTMR. I just kept putting in number until it read 1hr 20min to Barr Camp. I use the splits below Barr Camp and I was nearly right on. This may not work for everyone, but it did for me.

Any Other Stuff: This was my first year and probably my last year of any kind of distance running. Working out with the Incline Club made it an almost enjoyable experience. Learned a lot and met some great people. My hats off to those who continue to run, but I think I’m taking up Mtn Biking. Easier on my joints and still get to spend time on local trails.

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Name: Richard Hedlind

Ascent Goal: 3:30

169 20/81 RICHARD HEDLIND 26 COLO SPGS CO 3:38:13

General Summary: Finally the race that I have been waiting for all season! Unfortunately my chest decided to start troubling me the week before the race and I went for a EKG and chest scan on Friday before the race. They couldn’t find anything wrong so I still did the race but had to hold back a little because of a strange feeling in my lungs. I still have it and don’t know what to do.

Things Done Right: A lot of high altitude training the last weeks before the race. It helped me a lot the whole way. Also stayed well hydrated.

Things Done Wrong: Well, I have caught something that bothers my lungs and that kept me from breaking 3.30... this year.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Stayed close to pace for 3.30 the whole way until Barr Camp where too many people from the first wave where slowing me down significantly.

Any Other Stuff: I was in the second wave and I think that too many slower runners seemed to be in the first wave. Most of those I passed could never make sub 4.20 which is the time you have to beat to go in the first wave right?. I started passing blue bibs just above No Name Creek and it was a long line of them from Barr Camp to the summit that I had to try to pass.

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Name: Tim Allison

Marathon Goal: Margie Lloyd-Allison’s 4:36:30 or under 5 hrs

14 2/92 TIM D ALLISON 41 COLO SPGS CO 3:03:22 1:50:42 4:54:04

General Summary: I tried CRC’s training program run by “Run Colorado” using the Carmichael Traning Program (as in Lance Armstrong). It seemed too easy, and in all honesty, I was probably a bit better runner than they were set up to handle, but I think it worked. The schedule for peaking and tapering was very useful. It was also a nice change and enabled me to meet a new group of runners.

Unfortunately, I did not bother to read my race packet so if it said to take extra water, I did not notice. I paid the price. I wrote splits on my arms from the race calculator for a 2:50 ascent. I was a minute fast to Hydro Street. (Following Lisa Reinsberger’s advice, I ran a 10s stride at the race start and then pulled waaay back.) I held that minute advantage up to the water stop near the incline. I was thirsty already :-( and asked for my usual two cups. There couldn’t have been three ounces in them — combined. I knew things would get tough, especially since I was still thirsty and it was hot, so gave my minute back by No Name, where I got two full cups.

I kept pace with the calculator through Barr Camp, but the smoke had me wheezing a little as I neared the tree line. Dehydration and the breathing problems had me slowing even as I passed people. I passed 5 — 7 people between Barr Camp and the A-Frame, which had me thinking I was keeping pace, but I still lost 4 minutes or so on the calculator. Unlike previous years, I kept running above the timberline although I was clearly slowing and having problems breathing. For some reason, few of the water stops saw me coming. I had to stop to get water at every stop after Barr Camp, including the descent.

The first woman passed me near the peak, and I was zoned out enough that I didn’t even know she was there. I grabbed a mess of food, took some key and hiked the first half mile while eating. I grabbed more grapes and lots of water at the Circ. That helped tremendously, I stopped wheezing, and I started descended at a reasonable rate. In fact, I actually passed most of the runners that passed me as I hiked. I think this was the first year that I passed someone who wasn’t hurt on the descent, so I had that going for me!

I did have a couple of firsts. I think I lost a nail — on the way up. I also fell descending through the W’s, which finished the nail, if it wasn’t gone before. Even though I hopped on a plane for Valdosta, GA Monday morning, my legs never got stiff or sore during or after the race. I take that to be a sign that I physically prepared, but dehydration kept me from running hard enough to stress my leg muscles. Maybe it means I wussed out. I dunno.

Things Done Right: Did not have Paul Sullivan pace me.

Persevered when feeling bad and eventually recovered.

Winning a watch was pretty cool.

Things Done Wrong: Did not take extra water.

Promised my wife this would be my last PPM.

Got confused and impatient at award ceremony.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I think I would have nailed it, if I had taken water and an air filter along. Ok, maybe if someone carried an air conditioner for me.

Any Other Stuff: The support personnel seemed to be rookies. Handing runners nearly empty cups is inexcusable (that stop seemed to have it figured out on the return). Forcing runners to stop to get drinks is unacceptable. Uphill, it breaks your momentum. Downhill, it takes to much power.

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Name: Eric Billmeyer

Ascent Goal: Revised many times from 2:25 to just being able to race, settled on 2:40


General Summary: Well my first season with the IC’rs was filled with lots of highs and lows (and I don’t just mean all the up, up, up and a little bit of down running we do!)Way back in November little did I know what I was getting myself into. For the next nine months I alternated between great weeks of running, then weeks of fighting an injury, then the cycle would start all over again. In all I had six different injuries, the last being a real pain in the butt! After having a really good race at the Turquoise Lake 20k(6/9), I couldn’t run for the next month due to pulling my periformis muscle. I thought my season was over and was about to turn in my Ascent entry and at least get some of my 50 bucks back! At the BTMR I made it all the way to No Name! Wow! How the hell was I going to make it to the top of Pikes Peak in just over a month! Well that’s when I looked at the IC star board. One of my goals this year was to get a little piece of wood with a spike through it, and to do tha t I had to make 35 club runs. Sounds crazy, but that’s what got me going again. I figured I could just make it with a little cushion. With cautious optimism I was going for the Ascent. The next month went well, running every other day to not aggravate my injury, but hard enough to get me in shape(thanks to Jonathan “you made it this far, what’s another six miles to the top!” Cavner). So just before the race I felt that I just might be able to break 2:40 if I had a great race. The race started well and for once I did not go out too fast. I even passed a few people up the W’s going at a comfortable pace(in training this is where I was losing all my time.) All my splits were coming in at 2:37 pace and I was feeling good. I hit Barr Camp in 1:16:50 still rolling. It was just after A-Frame that things began to fall apart(imagine that!). My quads started to cramp and a good run turned into an epic just to finish. With a mile to go I honestly felt my quads were going to totally seize up and I was going to have to be carried off the mountain! Knowing how sympathetic the club would be to such a display there was no way that was an option. I finally crossed the line in just over 2:45. Overall I was super happy. Most importantly I made it to the top but also that I did it in a decent time for my first PPA. Thanks goes out to the IC and Matt.

Things Done Right: Walked through most aid stations and drank half Gatorade/half water.

Took GU

Used the pacing calculator for splits (what a concept)

Things Done Wrong: Only drank half of the half Gatorade/half water!

In hindsight probably still went out a little fast for my conditioning.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Very accurate, works great-now that I’m using it!

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Kenneth Lonnquist

Marathon Goal: 6:15ish

491 4/4 KENNETH J LONNQUIST 18 COLO SPGS CO 5:00:56 4:13:35 9:14:31

General Summary: I had a great race up until Bottomless pit, then the elevation started to get to me. My splits up till then had been one to two minutes ahead of schedule, but they fell fast, and I reached the top at 5:00, an hour later then I had hoped to get there. on the downhill, I started to get cramps and my stomach would not settle. I spent most of the way down in a medium paced power walk. I was able to finish at a run, albeit in a bit of pain.

Things Done Right: I stayed hydrated. I must have drunk almost four liters on the way up, and three or so on the way down. I did not take off too fast, and was able to keep a steady if slow pace on the way up the stretch from A-frame to the summit, and all the way down. The weekly training with the Incline Club was a definite boon to my progress, or I would have done much, much worse.

Things Done Wrong: I could have over hydrated, as evidenced by my cramps.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I nearly matched the calculator, split for split, until I hit A-frame/altitude.

Any Other Stuff:

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Name: Stephen Martin

Marathon Goal: 5:30 — 5:45

149 25/92 STEPHEN E MARTIN 42 COLO SPGS CO 4:00:24 2:16:40 6:17:04

General Summary: Slept well the night before after a week of ‘hard’ tapering. I had “rolled” my ankle at the last Thursday IC practice before the race and had frantically iced and massaged for the last couple of days. As it turned out it changed my running mechanics, and although sore, in the end it wasn’t my ankle that went south on me. After nine months of training injury free this was truly bizarre. Weather was much cooler than last year, and I got off to a good start. Kept a comfortable pace into BC... things got weird from then on. At 2toGo I had to stop and pull over to massage my right quad for five minutes, as it had locked up on me. Thought “My day is done” and considered turning around. Pushed forward, but could only walk and summited, finally. The downhill felt better on my quad and I pushed hard, a little too hard as it turns out because I fell a mile down from the summit, pulling my left calf and letting out a holler that probably freaked out the people a round me. Laid there for a couple minutes massaging my balled up calf muscle thinking “What else can go wrong!!” I was able to work out the soreness and gain speed downhill into BC. Pace to the finish was slow but at least I was able to keep running as my calf kept locking up on me. Overall was very impressed with the effort of my fellow IC’ers way to go!! worst moment: Falling a mile down from the summit, and letting out such a holler that they must of thought I broke my leg. best moment: Passing the group of guys who saw me crash, “Weren’t you the guy that just fell??"

Things Done Right: Training with the IC all year and having that foundation can make even the worst of days better. Although I was off of my Goal by some forty minutes I did manage to do about forty minutes better than my last PPM race. Also learned to be more patient with myself than in years past on the mountain. Hydrated well, and drank at every aid station.

Things Done Wrong: Ran in the gutter instead of on the street coming down Ruxton and tripped on a grate on the last Thursday run of the IC. Stupid! More miles, more miles, more miles in the week in between Sunday workouts I think would have helped. For me the Sunday workouts tapered down to two and half hours during the summer months were NOT enough for me. IMHO we should have kept running up to 4 — 4.5 hours to get in shape for the marathon.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Plan on using it more. Did not train to it, therefore did not use it.

Any Other Stuff: Volunteers at the aid stations were very helpful. The finish seemed to have many more vocal supporters this year which was great!

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Name: Jim Freim

Ascent Goal: 3:00

32 1/52 JIM B FREIM 56 COLO SPGS CO 3:00:33

General Summary: I have suffered from a groin pull for 4 months. The hard push up the Peak at the 3 hour pace was my limit. Then at Barr C I started feeling dizzy and lightheaded, which became progressively worse. I couldn’t tell the time, didn’t know where I was. Almost an out of body experience where I was above watching myself. Weird. If I get a good day on the Peak, the age group record (about 2:54) is within reach. So, my race was pure mental.

Things Done Right: Training with the club. Proper taper. Good hydration and GU during the race.

Things Done Wrong: Nothing — but the experience was strange.

Comments on Calculator if Used:

Any Other Stuff:

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