35 short stories from the 2000 Pikes Peak races

Stories from the 2001 races

Rock line

Name: Bill Page

Ascent Goal: 3:30

Result in Ascent:
312 45/171 WILLIAM M PAGE 48 COLO SPGS CO 3:45:36

General Summary: My goal was same as last year. Trained more than last year. Made all time splits to A frame for a 3:30 but took 1:15 for the last 3 tough miles. It was 10:10 with 1.5 miles to go and I knew I would not make my goal in spite of the fact that I felt good. Sprinted the last few hundred yards, which was a mistake, nearly blacking out at the finish line. Overall a fun day, I will train harder for next year.

Things Done Right: Well rested, followed time split for a 3:30, well hydrated, took 6 packages of GU consumed at regular intervals. Never stopped.

Things Done Wrong: Sprinting across the last few hundred yards.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I followed the recommended time splits for a 3:30 and was on track to the A frame (2:29) I lost time in the last 3 miles, not able to complete it in 1:01. Maybe more high altitude training is required for the next time.

Any Other Stuff: Can’t wait for next year!

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Name: Marty Toetz

Ascent Goal: 4:45

Result in Ascent:
982 153/170 MARTY TOETZ 34 COLO SPGS CO 5:28:45

General Summary: My knee injury at the YMCA proved to be a royal pain at 3 miles to go. Again this year I cramped in the Quads and the Calves at about 1/2 way between Barr Camp and A Frame. I need to learn how to pace myself better and to pass traffic.

Things Done Right: I was at the start line on time!

Things Done Wrong: I did not run my race. I let traffic at the bottom slow me and let slower people pace me on the top. I also stopped to help Adolf about 5 times. He looked bad at Barr Camp. I was afraid he might turn around.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Another mistake on my part, I left my cheat sheet on goal times in my bag in the car.

Any Other Stuff: I need to plan for next years race better. I think I should take the week before the race off from work, so I can get my head screwed on straight and get my race plan squared away. I am VERY upset with myself for wasting a whole season of training on a horrible effort. As a part of the Incline Club, I demand more from myself.

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Name: Jamie M

Marathon Goal: 4:00 to summit, 2:40 to finish, 6:40 total

Result in Marathon:
377 17/32 JAMIE L MC MILLIN 56 COLO SPGS CO 4:40:04 3:00:15 7:40:19

General Summary: On goal pace to Barr Camp, really slowed above tree line, when forced to stop and let descending runners pass. Instead of my usual 72-75 minutes from A-frame to the summit, it took me 102 minutes.

Things Done Right: Good nutrition, sleep, and rest prior to race. I felt the best that I’ve felt all summer during the first hour. :-)

Things Done Wrong: 1. Carried 70 ounces of water in camelbak. My shoulders were very, very sore by the time I got to Barr Camp. Thought I would need the extra hydration, but not necessary. Aid stations were more than up to the task. 2. Ate too many grapes — threw them all up a little past No Name on way down.

Comments on Calculator if Used: na

Any Other Stuff: The following is from my diary re: “the marathon:” And, you know what? Despite the pain of 100% exertion at high altitude, I was able to catch glimpses of the beauty that surrounded me, as if I were in one of those out-of-body deals. Have to laugh thinking about it. Coming down the mountain I guess we were at about 13000 feet — I exclaimed to the souls silently running in my front and at my rear, “isn’t it beautiful?” Quickly it became evident that my sentiments were mine alone. Silence enveloped me like a wet blanket. I didn’t take offense, though. We all have our moments. That was mine. And, yes, I really felt it. It was beautiful. The whole scene, and the view was fantastic. 800 people, together, trying to tame a big mountain. We were part of it. We were alive. And, the crowd at the bottom calling our bib numbers knew it too. Despite our failing physical frames, we were in touch with our best selves. Amen.

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Name: Tim Erickson

Marathon Goal: 6:45

Result in Marathon:
345 43/62 TIM L ERICKSON 33 HIGHLANDS RANCHCO 4:23:01 3:03:31 7:26:32

General Summary: I spent the week before PPM in Austin, Texas. Not very good preparation. Anyway, I was on track for a 4:00 ascent until the A frame. At that point, I had to slow down quite a bit but I still made the summit in 4:23. On the way back down I ran pretty slow because I did not want to aggravate the ITB in my right knee that bothered me in a training run the weekend before. As it started to heat up, I drank a lot of water. After I finished my stomach felt very full and sloshy and decided to purge its contents right in front of the tent set up in the park. (my apologies to the occupant) My wife, Amy, had never seen such carnage and insisted that I make a trip to the medical tent. I obliged (I want to be able to talk her into crewing for me in future ultras) and the medics insisted that I needed an IV. After one look at Amy I consented and spent the next 15 minutes or so getting re-hydrated. I did feel better afterwards but kept thinking about how I could have prevented my situation in the fir st place.

Things Done Right: Pacing was good, did not re-aggravate my ITB.

Things Done Wrong: Drank too much compared to the amount of salt I took in. I think I ended up with an electrolyte imbalance. In the future I will take some electrolyte tablets. Other trail-marathons I have run have had salty foods at the aid stations such as pretzels and boiled potatoes.

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator was very accurate for me until I reached the A frame.

Any Other Stuff: Great marathon although the aid stations need a greater variety of foods. The Peak Bars do not agree with me, I had trouble with them last year but I guess I am a slow learner.

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Name: Ben Kirk

Ascent Goal: 3 to 4 hours

Result in Ascent:
139 27/170 BEN KIRK 30 COLO SPGS CO 3:26:51

General Summary: This was my first time so I had a very wide goal. Several friends at work were shooting for 3:30 so I migrated to that time as well. Had a bad week before the race so had nervous energy at the beginning.

Things Done Right: Tapered way down the week before. Rode my bike a few times to keep limber. Had a BIG meal the night before at the pasta feed. In the weeks before went for two hikes up with groups other than runners. Gave me a good feel for the terrain at slower speeds. Attended on and off the Incline Club runs. This was invaluable going up Ruxton and the early switchbacks. By the time of the race I felt I had this part down and it was only a matter of drawing on the training an experience to quickly get past this section.

Things Done Wrong: Maybe went out too fast because after Barr felt like I was approaching my limit too quickly. But backed off and maintained a steady pace to recover. Had a very difficult time eating. The full size camelback was too large for the predicted time. If you know you are shooting for a 3 to 4 hr time you don’t need to carry that much stuff. Maybe a waist camelback or a single bottle is OK as long as you drink/refill at the stations. But you still must stay hydrated (including sports drinks after 2hrs or so) More high altitude running would have helped (as opposed to hiking)

Any Other Stuff: Being a newbie I was in the second wave. But being faster than most 2nd wavers I was able to do the early portion free of crowds. BUT, after Barr the bottom portion of the 1st wave was difficult to pass. So its a mixed bag.

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Name: Paul DeWitt

Ascent Goal: 2:25

Result in Ascent:

General Summary: Race went well from the start. Some calf cramping above tree line that slowed me on the rocky sections. Would have liked to break 2:25, but was awfully close and felt like I ran about the best race I could have that day. Even the faster runners go out too fast, as evidenced by my position at various parts of the race. 25th at the corner of Ruxton. 20th at Hydro. 11th at top of Ws (passed a lot of people right after the course joined Barr trail, due to many of those early fast guys dying after the steep hill after Hydro). 4th at B.C. 3rd by A-Frame.

Things Done Right: Did less of a warm-up than last year (1 mile vs. 3 miles). Went out slower than last year (about the same to Hydro, but then much easier from there to No Name Creek). Walked through the aid stations (the only way I can seem to drink anything). Didn’t change my planned splits/pace even though a lot of people went out faster than me.

Things Done Wrong: Felt too full to eat my second gu — I probably should have forced it down and maybe that would have helped with the cramping. No gloves — my hands got real cold and stiff above tree line.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Calc worked great. All my splits were within 30 seconds of where they should have been, with the exception of the last mile were my cramps were pretty bad. I do think the calculator’s first split (Start to Ruxton) is a little off, particularly for the slower runners. I think the reason is the slower you are, the more you are walking, yet everyone is able to run that first part (with no ill effects) because it is flat. So that part of the race probably isn’t the same percentage for everyone.

Here’s my cumulative splits from 1999 vs. 2000:

   1999       2000
   2:34       2:38
   8:17       8:36
  27:31      28:33
  40:10      41:50
  xx:xx      56:11
1:09:37    1:11:56
1:20:26    1:22:58
1:41:55    1:42:27
1:56:39    1:56:57 (still behind last year with 2 to go!)
2:13:21    2:09:32
2:36:09    2:25:44

And here’s the individual splits for this year (pace calculator vs. actual):

Calc        Actual
 3:12         2:38 (flatter section)
 5:59         5:57
20:07        19:56
13:24        13:16
15:09        14:21 (flatter section)
16:11        15:45 (flatter section)
10:47        11:01
18:57        19:28
14:34        14:30
12:23        12:34
15:01        16:11 (calf cramps getting worse on 16 golden stairs)

Any Other Stuff: Might move up to the marathon next year :)

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Name: Keith Lonnquist

Marathon Goal: 6:30

Result in Marathon:
154 22/101 KEITH J LONNQUIST 46 COLO SPGS CO 3:42:49 2:26:52 6:09:41

General Summary: First time for the Peak marathon, second marathon ever. I’m ecstatic — finished in 6:09. I used your pace calculator & estimated a goal of doing the ascent leg in 3:45 (I did a 4:01 in my first Ascent last year.), so wrote the splits down on my race bib. I wanted to be pretty careful, with my focus on saving enough energy to finish w/o burning out or hitting the wall on the way down — that has happened on several of my 4 hour training runs this summer. I started near the back of the pack, took my time, and walked several of the steep portions of Ruxton & the Manitou Peak switchbacks. It was crowded, but one or two minutes here do not matter. After the W’s, I ran most of the way thru French Creek and on up to Barr Camp — and was running a few minutes ahead of pace while always thinking about saving energy. I was picking up a couple minutes per split, so I had a lot of confidence that I was on track, while still not pushing hard. I ran about half of the t ime on the leg between Barr & A-frame and was now ten minutes ahead, so I made a very conscious decision to slowwww down, walk, and save the energy — there is still a long way to go! I got to the top at 3:43 and felt great! All those miles on Waldo & Barr Trails paid off! I made “ok” time down.... My descent took about 2:25 — about “average,” but still slow compared to the many, many folks that smoked on past me above A-frame. I’m blaming old age! I just was not able to stretch out & let loose, especially as I started to tire after Barr Camp. Just not enough spring in my legs & too much fear (wisdom?) for going full out. But, I did run faster downhill than I ever had in training. The cheering crowds and someone behind trying to catch me (he didn’t!) made for a really satisfying finish — I was able to fly the last 1/2 mile.

Things Done Right: The calculator’s splits gave me a lot of confidence that I was on or ahead of pace during the race. Sunday’s long runs on Waldo & the Peak had physically prepared me. I read & reread Matt’s description of the course on his website. I ate a few “gu’s” & peak bar chunks on the way up.

Things Done Wrong: I probably underestimated my conditioning & could have done nearer a 3:30-3:35 ascent without hurting my descent — still learning! I also got to the finish & nailed 2 and 1/2 bottles of water. I realize now I did not drink much on the descent — just kept pushing on to get to the bottom. This probably affected my pace below Barr Camp....

Comments on Calculator if Used: I had last year’s Ascent & this year’s Incline Club training to base my goals. The calculator was invaluable. It gave me very good estimates for my splits, and gave me lot of confidence during the race that I would finish if I stuck to my plan. Any thoughts about adding splits for descent times? Maybe at A-frame, Barr, & French Creek?

Any Other Stuff: This was a very big deal for me! I finished it!

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Name: Michael Kolesnik

Ascent Goal: 3:30

Result in Ascent:
623 110/192 MICHAEL D KOLESNIK 41 CHANDLER AZ 4:21:06

General Summary: The course and weather were perfect, I wasn’t

Things Done Right: Ran the tangents, started off just slightly faster, picked up the pace at 3-to-go.

Things Done Wrong: Legs cramped up and had to walk.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Worked well, just like last year.

Any Other Stuff: Just wait till next year, I intend to get back training immediately, busting 3:30 has now become THE GOAL OF MY LIFE!!!

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Name: Al Alvares

Ascent Goal:Sub 4 hours

Result in Ascent:
383 64/192 AL L ALVARES 41 COLO SPGS CO 3:54:11

General Summary: Had a great day! My goal was 4:00, did 99 in 4:03 and 98 in 4:07. Went way tooooo slow on the bottom section. Picked up time at each split to Barr camp on a 4 hour pace. I rumbled on the top half. I typically do not run much of the top three miles but I probably ran 30%+ this race with no difficulty. I must have passed 70 or 80 on the top and was only passed by 4. The lines were terrible. I felt like I was in Rush hour traffic on I-25. Slower runners were very difficult to get around. Lots of people with hands of hips blocking the trail. I was patient and passed when it made sense.

Things Done Right: Trained less this year but trained smarter. This was the first year I ran with the club and the unique workouts really helped. I also did a weekly track work out. I plan to run with the club more frequently in preparation for 2001. What a great race! Tapered intelligently.

Things Done Wrong: Had a bad day Friday convincing myself that I was going to have a terrible race. This negativity prevented me from listening to my body on Saturday. It was telling me to go faster but I was holding back.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Worked great. I might have depended on it too much on the bottom half. Should have listened to my body a little more.

Any Other Stuff: Thanks for all of the effort you put into this. I was the guy with the three kids at the top of the W’s for the marathon. My 10 year old boy was excited that he got to see you. He plans on doing the ascent when he becomes of age.

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Name: Sid Rubey

Marathon Goal: 6 hours

Result in Marathon:
210 37/74 SID RUBEY 39 COLO SPGS CO 3:57:47 2:34:54 6:32:41

General Summary: The morning started by finding out that my camelback had developed a leak, and realized I would be doing this thing on the aid stations alone. This worried me a little bit, because I have a problem with cramping and wanted to stay hydrated. Oh well. My double edged sword is that I have about five times as much enthusiasm as ability — this keeps me always coming back to the trails, but I need to be a little more realistic in my goals. I had hoped to hit the summit at about 3:30, and 2:30 down to achieve 6:00 or better. I did about as well as I could, all things considered, and felt so strong at the peak that I let out a whoop, “I feel gooooood! Now, how do I get out of here?!” :-) The wonderful race helpers were only too happy to send me on my way. And I did feel good. Until about the A-frame. Whoa, whoa, what is THAT?!! Cramp in my left thigh. From there until about Barr Camp I would have to stop, stretch, calm down, walk, and start running again a handful of times, usua lly after I had caught my toe on something and had to make a hard landing. After Barr Camp, I only had one episode. Thus, the bottom six, after having such a rough going of it from mile ~16 — 19, I stayed smooth, smooth, smooth, and still finished the Descent in 2:34! I had fully anticipated and accepted I was going to start crying at the finish line, but I didn’t. When I heard the music at the gate that joins the Barr Trail, they almost had me choking up! Running down Ruxton was like a wonderful dream. The first face I recognized was my wife’s to the left before the finish line, then I saw Robin F., then Craig gave me my medal and told me I was his hero, the same hero himself that on the previous day had run the Ascent in 3:15!! My nieces ( 6 & 4 ) had posterboards ( “Go Sid!”, etc ) for me at the finish, who were there with my sister & bro in law. I finished very happy with my race.

Things Done Right: Stayed relaxed, forced myself to stay smooth hydrated and ate very well, especially two days before Made as many club runs as possible at the aid stations, I stopped and had 2-3-4 cups of fluids, and grapes & gels (learned I really don’t need the camelback when there are plenty of aid stations) learned the course the best I could; visualized, concentrated on every next landmark (this especially kept me going the bottom six)

Things Done Wrong: Train more on leg strength & running fast up hills, less ’garbage miles’ If I can manage my time a little better, practice the time splits that I would like to run on Barr Trail

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator is one nice piece of work, but the splits at the top are too fast for me, A-frame & up. I either need a lot more work at altitude, or they’re a little fast.

Any Other Stuff: I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment, but a bigger sense of gratitude — supportive family, health, the club and all the encouragement from the fellow runners. Thank you. I’m going to keep working on the better runner I feel inside of myself. Loved the “Yeah we’re different” file-pic. INCLINE CLUB ROCKS!

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Name: Bob Mastors

Ascent Goal: under 5:00

Result in Ascent:
833 144/192 ROBERT N MASTORS 41 COLO SPGS CO 4:55:11

General Summary: Hit the wall with one mile to go. Only ran the obligatory down hills.

Things Done Right: Stayed hydrated.

Things Done Wrong: Didn’t do any altitude training.

Any Other Stuff: I have ambivalent feelings about this race. I do not like the large crowd on such a narrow trail. Also the van/bus ride down the mountain is as painful as that last mile. On the other hand the T-shirt is cool.

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Name: Marilyn T

Ascent Goal: 3:30

Result in Ascent:
78 25/119 MARILYN S TURNER 35 COLO SPGS CO 3:54:18

General Summary: Got in the first wave this time and had hoped for less crowding (than last year’s 2nd wave). It was equivalent at best. The only advantage was cooler temps on the W’s and not having to wait around for the start. Plenty of congestion until around No Name Creek. By this point, I felt better overall than in the Barr Trail Mountain Race due to several factors listed below. I stayed steady heading into Barr Camp and right on the goal times. Upon departure from Barr, my foot injury became very intensified. I kept at a fast walk to see if it would worsen. After about mile 8, I tried to be more daring on the rocks and passing people. By A Frame I just ignored most of the pain and continued with spurts of running on flatter areas and concentrating on getting air into my lungs. Did not have near the muscle cramping on the upper section as last year (which sorta made up for the foot). My finish was stronger than I had imagined. It was really cool to look up and see YvonneC and JohnO at the top calling out to runners they knew and taking pictures of ICers.

Things Done Right: Ran the Barr Trail Mtn. race, carried water, hydration and massage days prior, light dress (carried jacket), set a goal that motivated me to stay tough and dealt with negative thinking instantly.

Things Done Wrong: Did little altitude training this year.

Any Other Stuff: My time ended up matching last year’s to the minute!

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Name: Kate Bartlett

Marathon Goal: Public: to break 6:30 / Secret: to break 6:00

Result in Marathon:
24 7/27 KATE C BARTLETT 30 COLO SPGS CO 3:42:53 2:15:43 5:58:36

General Summary: For my first marathon ever, and first PPM, I was happy and really had a blast. If you divide the race into quarters, in terms of how I felt (though not necessarily times), I had a tough first quarter, great second, tough third, pretty good fourth. Because it was such a new experience, I tried to have very low expectations, which meant that the race and my finish were a pleasant surprise.

Things Done Right: (1) Eating and drinking as much as I could stand it above A Frame. As a result, “on your left” was my mantra and I felt very strong up top. Living in Woodland Park also helps, I think. (2) Training for the distance, intermingling long flat runs with Peak runs. I feel that my 3 hour+ road runs really helped prepare me to be running (as opposed to power hiking) for a long time, which helped coming down. (3) Training with the IC and with MarilynW. (4) Changing my socks at the top. No blisters!

Things Done Wrong: (1) Tweaking the muscle behind my right knee with 12 to go. I had a more minor version in the BTMR, and didn’t pay it as much attention as I should have in the intervening 2 weeks. (2) Having half a packet too much of oatmeal for breakfast, which meant I felt sluggish through the W’s.

Comments on Calculator if Used: A big help, especially in keeping myself from going out too hard.

Any Other Stuff: An amazing first lesson for me in what the body can do if you train it well. Because of the bare facts of the task, I had doubts about my ability to finish at anything other than a walk or crawl. But in reality it was fairly manageable. Not easy, but I felt strong most of the race, and my recovery has been fast. Woo hoo!

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Name: Cornelis (Kees) Guijt

Ascent Goal: 2:40-2:50

Result in Ascent:
26 7/170 CORNELIS GUIJT 34 COLO SPGS CO 2:55:41

General Summary: Wanted to beat 3 hrs but based on training runs and the Barr Trail race (2:30 pace for uphill, felt good at Barr camp) thought I could be faster. My only high runs; from elk Park to top, top to Barr and back up, and top to 2 miles and back up, I could hold the 2:40-ish pace with no problems.

Things Done Right: Trained a lot in the early season and got much faster at lower than 10,000 feet.

Things Done Wrong: Hmmm, where to start... Never went all the way from the bottom to the top. Only did the 3 high runs and one extra run from 10,000 to top of Quandary. My early season was perfect and then I started to miss too many long/high runs due to some races and about 4 weeks at sea level. The worst of all (at least running-wise) is that those 4 weeks were in June and July... I still kept running but I guess there was too much oxygen...

Comments on Calculator if Used: Calculator and pace was perfect (used 2:40, was 1 minute fast at all locations) up to A-frame, I guess my lack of altitude started to show there. Of the 3 years I did the Ascent (3:09, 3:01, 2:55) this was the first year I “seriously” trained but it was also the first year I had to walk most of the last 3 miles!?! I guess I did “Go out hard” but when I was hurting there was no speeding up, it was a death march to the finish. In the end I was even glad I broke 3 hours.

Any Other Stuff: It seemed like forever to get to the aid station after A-frame. Recovering after the finish on the maximum allowed 1 (as in one/single) Peak bar per runner was pretty hard... OK, I have to stop whining now! At some point I want to do a 2:40-ish Ascent, I’ll do anything you tell me to do (within reason...). You know, in the end I was a little disappointed that I didn’t achieve my goal but at least I did improve, I loved (except for my own whining at the hot longs-ranch runs) the running with the Incline group, and I hope it will be at least as much fun next season.

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Name: Jim Engquist

Ascent Goal: 3:30

Result in Ascent:
122 15/192 JIM D ENGQUIST 42 COLO SPGS CO 3:24:30

General Summary: Overall I was pretty happy. This was my fifth time finishing the Ascent. This was my PR by a significant amount (14 minutes). I felt the best I ever have at the top and the day after the race.

Things Done Right: The Thursday night Incline club workouts were invaluable. I think I learned a lot about pacing on the bottom parts of the trail, and I got a lot stronger overall. I drank a lot of water and ate GU at regular intervals throughout the race. I think both of these helped.

Things Done Wrong: I could have used more bottom to top runs in training. Race day was the first time this year that I covered the whole course at once.

Comments on Calculator if Used: It was great. I went slower at the bottom than I would have otherwise and I think that paid off.

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Name: Darin Hoover

Marathon Goal: 5:30

Result in Marathon:
144 26/74 DARIN J HOOVER 35 LITTLE ROCK AR 3:49:07 2:14:40 6:03:47

General Summary: The marathon was so much tougher than I ever imagined. I trained for 3 years on every hill I could find, but without altitude training it really seemed like America’s Ultimate Challenge. The air was so thin I felt like I was drowning, and the only way to get air was to get down off the mountain. It was also much more rewarding than I thought it would be. It was my second marathon, and now I’m hooked on mountain and trail running. The whole experience of being in Manitou, talking with other runners, and anticipating the race made it an experience that I’ll never forget.

Things Done Right: Rested, stayed well hydrated, got good advice and listened to it.

Things Done Wrong: Had too lofty a goal, didn’t put moleskin on toes, didn’t stay around long enough in Manitou after the race

Comments on Calculator if Used: I used the calculator and found it to be right on. It was amazing how hard it was to go so slow in the first few miles. As predicted in BOLD print on the calculator, without altitude training expect to lose some time after Barr camp, and expect to lose some serious time after A-Frame. I was right on at French Creek, lost 3 minutes by Barr camp, and 19 minutes between A-Frame and the summit.

Any Other Stuff: It was all worth it!

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Name: Matt Von Thun

Ascent Goal: 2:50. My goal this year was just to make it to the top and feel good the whole way.

Result in Ascent:
51 11/170 MATT S VON THUN 34 COLO SPGS CO 3:11:21

General Summary: The first 75% of my race was very enjoyable and relaxing, and the last 25% was miserable. I felt very great at A-frame. From there on up things got exponentially worse. I had to deal with leg cramps dizziness and was sick by the time I reached the top.

Things Done Right:
1. I brought my own Gatorade and took a swallow every 10 minutes or so.
2. Trained at high altitude: In the two months prior to the
accent I ran Four 12 mile Elk park runs, the Barr Trail race and two 10 hour 14er hikes.
3. Paced myself slowly at the start.

Things Done Wrong:
1. Didn’t drink enough liquids (I drank about 12 to 16 oz total).
2. Didn’t eat anything during the race.
3. Only was running about 20 miles per week including my long run on
the weekend.

Comments on Calculator if Used: In training I was able to run the top half of the ascent via Elk Park at a 2:40 minute ascent pace per Matt’s calculator and still feel pretty fresh at the top. During the race the 2:50 pace seemed very slow and easy. My cumulative time was within a minute or two of goal (on the fast side) all the way up to A-frame. At A-frame I was feeling fresh enough aerobically that I thought I could start running harder, but my legs didn’t want to go, and I actually started slowing down. When I reached 2 miles to go, I was actually behind pace and I fell 20 minutes off of the 2:50 pace by the time I reached the top.

Any Other Stuff: Oh by the way if you know who provided the nice sturdy sweat check bags (aka throw-up bags), there is a bus load of people who are thankful that mine was strong enough to stand up to repeated uses.

My wife and kids met me at the top. They were pretty nice to me, carrying my stuff and all. However, my 4 yr old daughter was a little nervous about getting to close. I overheard her ask my wife: “Do you think I’ll get sick too if I touch him?”

Rock line

Name: Tim Allison

Marathon Goal: Better time, place and beat Margie’s record

Result in Marathon:
15 4/74 TIM D ALLISON 39 COLO SPGS CO 2:54:50 1:49:36 4:44:26

General Summary: This year was disappointing in that it was my first year not either to get faster or to place better. My goal, as always, was to break Margie Lloyd (Allison)’s record Allison record of 4:36:32 (ascent in 2:57:37). Once again, I bested her ascent time, but lumbered down waaay to slowly to catch her record. I really worked hard at not working hard until Barr Camp. I just more or less cruised up to there. (In fact, one hiker was chagrined (and annoyed, judging by her face) enough at how easy I was taking it, that we bantered a bit. So why did I slow down at the top? Why did one guy working way harder than me catch me? Not enough speed work this summer. No real altitude running, as usual. I thought actually running to the A-Frame twice would help, but it didn’t. I’m not whining, I know most people would give one of their kids to run my time, just stating the facts. (Hey, maybe this is how I got all these kids. Paul, Rick, are any of these noisy things yours?) This why the in cline club can help every runner, whatever their ability. The more you run on the mountain, the better you will get.

Things Done Right: I was well hydrated. Positively pissy, in fact. Matt will tell you that my slowing down my start versus last year was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, my post Barr Camp ascent time doesn’t show it. Walked every water stop and drank two cups. (Ok, I’m too uncoordinated to run and drink.)

Things Done Wrong: I either drank too much water during the week (I averaged over 2 gallons a day), or not enough salt. For the first time, I think, I was bothered by calf cramps. I also did not allow my hamstring to recover during the summer, and it bothered me above the timberline and me almost the whole way down. Until I prayed about it, in fact. Not changing shoes was the killer though. Last year I did that, and was not bothered by foot problems. This year I developed a large blood blister on my left heel, and a large, normal blister on my right. My downhill time was much slower than the previous year’s. Did not lift weights much this summer.

Here are my splits for the last three years, and what the calculator says a 2:43 should do. Perhaps it will encourage people to listen to that calculator during the beginning. Note that I was too fast to Hydro, but basically held that gap from that point on to Barr Camp. During the race, I actually deluded myself into thinking I was doing better than last year up at the top. At least I am really consistent over that last mile.

  2000      1999      1998    |    Calc Location
   2:55.9                     |    3:35 Ruxton
   9:18.3    9:12.6   10:16.5 |   10:16 Hydro
  46:23.5   45:30.4   46:13.4 |   47:46 No Name
1:03:00.3 1:01:47.3           | 1:04:43 Nice Iron Sign
1:21:36.2 1:19:56.4 1:23:09.6 | 1:22:48 Barr Camp
1:34:59.6 1:33:41.3           | 1:34:52 Bottomless Pit
1:59:36.8 1:58:28.8 2:03:29.0 | 1:56:03 A-Frame
2:18:45.2 2:15:44.6 2:21:14.8 | 2:12:21 2 Miles to go
2:35:22.0 2:33:29.8 2:38:35.0 | 2:26:13 1 Mile to go
2:55:03.5 2:52:12.8 2:57:49.0 | 2:43:00 Summit

Any Other Stuff: I’d like to thank Al Alvares and his kids for being their. Especially the kids. Their enthusiasm came at a nice time. I would also like to thank Dave Peak for crawling down the mountain.

Rock line

Name: Rick Hessek

Marathon Goal: 4:20

Result in Marathon:
8 3/62 RICK M HESSEK 34 COLO SPGS CO 2:45:52 1:40:17 4:26:09

General Summary: Was on pace until a little before the cirque for a 2:40 ascent that would mean I would have to run a 1:40 downhill which I did, to reach the 4:20 Marathon goal. But, I ended up taking almost 21:00 minutes to run that last mile. Excuse me, try to run that last mile. Quads started to cramp up. Once reaching the summit and taking in some water it was a couple of minutes before I really felt comfortable running down. After that I was feeling as good as anyone would coming down. Those little uphill sections that are downhill on the way up sure are tough coming down. Think I may carry a water bottle next year. Drank 2 cups at each aid station. Thought that would have been enough.

Things Done Right: Race day things went well as expected. Worked more on my downhill running this year. Improved by 7 minutes coming down. Would run hard for 10 minutes downhill (race pace) to strengthen the quads while doing the Sunday long runs and just about 5 minutes on Thursdays. Limited running hard downhill to just a little bit during those runs so I wasn’t too tore up the next day to run. Quads held up this year not like the 99 Marathon when they where fried by Barr Camp coming down. My body was evenly tired. The training before race day I thought help me the most to complete a successful race. That including the Thursday Incline Club hill workouts and the Sunday Incline Club long runs that started back in the last weekend of November but mostly I feel the internal training on the track help me the most. 16 1/4 at 2:00 minute segments. You become faster on the mountain as you become faster and more efficient on the track.

Things Done Wrong: Last year I mentioned being a bit dehydrated. Did I do anything to correct that this year? No, need to listen to myself.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I was close to the calculator pace until the last 1¼ before the summit.

Any Other Stuff: Ready to begin training for next year to better my time. Only other runners can understand why we would even think about doing it again when come Monday I’m walking slowly because my legs are sore. Those are the people that walk down the driveway each day to retrieve the paper and they consider that their exercise for the day. And that’s’ while puffing on their morning cigarette.

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Name: Hans Zimmermann

Marathon Goal: 5:50 +- 5 mins (top 3 in age group)

Result in Marathon:
199 4/16 HANS ZIMMERMANN 60 MONUMENT CO 3:59:51 2:28:57 6:28:48

General Summary: Disappointed to point of embarrassment, had hoped for a time of 5:50 give or take five minutes and place in the top three. Two years ago I finished in 5:49:plus, so I thought this was feasible as my last training runs were quite good. Week leading up to marathon my wife suddenly had to go into hospital to have her hip removed due to an infection. So each day I visited her before and after work, mostly not getting home until 10 PM or later. Saturday before the race I was driving all over town, drinking all the time to be fully hydrated. Must have spent a lot of nervous energy and did not retain enough fluids as became obvious 3/4 up the mountain. On way up everything was on schedule for an ascent of between 3:40 - 3:45. Top of MT Manitou, 1 hour, Barr Camp 1:49, A Frame 2:43. But with 2 miles to go I started to run out of steam. Made it to the top in 3:59. Decided to take it easy on the top with the intent to pick it up on the traverse. Things were going OK but then my leg cramped up 2 miles down the mountain. Massaged that out and got going again. Decided to just go steady to avoid further cramping. Made it down to Barr Camp but did not even look at my watch, was more concerned not to do anything stupid knowing I was dehydrating much too fast and the drinking was not going to stop it. A mile down the trail I got distracted by runners coming up from behind, and badly stumped my left big toe which sent me flying. Thanks for a good pair of gloves, but the damage was done. Now on any incline the toe hurt like hell slowing me down even more. Caught up with Rick (not Rick H) at no name creek, he was walking and told me he was washed up. With all the pain I still passed people down Mt Manitou but 3/4 down the pain was so bad that I had to slow down even more, walking did not give any relief either, and I was running out of energy very quickly. Now it was just, let me finish. The last mile was mostly walking with slumping shoulders or a pitiful shuffle. Was able to muster enough energy to run last 30 yards but then collapsed on a chair completely exhausted, feeling completely defeated after seeing a time of 6:28; something. First aid offered me oxygen and suggested an IV to which I readily agreed, knowing if I did not take it, recovery would be even longer and more painful. At that moment my thoughts were “never again,” now I’m not so sure about that, after all under 6 should be doable. My joints are still a little sore. The black left toe needed to be drained of all the fluids, so tonight I heated an awl on the gas burner and burned a hole through the top of the nail and the fluids spurted out like a little fountain. Feels a lot better already.

Rock line

Name: Nicole Rosa

Ascent Goal: Under 4 hours

Result in Ascent:
67 14/99 NICOLE E ROSA 40 COLO SPGS CO 3:49:17

General Summary: I felt good and the cool a.m. weather really helped.

Things Done Right: Was properly hydrated and fueled.

Things Done Wrong: Got too slow of a start and ended up having to pass a lot of people on top. Waste of energy!

Comments on Calculator if Used: It helped a lot, especially during the last 3 miles.

Any Other Stuff: I’m going to learn to use a heart rate monitor this fall. I think I could push harder. I might even show up for an incline club workout next year!! :-)

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Name: Timothy Edwards

Goals: (1) Finish both races. (My 2nd “double” and 2nd Marathon) (2) Set new PR’s

Result in:
Ascent — Missed new PR by 3 minutes.

Marathon — Set new PR on Ascent leg by 19 min. set new PR on Marathon by 16 min, despite encountering heat stroke at mile 23. (Almost passed out, cost me about 15 min.)
163 39/115 TIMOTHY M EDWARDS 43 WOODLAND PARK CO 3:47:15 2:25:06 6:12:21

General Summary: Ran my best on alpine section of both races. Holding my breath while running in Dallas TX seemed to help.

Any Other Stuff: I feel that walkers should leave left lane open for passing. THIS IS BEYOND COURTESY! ...IT’s COMMON SENSE.

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Name:Kevin Devine

Ascent Goal: Top 100 — 3:15

Result in Ascent :
96 27/212 KEVIN M DEVINE 39 MORRISTOWN NJ 3:19:48

General Summary: Ran 2:50 pace through Barr Camp knowing that I would lose serious time at the top due to no altitude training. 1:26 @ Barr Camp and in the top 50 however the last 3 miles took 65 minutes instead of 60 minutes as planned, and as a result of that and the cold I fell out of the top 50.

Things Done Right: Hydration, pacing

Things Done Wrong: Should have tied a jacket around my waist and brought gloves — I was frozen at the top.

Comments on Calculator if Used: EXCELLENT!

Any Other Stuff: I tucked a camera in my trail shorts and took pictures during my journey. Pictures from inside the race came out well.

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Name: Steve Bremner

Marathon Goal: 4:20

Result in Marathon:
11 2/101 STEVE BREMNER 45 COLO SPGS CO 2:56:07 1:37:04 4:33:11

General Summary: It was tough. I fell again on the way down reopening a knee wound from the Barr Trail Race two weeks prior. Also got stung by a bee in my ear. After those two setbacks I passed one more runner and didn’t get passed though. I was way too fast early on — 29:09 to the top of the W’s and in second place (this pace was good for a 2:25 ascent!). Then I PR’ed to Barr Camp (faster than Barr Trail race!) in 1:16. There’s a saying “Don’t PR to Barr!” in the marathon for a good reason. After Barr I started feeling light headed and dehydrated...I slowed quite a bit to A Frame (36 minutes) Then to the top was pretty sorry. 19, 18, 23 minutes on the last three miles (should have been 16, 14, and 18 which I’ve done in training) I staggered to the top in 2:56 after fading to 15th place. I ran hard all the way down though and moved up to 11th. Really tried to make the top ten, but couldn’t quite do it.

Things Done Right: Stopped and really loaded up on grapes, water, and Gatorade at aid station with 1 and a half miles to go. Without that sugar boost I would have probably fainted/passed out.

Things Done Wrong: Thought I was “racing” in the lower half to Barr Camp, when in reality I was running myself into the ground.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Looks good. Now if I would only follow it... I got “locked” into a pace though and really couldn’t see breaking it. I just decided to go for it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

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Name: Donna Smyth

Ascent Goal: 3:30 — 3:45

Result in Ascent:
40 7/99 DONNA M SMYTH 40 VERNON VT 3:36:22

General Summary: This was my first time, and it was a great experience. I felt that I trained well, knew the mountain, and acclimated as best I could in 2 weeks. I followed the advice I read in one of the (many) publications: trained well at home, acclimated, learned the course, rested before the race, brought my own aid (GU — ate just before each water stop, Gatorade — drank in between), went out slow, tried to keep a steady pace throughout the race, despite temptations to speed-up in places, ran whenever I could and when I had to walk ... that’s when I drank, etc., and brought a shirt and gloves. In addition, I was lucky to have a great support person!

Things Done Right: Good training, acclimated, ran smart. Before arriving in CO, I trained on the hills of VT and NH (Mt. Washington (race), Ascutney, Stratton, etc.). I arrived in CO 2 weeks before the race. The day after arrival, I jogged / walked the entire course, and hitched a ride down. I wanted to know, first-hand, what I was in for. I felt OK, bit couldn’t run above 12,000 ft., and had a headache. I was able to sleep above 9000 ft. most of the time, and train on appropriate sections of the mountain for the first week. Basically, I camped in Divide, and trained on the lower sections of the mountain for 3 days. Then I packed into Barr Camp. I trained from French Creek to A-frame, then packed out. After a rest day, I drove to the summit, and trained from A-frame up. The next week, I spent tapering at altitude. I spent some time in Leadville, just running easy, reading, etc. Thurs. before the race, I drove to Elk Park and ran on the trail for 25 mins. Fri. before the race, I drove to the summit, and read for 3 hrs. On race day I was confident, ready, and relaxed!

Things Done Wrong: I can’t think anything. With more confidence and knowledge, I might have been able to run a bit faster in certain sections. I ran a VERY conservative race.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Pretty much right on!

Any Other Stuff: Thanks for training advice. The volunteers were great!! I’d love to be able to make this an annual event, but it is expensive to come out for 2 weeks. I wouldn’t do the race unless I could train at altitude!

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Name: Valerie Prothe

Ascent Goal: 4:00

Result in Ascent:
109 34/119 VALERIE J PROTHE 36 COLO SPGS CO 4:03:51

General Summary: Ran very little this year, but tried to make the club runs. My saving grace was trying to make every Sunday (high alt) run, that paid off the most...I think. Naturally, the pace calculator was pretty much right on. And naturally, I ignored Matt’s advice and tried to make up for a 1:47 potty stop from Barr Camp to the A Frame, but then had to humbly admit to myself that Matt was right and paid for the extra effort during the next mile, losing over 4 minutes on my split. Fortunately, I was able to recover (thank you cliff shot and high altitude training) and the next 2 miles were almost pace calculator perfection! It was a beautiful thing.... I had a blast during this race, passing people all over the mountain, and felt great at the finish. I am still waiting for the adrenaline to wear off, but it ain’t happening yet!

Things Done Right: High altitude and hill training with the club. Carbo loaded the 3 days prior to the race. Followed the pace calculator during training and on race day. Stayed hydrated (carried water as opposed to waiting for aid stations). Ate a good breakfast ~1.5 hours before the race. Took 6 cliff shots, but needed 8.

Things Done Wrong: Carried too much stuff (heavy LS shirt and jacket) Didn’t train nearly enough, only ran 1-2 times (6-18 mi.) a week.

Comments on Calculator if Used: The calculator rules!!!!

Any Other Stuff: Need a split for “the call of nature.” I would suggest, 0.5-2 minutes dependent on the runner’s gender and shyness factor.

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Name:Connilee Walter

Marathon Goal: sub 5:30

Result in Marathon:
5 2/22 CONNILEE S WALTER 27 COLO SPGS CO 3:22:04 1:53:10 5:15:14

General Summary: This was my first PPM ever — the best summary is to say that wrapping up a year of training with the Incline Club with a pretty good race has made for an invaluable mountain running lesson. In other words, I found that all the lessons are not learned on race day alone but are learned in the process of training. :)

Things Done Right: (1) Hydrated early and often (2) Brought my own ‘food’ (PowerGels) and emergency supplies (handkerchief, gloves, and TP just in case). It was a very warm day so I went without the long sleeve shirt I had brought to the starting line — sweat checked it instead (3) Trained with the Incline Club. ‘Nuf said. :) (4) Ran my own race and didn’t worry about all the folks ahead of me (5) Warmed up on a hill close to the starting line. I am really awful about doing a warm up but decided I needed to start that habit — I chose a small hill for the psychological satisfaction that “I can do this one, now I can do that big one (pike’s peak) over there.... (6) Positive thinking, zapped the bad thoughts (6) Brought a cheat sheet of my goal splits so I could remember them when my brain became oxygen-deprived.

Things Done Wrong: (1) Didn’t follow the cheat sheet — it reflects my goal (I saved it) of a 3:20 Ascent portion but in the back of my mind I thought I could do better and went out faster (as my splits below show, I could definitely do better, but only to Barr Camp :) Need more work honing the art of setting a goal time that is both realistic and challenging..... (2) Didn’t take proper precautions against blisters for the downhill. After the race I read another runner’s advice saying rubber insoles help. Any other suggestions? (3) Carried a water bottle past the top of the w’s. Should have ditched it at an earlier aid station or not brought it at all (what can I say I have a severe fear of dehydration) (4) Started to lose focus on the downhill and as a result left a fair amount of skin and blood on the trail below Barr Camp. In a way the fall was good because it forced me to be more alert. In a way it was bad because it slowed down my descent time

Comments on Calculator if Used: I’ve used the calculator in training runs and it has been amazingly accurate. Race day, I went out faster than the splits told me to — that is probably why I finished 2 minutes slower than my goal time. Also I had heard that things get kind of crazy at the summit turnaround and it’s true! I wish I could replay the day and see what my last mile split would have been without hugging rocks, diving out of the way of the downhill runners, and standing in line (yes, a line) at the actual turnaround to have my bib marked. Here are my actual splits vs. 3:20 goal pace...

Calc  Actual  Calc  Actual
 4:24  3:38
 8:12  7:42
27:36 27:15
18:24 18:10
20:48 19:54
22:12 22:14 1:41:36 1:38:54 (Barr Camp)
14:48 15:43
26:00 25:13 2:42:24 2:42:16 (split taken at aid station — should have been taken higher up?!)
20:00 22:25
17:00 17:43
20:36 22:04 3:20:00 3:22:04

Any Other Stuff: ICers you are an inspiring, encouraging, crazy and yes, different group of folks! THANKS to each individual for all you bring to the club! :)

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Name: Judy DeWitt

Ascent Goal: To break 4:00

Result in Ascent:
61 19/119 JUDY P DEWITT 36 WOODLAND PARK CO 3:45:21

General Summary: Overall, I’m very pleased with the way this, my first Ascent, went. Before the race I was concerned about how crowded the trail would be. Though there were times that I felt I really couldn’t just go at my own pace, I think in some ways that might have helped me not over-extend myself early on. I did feel I probably spent more energy than I would have had I been alone on the trail between Barr Camp and the A-Frame and then again during the last mile, but that’s just part of the race, I guess. I was surprised that the race seemed to be as much of a mental struggle as a physical one for me.

Things Done Right: I felt very prepared for the race since I’d done a lot of the Incline Club workouts, both Thursdays and Sundays. I was VERY familiar with the trail and think that helped me anticipate what was coming as I was going along. The high altitude workouts really helped me a lot. They definitely gave me a lot of confidence as I approach that part of the race.

Things Done Wrong: I probably should have eaten more. I ate 2 Power Gels and drank just water. I had a third Power Gel with me, but I felt very nauseous after the A-Frame and just couldn’t make myself eat it. I also think I’ll carry a single water bottle with me the next time, so I can eat when I feel that I can, not just when I have access to aid station water.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I wrote the splits from the calculator on my arm before the race. I was ahead of them on the lower half and behind on the upper half, with the exception of the last mile. I guess that means I need to pace myself better. I do honestly think that the Ruxton and Hydro splits are a little off (too slow) for someone at my pace.

Any Other Stuff: All the while that I was training, I swore this would be the only time I’d do the Ascent, but on the way down the mountain after the race I was already thinking about what my training plan should be for next year’s Ascent!

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Name: Michelle Stoll

Marathon Goal: 7:30 — 8:30

Result in Marathon:
48 8/22 MICHELLE M STOLL 27 COLO SPGS CO 4:16:53 2:20:54 6:37:47

General Summary: First PPM, for which I was horrendously underprepared. I spent the 3.5 weeks preceding the marathon at sea-level in Virginia, where I did not run. I tried to find any valid reason to not do the race but could not deal w/ backing out, so I sucked it up embraced the notion of disaster. I hiked about 75 — 80 % of the ascent. I summitted in just under 4:17. The crowding was an issue, both ascending and descending above treeline. Patience and good attitude were a must. The downhill was ok, but I could feel myself starting to get tired after Barr Camp. I found the final road section demoralizing: I was thirsty, tired, and about to bonk. I slowed to a walk about 1/3 mile to the finish line. Dejected, I looked down at my watch wondering how much further this was going to put me off my best-estimated finish time of 7:30 — to my surprise, it was only a few minutes after 1:30, a full hour earlier than I had expected. I started running again at that point and crossed the line at 6:37:47. I was very surprised, and very relieved to be done.

Things Done Right: Drank plenty (until the bite valve came off my Camelbak on the downhill). Didn’t over-exert myself on the uphill so I did not cramp. Reeled in the speed a bit on the downhill in hopes of avoiding injury (I did, mostly).

Things Done Wrong: Did not eat enough — should have had more GUs and eaten something besides a handful of grapes at the aid stations. Should have stopped to remove gravel from my shoes on the descent (my right foot became pulped by Barr Camp). Should have looked at my watch for split times on the descent — if I had known I was doing better than I anticipated I’d have likely pushed myself more (but I didn’t look because I was afraid I’d be disappointed/discouraged). Should have trained.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I hung out with a friend until tree line who had split times noted on his bib. It was nice to have the info; I’ll do the same next year.

Any Other Stuff: Very unorthodox marathon. In some ways better, in some ways worse than ‘normal’ marathons. Aid stations were adequate, but I strongly encourage carrying extra water. I very much look forward to training for next year’s marathon. Next year I’ll train and I’ll have a plan (run w/ the IC).

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Name: Debbi Meyer

Marathon Goal: Couldn’t help but want to win! Decided a more
realistic (?) goal was 5:30 and/or top 10 female.

Result in Marathon:
7 3/27 DEBBI L MEYER 33 COLO SPGS CO 3:28:47 1:55:08 5:23:55

General Summary: Tough race!! But was thrilled with my results!!

Things Done Right:
* Trained with the Incline Club
* Got time in at altitude
* Selected one of Hal Higdon’s 18-week marathon training programs from www.halhigdon.com and stuck to it pretty close with time equivalents for some of the longer runs on the Peak.
* Learned as much as I could from Matt and stuck to it as best I could regarding: race strategies, running techniques, clothing, training, food, warm-up, etc.
* Used pace calculator

Things Done Wrong:
* Had to stop and pee in the bushes THREE TIMES during race! If I had to do it over again, I think I would not have eaten such salty food Friday night and maybe wouldn’t have drank quite so much water on Saturday getting hydrated. Not sure what happened there!
* I took a fanny water bottle carrier. I may not have needed that and perhaps would not have had to stop so many times had I not brought it. Not sure about this water management stuff. I got dehydrated on my one ascent in practice this year and swore it wouldn’t happen again! I need to find the balance.

Comments on Calculator if Used: Loved it! My goal to the top was 3:30. I wrote my splits on a little piece of paper I carried with me in my pocket. It allowed me to run MY race regardless of what others were doing! It gave me confidence when others were passing me and also when I was passing others. I used my heart rate monitor and found about a 3 beat range that kept me on track with my splits. It found it takes a lot of discipline to stick to it. I had to reign myself in countless times to keep from pushing too hard. I managed to only get off on my splits by a couple of minutes and hit the summit at 3:28! I was amazed at how accurate it was. When I pushed my heart rate too high I could count on getting ahead of the next split time no matter what the terrain was like.

Any Other stuff: For my first marathon, it was a huge achievement for me. I still can’t get over it. It’s a great feeling to see all the hard work payoff. The last six miles were painful and I wondered how I would get to the finish line but I managed to keep moving and somehow even kept passing people! If anyone is interested, a key Bible verse for all my training this year was Psalm 18:32: “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on the heights.”

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Name: Mike Lloyd

Marathon Goal: 5:00

Result in Marathon:
129 29/115 MIKE H LLOYD 42 GREEN MTN FALL CO 3:30:22 5:58:44

General Summary: I was really fired up for this one. It was my 8th PPM and I felt like I was as well prepared as ever. My PR is 5:02 and I felt like I should be able to beat it or at least come close. Unfortunately, stomach problems slowed me down considerably starting at Barr Camp on the way up and my stomach never settled until after the finish. Other than that, I felt great physically(muscles, joints, etc) so it was very frustrating to watch the time tick away as I fouled the mountain with my breakfast.

Things Done Right: Consistent training before the race; good pacing during the race (until Barr Camp); I was well hydrated.

Things Done Wrong: Not enough long distance at very high altitude; had oatmeal and a peach at 5:30am which I saw again at 11:00am. I have had liquid calories (Ensure) prior to my past PPM’s and it seems to work better in my stomach. I also forgot to grease up my feet with Vaseline so I ended up with a few blisters.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I was slightly under my target pace to Barr Camp but lost about 15 minutes from there to the top. The calculator is a great tool especially for the lower portion of the trail where its easy to go out too fast.

Any Other Stuff: Go out hard, when it hurts puke...

Rock line

Name: Scott Lincoln

Marathon Goal: Top 25

Result in Marathon:
38 9/62 SCOTT LINCOLN 34 COLO SPGS CO 3:19:54 1:54:38 5:14:32

General Summary: What is the sound of one ham cramping? (Actually BOTH legs, and mainly the quads) First time doing the PPAM. Went out too hard, drank too little, etc., ... cramping, puking, etc., ... tunnel vision, delirium, running towards the welcoming light, etc., ... medical tent, I.V., oxygen.

Things Done Right: Generous lube on friction zones.

Things Done Wrong: Thought I could run with Rick H.

Comments on Calculator if Used: I took my calculator, but found it awful hard to punch those tiny numbers every mile — especially with all that lube on my hands.

Any Other Stuff: Thanks Matty-Pooh — you are a word-class runner and a superb coach: you make me WANT to do quarter repeats. Thanks Yvonney for lying to me at the top and telling me I looked great: it was enough to make me turn around and head back down. Thanks Sawyer — for showing up.

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Name: Dave Cunningham

Marathon Goal: Finish in less than 6 hours

Result in Marathon:
110 21/74 DAVID S CUNNINGHAM 39 DENVER CO 3:38:53 2:12:13 5:51:06

General Summary: Finally — I finished. I’ve had the Marathon as a hazy goal for years after several Ascents, and I tried last year only to get stopped on the way down by a sprained ankle. This time, I hurt my hamstring in late July, and it got stiffer throughout the ascent, but I managed to get by with it. Lots of training went into this, and the race went pretty much to plan:
* Run as much as possible up to Barr
* Walk hard from there on up
* Carefully run the first mile going down (too many ankle biters up there for me), then start opening up.
* hang on at the end.
I got up in 3:39 and down in 2:12, roughly the times I expected. I was dying in the last mile, and my HR kept climbing, but the slope and the thought of finally stopping at the bottom kept pulling me on!
I’m not a big mileage runner. I normally run 4-5 times a week for a weekly average of about 25 miles. For Peak training, I ran long on trails every two weeks starting in April, and I added altitude and distance each two weeks until I ran the Peak up and down from the trailhead twice in July. That, along with other mountain runs over the summer, helped me know the course and know what I could do. My weekly average at the end was around 40 miles, with most of the non-trail miles slow and mellow.

Things Done Right:
* use the HR monitor. I have a max around 192, and I set my HRM to beep at 165. When I hit this going up, I stopped running and walked for a minute. I allowed myself to cheat up to 170 for Mt Manitou, but that was it. I generally kept my HR around 165 the entire race.
* know what times to expect at the aid stations. I use the typical aid station locations as markers for my training, and knowing what general time I should hit at each one helped a lot. I felt like my sore leg might slow me down going up, but my times and HR monitor said no. That kept me from speeding up more and maybe running out of gas before the finish. Matt’s calculator helped (see below), and I’ve kind of built my own around the aid stations.
* lots of walking. I walked much more going up than I have in training, but my walking was faster than in training. I figured I would need the energy coming down, and I was right.
* training on the hill. I’ve run the Peak many times, and spent several days training there this summer. That let me know where I was on the course and helped me be mentally and physically ready for the hard parts. I knew that for me, the first mile coming down would be tough. There are lots of rocks and big steps, and my legs would be tired and my head fuzzy. Last year I went too fast and fell, and my race was done. This year I held back and was fine.
* lots of altitude training. I did several runs on the Peak and elsewhere above 12k elevation, and I was prepared for the reduction in 02 and the extra effort it took. My time up top was a PR for me.
* eating at each aid station. I ate a Gu pack and water/Gatorade at each aid station, and that makes a big energy difference. I carried a waist pack with water to use between aid stations — that was also a good thing for me. Yes, I did this during training — you’re nuts if you experiment with your tummy during a big race!

Things Done Wrong:
* forgot to really enjoy the finish. I’ve been visualizing the finish for a long time, and saw myself yelling and waving my arms with a dumb grin on my face. I just didn’t let myself do it (gotta get to the finish, right?), and I regret it. It would have been fun for me and all the people cheering!

Comments on Calculator if Used: This thing works surprisingly well. I tend to slow a bit up top: could be my need to train higher more; could also be that I have asthma, and I feel more strained up high. It matches up with my desired times at the aid stations.

Any Other Stuff: I noticed the comment from one person about “anyone can walk up a mountain.” I noticed several of the top women walking around (and past) me going up — didn’t keep them from kicking butt, and it was part of my plan, too. I wonder if that guy would have passed 50 people if he had run more...

Rock line

Name: Jonathan Cavner

Result in Marathon:
49 8/40 JONATHAN CAVNER 26 COLO SPGS CO 3:35:41 1:46:06 5:21:47

General Summary: Ok here’s the story. I’ve been putting off sending you a story since my race sucked so bad. But here it is... I started off and I felt great. Like most people I gained a minute on the pace to Ruxton. Felt very fresh and on pace at Hydro. (9:15) Drank some at the top of the W’s. Still on pace at (31:00). Al Alverez brought me a bottle of Gatorade. Then I drank a couple cups at Bar Camp and had my one GU. Gained a minute and a few second on the flats to Bar 1:18:50. Lost a minute to A-Frame(1:53), but was still feeling well and still in good shape for my planned 2:40 ascent. I couple minutes after A-Frame something went wrong. I started to loose the sensation of my feet touching the ground. Then I started getting dizzy. Pretty soon I was stumbling along. Somehow I made it to the last aid station to the top and collapsed. I ate as much food and drank as much water as I could. Eventually I recovered but I lost an hour.

I’m still not sure what happened, but I have a good idea. I wasn’t nauseated. I’ve had altitude sickness before, and didn’t feel like that. However, it could have something to do with it. I felt hydrated, however I hadn’t drank too much. Also, I was given water by a EMT person between the aid stations, and that didn’t help. My legs felt vigorous and I hadn’t been pushing real hard. The only thing I can think of is low blood sugar, not taking in enough GU and grapes. I only ate one GU for the way up, and it wasn’t till I ate a ton at the aid station that I started to recover. After recovery I was able to run up to the summit and down no problem.

I actually just finished moving to Manitou Springs today. So, I’m going to be uping my training on the Peak. I’ll be ready for next year! One thing is for sure, I’ll be bringing more GU and a water bottle.

Rock line

Name: Laila Hughes, SLC, UT

Marathon Goal: Not goal

Result in Marathon:
20 6/27 LAILA HUGHES 34 MURRAY UT 3:44:00 2:07:21 5:51:21

General Summary: PPM was the toughest marathon I have ever done in my life (I have done other things tougher than a marathon) Anyway, I felt good up to 1.5 miles before the summit. I was in 15 place overall. After that I “died” getting the rest of the way to the top and coming down. I did not recover until 5 miles before the finish line where I was able to run pretty fast and passed tons of people. I ended up being 3rd in my age-group though.

Things Done Right: I was relaxed most of the race, not anxious about placing or my time.

Things Done Wrong: I only run around 4x’s/ week from 1-3 hours each time with very little training in altitude, then I go and run high altitude races and mountains and feel bad for not doing well.

Any Other Stuff: I am a pretty good runner (strong and much faster) when I train. Next year will be the year for improving again.

Rock line

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