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Current trail conditions (during the running season) can be found in the news section of the Incline Club page.

9/4/2006 Graphs for some of the stats were added. Race winners and fastest times, average ages and average times.

9/1/2006 A couple of Google Earth files were added today. One maps all the USA cities that the 2006 Ascent and Marathoners came from. The other is a 3D flyover of the Course! This has been added to the course description.

8/27/2006 Four new stats pages were added today! These include; finisher numbers, average ages, average times and paces and state and country finisher numbers That is a lot of new information for you (we) stats junkies:-)

8/27/2006 All stats have been updated!

8/26/2006 I received the finalized results today and they were added to the results archives as well as the searchable database.

8/25/2006 The press archives have been updated to include 2006 press.

8/18/2006 The press archives are being updated to include 2006 press.

3/2/2006 Here’s hoping you were on the ball and got registered because both races are now full! It took 9h53m for the Ascent and 23 hours for the marathon. And you know what? Panic breads panic and I am thinking next year the races will go even faster!

3/1/2006 Registration for the 2006 races is underway! There are two schools of thought on how fast the races will fill this year: 1) Because last year was the 50th interest will not be as high this year so the races will take longer to fill. 2) Because last year filled in 3 days, there will be a panic and it will fill even faster. I say why risk it and just go register. Besides, there is no offline registration and no discounts for waiting. Further, and even if it fills slower than last year it will probably be slower by days instead of weeks!

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